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Top 7 Best Minecraft Prison Server

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Dec 30, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

Minecraft has no limits to creativity. Among the best examples of such ingenuity and imagination are the prison servers. You can find hundreds of Minecraft prison servers online to provide you with a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Many of them offer advanced features to increase your satisfaction with the game.

On prison servers, rewards are given to players who invest money for advancement. Benefits vary from modest to substantial, such as better items and access to unique mines for various purposes. Many Minecraft prison servers are available, each offering lucrative and entertaining experiences. The gameplay of many of them is considerably more interesting due to their advanced features.

However, if you're unsure which one to choose, you've come to the right place. We have listed some of the Minecraft best Prison Servers below that you will enjoy playing.

1.Purple Prison


If you're searching for an amazing prison server, you can't go wrong with Purple Prison. The Purple Prison game mode involves players mining, building, interacting with other players, and leveling up. To begin with, it's fairly basic. Massive automated PvP activities take place on the server four times a day.

When it comes to Prison servers, Purple Prison is the gold standard. The Purple Prison Server's exceptionally well-kept community is another reason it's one of the most popular prison servers. There have been many personalities who have helped to make this server popular for a long time. This is a server you should try out.

2.Op Blocks


It might sound strange at first, but OP Blocks are Minecraft prisons made entirely of candy. It's pretty cool. A candy-themed mine will open as you level up. Custom candy-related blocks are housed in each mine, and their power is exclusive to that mine. The gameplay is fairly smooth, so it's nothing unusual. This server is ideal if you want something different and unique. Many users have enjoyed it, and you might enjoy it as well. The concept is fun. OP Blocks does a fantastic job of thinking outside the box.



Despite its space-themed prison, this is another great prison server. The player is an astronaut who is trapped in prison and must escape. Explore dungeons on different planets, take on space monsters, and escape jail. Much attention has been paid to detail from the moment you join the server. Pluteria's server offers players the chance to fight space monsters, explore prison mines on different planets, and complete fun space-related game challenges.

4.MC Prison


Since Minecraft became popular, MCPrison has existed. As a result, they have significantly upgraded the prison server to include all of the bells and whistles of the most popular prison servers, but in a much more organized and neat fashion. They have lots of features that help you rank up, including what you see above (robots). They update their servers regularly and add new features every few months, and even allow popular YouTubers to upload videos to their servers! There are guards, prison cells, gangs, and many other things to be found in the area. Starting with the fact that it's one of the oldest prisons, it's quite exciting.



There are no bugs on this OP-Prison server, and the crew is fantastic. There are a lot of exciting features on this server in terms of innovation. On this map, you'll find a lot of new and exciting things to do, even if you're an experienced player.

From the inside out, jailsMC provides a unique experience. This server has many new features you may not have seen before. Beginners, as well as prison-hardened veterans, will find this a pleasant experience. Furthermore, some custom enchantments are not a part of Vanilla Minecraft or any other server for that matter, such as explosive or lightning pickaxes.

6.Wild Prison


Animals are one of Wild Prison's perks that are not available on many other servers. There are many reasons why this server is different from most others, including those on this list. The server has a small maximum player count, which some players may find beneficial, as it makes it easier to follow the conversation in the chat. In summary, Wild Prison offers a solid experience for players who like classic Prison servers.



In addition to the normal Minecraft game modes, there is also a prison-based Minecraft server called Mineville. A very active community and regular updates make this server well worth trying. You can use this server for custom enchantments, leveling up, chests and crates, jobs, races, even weddings. In addition, the server is very active, so it's likely you'll find friends quickly, or enemies for that matter. Player progressions and PvP arenas are part of the game and minebucks and custom enchantments.

Final Verdict

If you search the internet for the "best Minecraft prison server," you will get many options available. Choosing a server can be very challenging if you are just a beginner or even a skilled player. So, the above list is some of the Minecraft best prison servers that we recommend you to try at least once, Each of the above servers offers a unique gaming experience, and they are full of fun-packed activities. We assure you that you will never get bored of the list we provided you with.

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