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10 Real Estate Videos Marketing Examples (Video Software Included)

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

The fact is highly admitted that video marketing has touched sky by making its own strong impression. And so does in the case of Real Estate business. If you’re thinking about stepping ahead with Real Estate videos marketing trend, you are certainly on the right path. But why is Real Estate video marketing so essential? Have you ever pondered over that? In this article, we will let you know 10 best examples and real estate video software.

Part 1: Facts you should know

Why choose a real estate video? Well, “real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more enquiries than those without”, a study says! And considering this influence and seeing the trend rocketing, filming the property including homes or offices can work wonders. All you need is the right guidance and knowledge on Real Estate video marketing techniques to make the video leaving an impact. Chiefly, there are two things to be bear in mind i.e. creating appropriate video type and secondly, promoting it effectively.

How long a real estate video should be? The video duration carries considerable weight. Keeping it simpler, a highly influential real estate video should be in between 2 to 6 minutes as per the general rule. If a particular home or office space contains a good deal of features, try to make the video up to 6 minutes. And when having fewer features to show, keep the video no less than 2 minutes.

After providing you a basic idea about Real Estate video marketing, we are now taking you to explore 10 creative Real Estate video examples. These can assist you in creating your own work and fulfill the purpose of selling real estate. Also, we will share some Real Estate video tips that shouldn’t be neglected. Read the article carefully and discover new ideas!

Part 2: 10 real estate videos You should know

1. Branded real estate videos

The first type included in your Real Estate video marketing list is brand promotion video. This type of video can be used while listing presentations or while conference is going on. Make sure to incorporate all the aspects about your company like the specialty and how you take care of client’s needs.

2. Creative real estate video

Creativity shouldn’t be missed when you want impressive Real Estate video marketing. Apart from just providing a simple travelling of the property, think of some out of the box creativity ideas to sell your property. For instance, rather than just walking around the property, use high-tech drones and give a fly-through and aerial view of the property or use 3D interior animation so that viewers can imagine how a not-yet-built home will look in reality.

3. Personal narration video

To carry out a video that stands out from others, personal narration video type can be highly helpful. This type of video will smoothly reach to the potential customers and boost your marketing. As the customers will be able to understand the highlights of the property by your mouth, they will surely think about it. Hence, narration video type is a great idea to boost your Real Estate video marketing.

4. How to type videos

Another video type example for Real Estate video marketing is how-to videos. Ever since the YouTube gained popularity, the rising demand for “how-to” videos is not hidden. By making a “how-to” video and adding tips and tricks, you stand a great chance to get your videos in the list of top-clicked and thereby fortunately, giving your real estate business a boom.

5. Neighborhood video type

Here is the next example that can be added in your Real Estate video marketing. As the name itself hints, it requires you to explore the neighborhood and then adding various sights to your video. When you will incorporate everyday life of the neighborhood, people will be able to relate more. In addition, putting genuine opinions and comments by the local residents can work as icing on the cake.

6. Drones Real Estate videos

When you make use of drone to make your Real Estate video, you are focusing the land, the premises and the building in a more captivating way. Having drone footage of the property will be able to cover the overall features like various buildings, landscape and roof. As a result, the buyers will get insights more carefully.

7. One Year Review Videos

Mark the “One Year Review” video type too in your list of Real Estate videos marketing examples. These sorts of videos offer the audience your company’s previous year’s highlights, experiences and all the informative things you could provide. You can speak about the deals you received in last 12 months, share the success stories and even failure (if any), the remarkable deals of sold properties, the new staff members or who are with you since the origin. Moreover, you can tell what things have changed, the type of clients and how you were able to meet their needs. The best part of these videos is that you don’t have to spend extra time in preparing scripts. You just have to be genuine and speak your heart out. However, be sure of making the video visually appealing and informative.

8. Personable video

If you present yourself in a pleasant manner and if you have an amiable personality, don’t hesitate to put emphasize on it. When you will show the skills you’ve got as well as your strengths in the video, the buyers won’t take a second thought to talk to you. They will automatically get the friendly image about you in their minds. After all, everyone wants to cooperate with an attractive and interesting agent, not who behaves insolently or is boring. Hence, make yourself introduced in your personable Real Estate video and show people how passionate you’re about your work.

9. Interview real estate Videos

In this type of Real Estate video, you can take assistance of your past clients whom you’ve worked with. You can interview them and let the buyers know about your professionalism and work ethics through your clients. The people with whom you’ve worked earlier will be able to clearly explain their experience and how much they are satisfied with the deal. What they found attractive about you and your company etc.

10. Social media Videos

Well, this video type separates itself from what we have mentioned above. These videos are beneficial as using social mediums; your videos can reach a mass of people in no time. After all, rapid rise of social media is evident. However, these apps will allow you to make short shoots. Nevertheless, they will be helpful.

Part 3: Best Real Estate Video Software

1. Filmora Business

Filmora Business is highly intuitive real estate video software. It has a fast and user-friendly interface. Even if you are inexperienced, you can still edit your videos in Filmora Business easily. It is less time-consuming and allows for easy branding. You get an easy drag and drop your LOGO feature that makes branding easy. There are over 100 preset titles, motion graphics, transitions, background blurs, and other high-quality video effects in Filmora Business. It is a one-stop library for media assets and makes your editing and recording experience simple.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

2. Animoto

You don’t need to be a video maker in order to edit real estate videos using Animoto. It has a drag and drop feature that allows you to create a video in just a few minutes. Whether driving sales and traffic or engaging audience, this real estate video software comes with amazing features to customize your video with fonts, color, music, and more. You get access to over a million stock photos while editing video with Animoto.

Animoto real estate video software

3. Renderforest

A real estate video software, Renderforest is great real estate software that can help in creating more awareness, explaining and conveying messages, increasing sales and conversion, articulating ideas, and creating a powerful emotional connect with the audiences with a wonderfully done video pitch. You can browse from a range of templates, choose music, and upload voiceovers, colors and more with the Renderforest software.

Renderforest real estate video software

Part 4: Tips for making real estate video

1. Focus home

The best tip one can have to make the Real Estate video stand out is telling a story about the home. If you want to connect your clients, ditch the sales pitch for once and focus on how this particular property can make them feel like home. Change their perspective and make them see house as their new home. These points will quickly hit the buyer’s minds and you’ll surely get your deal in no time.

real estate videos marketing

2. High quality Visuals

Having excellent visuals in your Real Estate videos is extremely important. Give some extra time for finding the best lighting you can. Use a tripod for better recording and avoid shakiness etc.

3. Plan your shots

While shooting the property, there are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, no bedroom or bathroom needs more the 2-3 shots. Secondly, try to avoid capturing more shots for single room. The buyer will get baffled rather than getting insights of the property as a result.

Plan real estate videos shots


Now that you’re familiar about the dos and don’ts of Real Estate video marketing, why not initiate to make one. We hope you carefully read this article and got aided with the tips and tricks. Stress upon the various aforementioned video types and start making the desired one right away. Do share your experience after reading this post.

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