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How Cinematic Piano Background Music Help Video Editors

Learn how piano background music can help you engage the audience. Here is some royalty-free music that you can use for your films and videos.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 08, 22, updated May 20, 24

Cinematic music in videos and film helps create atmosphere and emotions. Filmmakers often use cinematic music tools to add emotions to certain scene. Thus, every aspiring filmmaker should include cinematic music in their film and videos. Below, you will find some cinematic royalty-free piano music and the techniques to include them in your video.

15 Beautiful Royalty Free Piano Music for Film and Videos

Here is a list of top royalty-free piano music to bring emotions to your videos. These cinematic music pieces will help you connect with your audience.

a person playing piano background music

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1. Ambient Piano Uplifting

This royalty-free ambient piano uplifting is powerful and intense. The uplifting and dramatic sound will grab the audience’s attention. Energetic violin and piano leads will sound perfect with your YouTube video logo or starting credits. When your audience will start your video, this music will prepare them for the content is about to come.

2. Epic Cinematic Piano

The slow and appealing intro will enhance your audience’s emotions. You can use this music for the climax and final scenes. The music gives an inspiring and encouraging vibe while keeping the elegant elements. This majestic composition sounds like a moment of joy.

3. Ambient Space Piano

This ambient and cinematic music in the background will take your audience in the trace. The tone of the violins, squeaky piano, and bells creates energy. This piano background has a strong and motivating feel that will take your audience into the reality and truth of our existence. This music will take your audience into the divine journey.

4. Piano Pop

This is an energetic and adventurous and thrilling music. It gives a bit of Sherlock Holmes vibes. So, if you want are making an action film or short film, you can extract various elements from this mysterious piano background music. Capture a plethora of emotions and create tension in the scene. You can use this music for Sci-Fi films as well.

5. Inspirational Romantic

The choir in the background music creates inspiring and motivating vibes. Furthermore, the bells add depth and emotion. This masterpiece will trigger your audience’s emotions. The unexpected ending creates a dramatic effect.

6. Piano in Love

This cinematic background music will surprise your audience with emotions and energy. The use of strong strings, choirs, and piano makes this music a unique piece. The tone of the piano is bold creating different kinds of vibes. Plus, the music isn’t very upbeat and lets the audience experience the complete journey.

7. Play the Piano on Holidays

You can use this twinkling piano background music for videos that connects the audience with nature. The synth in the background sounds like raindrops and uplifts epic feelings. This music is inspiring and you can use it to express an uplifting message.

8. Piano Flute Ambient

This piano music will encourage your audience to fantasize about your story. You can use this cinematic music for a wide variety of projects. For instance, you can use this piece for corporate videos and fantasy films as well.

9. Classical Time

This classical cinematic music has lively pads and strings that will make your audience feel cheerful. The lovely piano sounds like arpeggios that you can use for new hope or a new morning of happiness and joy. This cinematic arrangement is mind-boggling.

10. New Age Synth Piano

This masterpiece starts slow, but halfway through the track, it turns into energetic music. You can use it to express struggle and goal accomplishment. This exciting and motivating music will bring get chills up and down the listener’s spine.

11. Piano Music - Frustrated

You can use this piano background music for a run chase or epic climax. This is a straightforward track with a break that you can use for suspense and thriller. Usually, these types of breaks sound good with face reveal.

12. Piano - Relaxing

This piano background music sounds perfect for corporate videos. However, you can use it for various other projects. This upbeat music has a soothing and relaxing vibe that will excite your audience.

13. Piano in Love

This epic yet confusing music blends with a myriad of segments and scenes. You can use it in the background and alert your audience to focus on the scene. This background music will help you to explain your story without dialogues.

14. Piano Ragtime

You can use this cinematic music for a happy start or end. This music tells different stories with various film scenes. Also, you can use this upbeat melody for different types of scenes. Perhaps it may sound well with a final battle between the hero and the villain of your story.

15. Piano and Strings

This energetic music can be used for for multiple scenes. It covers emotional and happy moments and creates excitement among people. Since the melody is gradually fading in the end, you can easily include background music with other emotions when the scene changes.

film making piano background

Ideas to Make YouTube Videos with Piano Background Music

You can use piano background music in a plethora of ways. It depends on the type of content you create. For instance, if you tell a story through a YouTube video, you can use the piano background in multiple segments and scenes. Here are some ideas to make YouTube videos interesting using piano background music:

· In the Opening Scene

The piano background will sound splendid in the opening scene. You should choose an engaging music piece in the introduction. If the music perfectly blends with the video, your audience will watch the complete YouTube video

· For Intense Scenes

Cinematic music is important to create interest and excite the audience. With the help of music, you can leave your viewers in surprise. For instance, if you want to reveal the criminal, you can use cinematic music to enhance the thrill.

· For Emotional Scenes

Royalty-free background music in the emotional scenes helps the audience to connect with your characters. Have you ever wondered how animators add emotions to cartoons? They use emotional music in the background and engage the audience throughout the scene.

girl checking film scenes for piano background

Closing Word

If you want to take your film and video projects to next level, you should use royalty-free cinematic piano background music. These high-quality sounds and compositions will make your films more engaging. If you can’t find the perfect piano background for your project from the above list, you can explore Wondershare Filmstock. On Filmstock, you can find a wide range of music pieces to create rhythm with the segments and scenes in your film and videos.

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