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How to Record Voice on Mac? Easy-to-use Guide

A Mac user needs a voice recorder to perform multiple tasks. The article gives a preview to record Mac audio and introduces the five best voice recorders on the go.

Mac offers a smooth workflow compared to Windows, which is why people prefer its usage. If your work revolves around music production, podcasts, recorded lectures in a classroom, and audio mixing, it is important to have workable audio recording software for Mac. To record Mac audio through an easy set of procedures, follow the write-up.

We shall also introduce five voice recorders, Mac. So, let us begin!

Part 1: How to Record Audio on Mac?

If you are a Mac user, this sub-section has been designed for you. If you are taking a voice class or an influencer interview, you need to know Mac how to record audio. The two strategies would be covered to record voice on Mac. Let us start!

Via Voice Memos

Voice Memos is an in-built app on most Apple devices. The guidelines to record sound on Mac through Voice Memos are as given below:

Step 1: Visiting Voice Memos

Launch Voice Memos from your Mac. As the interface appears, the user would be welcomed with the “Red” record button. Tap on it, and the recording would start without any prompt.

open voice memos app

Step 2: Pausing the Recording

The lower-left corner displays the pause button. Click on it once you are done. Essentially, you can have a little preview of what you have covered so far.

pause the audio recording

Step 3: Saving Process

Click on “Done,” located in the bottom right corner. Rename the file and get done with the process.

finish the audio recording

Via QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is the default program in Mac that acts as both media player and voice recorder. To know how to record internal audio Mac, let us walk you through the multiple steps. You’ll surely get something good out of it!

Step 1: Starting the Recording

For starters, launch QuickTime Player and navigate to the “File” located in the top panel. Select “New Audio Recording” from there. Click on the “Red” button to initiate the recording.

tap on new audio recording

Step 2: Stopping the Recording

Once you are done with the recording, click on the grey square to stop the recording. There is no option to pause the recording temporarily.

stop the voice recording

Step 3: Saving the Recording

Navigate to the “File” tab again and click on “Save.” Choose the name of the recording and the output folder source.

save the audio recording

Part 2: 5 Best Voice Recorder Software for Mac

Now that you have an idea of the procedure to record an internal audio recorder Mac let us shift our focus to audio recording software for Mac. The choice of the tool helps the user be productive at the workplace. Therefore, we have sketched out five MacBook voice recorders with their key features. Let us have a peek!

Apple GarageBand

As a digital audio workstation, Apple GarageBand has to be your first choice for music production. It is a fully-fledged audio recorder with an easy-to-use interface. The sound and loop library allows you to edit your tracks. Moreover, the interactive interface makes its usage easy for beginners.

apple garageband interface

Are you impressed with the tool? Following are some features of this audio recording software for Mac:

  • Apple GarageBand comes up with a drag and drop process to make recording easy.

  • Offering an extensive range of effects and virtual amps, Apple GarageBand supports MIDI recording and editing.

  • The tool offers a professional environment for all music and audio recording services, free of cost.


Another software to record system audio Mac is Audacity creating a healthy addition to the media fraternity. Acting as a multi-track editor, Audacity supports 24, 16, and 32 bit sound qualities for a better editing system. It is a free audio recording program with great sound quality and tons of effects. The advanced effects include voice generation, noise removal, and track-based management.

audacity interface

Quite good, right? The additional features of Audacity are as given below:

  • Audacity works like a charm for pitch correction.

  • There are enhanced highly customizable editing tools.

  • You can also visualize selected frequencies and offers effective plugins.


Changing the narrative of voice recorders in the market and ensuring high-quality audio, WavePad has got you all covered. The sound editing tools comprise cutting, copying, inserting, silencing, auto-trimming, pitch shifting, and much more. Moreover, this audio recording software for Mac has DirectX and Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugin support to bring more advancement to the process.

wavepad audio recorder

Following are some extraordinary characteristics of WavePad. You will be surprised!

  • The audio enhancing compatibilities include amplification and effects added.

  • WavePad gives the user a certain control over their work domain.

  • With an easy-to-use interface, the advanced tools include spectral analysis (FTT), speech synthesis, and voice changer.


Allow me to introduce you to another voice recorder Mac that also handles multi-track mixing like a pro. An exclusive beat maker, music library, and supports VST plugin, MixPad can be relied upon for adding different audio effects. The effects include equalization, compression, and reverb. More importantly, it has a low latency rate and supports cloud storage impeccably.

mixpad voice recorder

Following are some detailed key features of MixPad audio recording software for Mac. See the best out of it!

  • The multiple or single track can be processed simultaneously, thus enhancing the user experience and productivity at the workplace.

  • The program works effectively with all formats, which makes importing easy and free of complications.

  • The MIDI Editor is presented, and the audio output can be uploaded to YouTube, Soundcloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


Bringing innovation in business and acting as a voice recorder and editor, Ocenaudio needs no introduction. The users prefer this tool to record Mac audio while editing and analyzing the audio files like an expert. The real-time preview of effects helps you decide easily without getting confused in the process. Ocenaudio is your last resort for the standardization of audio files.

ocenaudio recorder interface

To have a quick peek at the exceptional features of Ocenaudio, follow our lead. You won’t be disappointed!

  • The Ocen framework is integrated with Ocenaudio to have access to enhanced capabilities.

  • The auto-trim and voice recording controls help beginners and professionals work more confidently.

  • The software offers a waveform view without any restriction on the audio size.

The Bottom Line

The article did an impeccable job explaining five popular audio recording software for Mac that record Mac audio like a pro. Their key traits were also described to help the stakeholders make a conscious decision. The procedure to record voice on Mac was also provided through two strategies. Got the point, right?

Wondershare Filmora is the right choice when it comes to audio editing. The functions and features it offers make the process frictionless and effortless. For instance, you can add effects and music to the audio without any hesitation. The “Adjust Audio” functionality helps adjust the audio’s volume. You can also get rid of the background noise through “Audio Denoise.”

Moreover, the “Audio Ducking” feature lowers the background volume so that the dialogues can be heard more perfectly. The “Split Audio” splits the audio into different sections. You can also use the “Audio Mixer” to fine-tune the audio of your project easily. Review the different features and invest in the right software to have all required features under one platform.

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