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Rib-tickling Christmas Shopping Memes

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 05, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Christmas is a magical time, no one can deny that. There is something in the air, everything feels special. The family we fight all year round suddenly feels like a gift on Christmas. Children look forward to presents and adults look forward to shopping. Oh, shopping! What a cathartic activity that is. Wallet-draining, but oh, so good! Everybody love to shop, and Christmas shopping is special in its own way. Stores and malls are decorated, everybody is running around checking items off their shopping lists. There are mall Santas that children love. How do you celebrate the Christmas shopping emotion? You share a Christmas shopping meme, of course!

Part 1:What Are Christmas Shopping Memes

The shopping tradition, the trials and tribulations people go through during the hustle and bustle of Christmas often becomes the butt of jokes and Christmas shopping memes diligently capture the spirit and emotion of this shopping on Christmas. They tickle people’s funny bones because of the hilarity of it all. Sometimes, they are quotes from movies and TV shows, sometimes they are animal expressions such as Grumpy Cat that might serve as an excellent baseline for shopping jokes, sometimes it is just the hilarity in the process of it.

You can send Christmas shopping memes to friends and family to celebrate the spirit of Christmas shopping. There are countless memes available on the internet, but no such thing as a custom Christmas shopping meme designed and made by you! Take a look at some of the one floating on the internet, get inspired by some original and classic punch lines, and then learn how to create your own Christmas shopping meme in seconds using an online meme maker.

Part 2:Internet’s 10 Best Christmas Shopping Memes 2021

Here are some Christmas shopping memes to get you started on your Christmas shopping meme-ing journey, and who knows, you may even create your very own punch line when that bolt of creativity strikes! Some of these are original punch lines and some classic memes for you to relish. In the next part, you can learn how to use these with a custom background or any you prefer and create your unique Christmas shopping meme yourself!

1. My bank account hates Christmas.

2. A great way to reduce your Christmas shopping expense is to have fewer loved ones.

3. Waiting until Christmas Eve for shopping is next-level bold.

4. My children’s Christmas shopping lists suggest they think parenting is a high-paying gig.

5. Pro tip for wives: Include a fitting room run in your shopping to get husbands interested.

6. Christmas shopping emotion: It’s beginning to cost a lot like Christmas.

7. My bank account suffers from acute Post Christmas Shopping Disorder.

8. My accountant sent me bankruptcy papers after I accidentally sent them my Christmas shopping lists.

9. May the magic of Christmas refill my bank account before the next one.

10. Shopping bags are my favorite weight training on Christmas.

Here are some Christmas shopping memes we found on the internet that made us chuckle:


There is certainly a deep sense of achievement when you are done with your holiday shopping, and this Christmas shopping meme perfectly encapsulates that sentiment!


This one is for those with a very small number of people to shop for.


This one’s for those who forgot to buy presents, or the daring ones who went shopping late and could not find anything suitable. Or for those who do not want to spend money on gifts. This is a funny philosophical take on all of that.

Part 3:How To Make Your Own Christmas Shopping Memes With Wondershare Filmora Meme Maker

You thought creating those memes that flood the Internet everyday was something you couldn’t do? Get your creative hat on this Christmas and create your very own Christmas shopping meme that rubs the funny bones in people all over the world right now in seconds with Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker. No download required, no costly pricing - only spreading the holiday cheer from developers and company to you the end user. Wondershare Filmora Meme Maker is a simple way to make photo and video memes for sharing with family and on social media. All one needs to do is select image or video, place the text, select the image format and bam, you’re good to go. It’s just that simple.

Which Meme Is Right For Me?

A photo meme is your everyday meme that you see and crack up. It comprises of a picture and a funny punch line that together create a dramatically funny effect in context. A video meme, on the other hand, is the same meme but with motion graphics.

Here is how to use Wondershare Filmora Meme Maker to create Christmas shopping memes this year and make people laugh.

Step1 Visit the Wondershare Filmora Meme Maker web page here:

Step2 Wondershare has been creating some of the most well-designed software for users around the world for over 25 years. It reflects in the design philosophy of making it completely hassle-free for everyone to get started right away. You open the web page, and you can start immediately - the interface is ready to accept your photos or links to videos:
Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker web page

Start creating your meme by dropping an image file or pasting the link to a video you want to use.

Step3 After dropping the image, you will get a prompt from software with options to manipulate your image such as crop, flip, rotate, etc.:
Image editing and cropping options in Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker

Click OK after manipulating the image to your liking.

Step4 The main interface is intuitive and spartan. The left side contains text elements and customization, and the right side is the preview:
Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker interface

Text can be added to both the top and bottom, or just the top or just the bottom. Text can even be placed Inside the image or outside it if you need more room to work with and want the image to be free of text. Text customizations include choosing font sizes, colors, weight, etc. Edit the text boxes with your punch line either from the above-listed choices or you can cook your own if you are feeling creative enough. There is no stopping your creativity!

Choosing the file format is easy. There are two options – JPG and PNG. Use JPG most everywhere without worries, but if you are creating this meme to use it in another graphic, then it may make more sense to download PNG.

Choosing image format in Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker
Step5 Click Create and your meme will be ready to download in seconds:
Meme ready to download in Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker
Step6 Click Download start sharing your newly minted Christmas shopping meme!
Christmas shopping meme created in Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker


● Who doesn’t love shopping on Christmas? Everywhere you go, the streets, the shops, the malls, everywhere it is decorated to the hilt in Christmas colors, and everyone is busy going about their shopping and lives. However, Christmas shopping also has another reality to it - long queues at the checkout counter, everyone fighting for that last item on the shelf, and even several items sold out that you are now wondering how to purchase because you waited until Christmas Eve to go shopping. All of these make for excellent meme material and Christmas shopping memes take advantage of the hilarity of these situations and make people laugh. Our Christmas advice to you? Shop early, and then sit back and send Christmas shopping memes to everybody you know. Better yet, create new Christmas shopping memes using Wondershare Filmora Online Meme Maker and have fun!

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