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Top Popular Meme Ideas for Every Occasion

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Jul 22, 24

Memes are now sweeping the internet like wildfire, and marketers are seizing the chance to profit from these contagious funny meme ideas content. Memes are often made up of humorous text and visuals, and they are frequently used to make social or political criticism. A meme often sparks hundreds of distinct interpretations as it spreads, typically via social media, text messages, or e-mail. For more on meme page name ideas for Instagram, continue reading.

Simply said, a meme is a notion, habit, or idea that spreads, frequently online. Mostly people are in hunt for the best meme page name ideas because memes often take the form of a visual, like a photo or a video, but they may also be links, hashtags, or simply words. Early versions of well-known memes like Success Kid and the Lolcats featured recurring themes and characters that gave away what the meme would be about and made it clear that it was a meme.

In this article
    1. Memejacking
    2. "No One" Meme
    3. Contrasting Memes
    4. Relatable Memes
    5. Text In Outline Meme
    6. Evolving Memes
    7. Solitary Words
    8. Kid Success Memes
  1. How to Make a Meme Video
  2. FAQs About Meme

Part 1. Popular Meme Ideas

An internet meme maker is no longer required to create memes. Coming up with a very amazing concept and turning it into a beautiful work of meme art is more delicate than that and requires your undivided attention. To ensure your product is the greatest, regardless of whether you use Photoshop or paint, you need to concentrate on the key aspects. Use the following tips to learn the best tactic:


Memejacking is using these famous memes as a mode of transportation. Many memes last for weeks, months, or even years, but a brand-new meme is always spreading. Jumping on current trends while they're new and, most crucially, relevant is the key to meme success. Memes that are the result of singular incidents are ideal for this. Everyone shares as many of them as they can when they first appear, but once the meme is finished, it is over.

meme jacking

"No One" Meme

The "no one" meme is certainly one you've seen flying around the internet. Its purpose is to suggest an unusual or bizarre notion that no one requested in the first place or to draw attention to an oddity that everyone shares but that goes unmentioned, such as turning down the radio in the vehicle while checking up directions.

no one meme

Contrasting Memes

When we use our talents of observation and identify a connection between two things, humor sometimes results. Then we create a side-by-side comparison meme to communicate that realization to the rest of the globe. The audience also values well-written, concise conversation. Be inventive, but stick to the proven strategies you are familiar with.

contrasting memes

Relatable Memes

For a meme to gain significant popularity, it doesn't always have to be utterly humorous. The finest memes sometimes do a fantastic job of encapsulating a certain mood that we can all relate to. By connecting this kind of meme to the issues that their goods address, brands may evoke a deep emotional reaction.

relatable memes

Text In Outline Meme

There aren't any absolute laws in the domain of memes. Maybe all you want to do with a wonderful photograph is add some text, particularly if it's the traditional white font with a black outline. Additionally, a silly animal picture is always a good choice.

text in outline meme

Evolving Memes

Memes cover a wide range of subjects, from commonplace issues to significant national and international events. Every day, more are produced and shared, and fresh content is always accessible. Some memes come from contentious forums, while others could use unpleasant stereotypes. A good rule of thumb is to conduct some study before employing a meme if you're unsure of what it refers to or why it's meant to be humorous.

evolving memes

Solitary Words

One picture and one phrase form the basis of this meme. Make them interact. Emphasize the meme in it. Memes have a huge following that is inclined to like and spread the material. One worder memes may be effective icebreakers, even in the somewhat stuffy world of B2B marketing. They present your brand to customers in a manner that stands out and fosters favorable connections.

solitary words

Kid Success Memes

A meme that has endured for years is Success Kid. There is no required wording for this one; instead, it serves as a model for any very lucky break you know will connect with your audience.

kid success meme

Part 2. How to Make a Meme Video?

Additionally, including memes into your marketing plan may be a fun and affordable method to reach a wide audience and build your brand on social media. But if you're not confident in your computer abilities, making your own meme might seem frightening. Therefore, we have chosen the finest remedy for it, which is Filmora's meme generator. After you have your picture, you may utilize any of the services offered by Filmora editor, regardless of whether you took it, screen-captured it, or discovered it online.

It's reasonable to say that memes have dominated the internet and are still growing and changing today. Memes come in various kinds and sizes, from straightforward photographs with no modification to intricate Photoshopped images, and this is what Filmora provides as a top-tier editor of the day. Once you're done creating your meme, you can use Filmora to instantly post it on a number of sites or save it and keep it private. The finished picture will be shown to you, which you can right-click and download, along with a few links if you want to share it online.

Free Download
Free Download

Steps to Create your Own Meme Video:

Step1 Add your Meme Content to Filmora

Open the Filmora video meme maker and choose "New project" to begin a new meme project. After choosing the proper aspect ratio in the project parameters, choose "Import" to upload your video. Using Filmora, you can also import your preferred movies and photos taken with mobile devices. Simply click Import, then proceed as follows:

add your meme content to filmora
Step2 Add soundtracks and captions

The timeline should then include the video file. Select the text style you want to use by clicking the "Title" tab. Enter the text, then change the font, color, and size of the caption. Playing well-known music in the background is an additional choice. You may accomplish this by dragging and dropping the music file into the timeline's audio track inside the program.

add soundtracks and captions
Step3 Make Custom Meme

Additionally, you have a variety of options to create the ideal meme for a certain circumstance since you may add a picture to overlay on top of the original template or anywhere around the original image. There are many of choices available here, including drawing directly on the picture.

Use the features-list menu bar to add more text to your meme if you want to. Additionally, you can use the drop-down menu to change the caption's size and location by dragging and dropping the caption box.

make custom meme
Step4 Publish or Save Your Video Meme

Of course, you can always utilize those tools to add information to the picture if you're uploading on social media; the choice is entirely up to you. You should thus distribute it across all platforms. Your video meme will now be immediately posted to Vimeo or YouTube after you click the "Export" button. You may download it in many formats and share it on all of your social media platforms. Therefore, when you capture a funny photo or video, think of a strange and funny description, and then submit it!

Part 3. FAQs About Meme

1. How do you make a good meme?

if you lack the tools or knowledge necessary to create your own meme-based campaign. The majority of skilled social media marketing companies need to be ready to help as well. Check out the Filmora editor if you're on a tight marketing budget to simplify your meme-making process. You may be able to use it to make a funny, shareable meme that is seen by millions of people across the globe.

2. What should be in a meme?

Simply said, a short passage of text with a pertinent picture attached is simpler to comprehend. You want to present your material in a way that will generate that trending moment since you are vying for consumers' attention on social media with millions of other users. In certain social research, it was shown that memes were up to 40 times more likely than other forms of material to be shared on social media.

3. How do I start making memes?

An effective meme approach may take advantage of social media's ability to multiply by becoming viral and connecting with a large local and global audience, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, or even LinkedIn. After creating a meme, remember to follow fundamental marketing concepts and evaluate the reaction. If it is effective, look for the factors that contributed to it and use the same guidelines moving forward.


Users are growing more and more disinterested in social media because of the abundance of information that is developed with marketing in mind, which is clogging up the space. Memes have emerged as a common means of effectively yet quietly spreading corporate messaging in this dangerous environment. Consider adopting the same idea and, by changing an image or some text, keeping it fresh and shareable for a few more days. One of the benefits of memes is that they can be swiftly updated.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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