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7 Ideas to Improve the Unboxing Experience

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 08, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

Unboxing videos are a very crucial component in the promotion of different products. When an influencer unboxes your products and shows them to the viewer, the product retains their attention. Therefore, if you are a person who wants to drive more potential customers for your product, one of the effective ways is to make unboxing videos. Moreover, try to improve the unboxing experience of viewers for positive reviews.

Many unboxing ideas can turn viewers into loyal customers for your brand. However, if you are new in business and need to learn how to promote your products with unboxing videos, this article will greatly help you. By the end of the discussion, you will know the purpose and which factors boost up unboxing videos.

improve the unboxing experience
In this article
  1. What is Unboxing?
  2. Why is Unboxing Experience so Important?
  3. How to Improve the Unboxing Experience?
  4. Bonus Tip – Make Your Unboxing More Creative

Part 1: What is Unboxing?

Unboxing videos are a common part of every social media platform, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more. Content creators buy products of different types and niches and unbox them, which attracts many users. Unboxing packaging is the best way to promote any product digitally. It provides the same feeling as opening a Christmas gift or birthday gift.

1.1  Overview of Unboxing Videos

The unboxing packaging is a video in which a content creator opens a package and briefly shows the product to the viewers. These videos are not limited to some specific product or niche, as you can create a video on diversified products. For example, if you are a makeup lover, you can create unboxing videos of makeup products.

A dedicated unboxing experience can open the door to potential customers and long-term growth. It is also a fun way to look at your favorite product.

what are unboxing videos

1.2  The Popularity of Unboxing Videos in 2024

A good unboxing design can trigger imagination along with a rush of adrenaline. It is a preferred opportunity for all businesses to extend the brand's traffic. Millions of users love to watch unboxing videos, and you will commonly see an unreal number of views. Moreover, these videos can be found in Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok.

On TikTok, the hashtag unboxing has more than 2.9B views, and on YouTube, it has approximately the same views. As for the Instagram Reels, this hashtag has been used almost 3.8 million times. The popularity of unboxing videos on all these major platforms is insane. There is no negative point in shooting an unboxing video for your product.   

Part 2: Why is Unboxing Experience so Important?

A good unboxing experience means more loyal customers and effective brand promotions. It is one of the highly reliable marketing tools. It is like a touchpoint that enhances the revenue and growth of the business. The below-stated points can help you to understand why you should level up your unboxing experience:

Promote Branding

If you want to share your brand's efficiency and success stories with customers, work on the unboxing ideas. You should create aesthetically pleasing packaging for your product. Customers will not only love the product but also buy it because of its packaging. Moreover, shoot unboxing videos in such a way that it will demonstrate all the specs and positive points of your product.

Build Loyal Customers

Imagine an influencer buying your product and now creating an unboxing video. If there's a surprise discount or gift card in it, it will boost dopamine to both the creator and viewers. Not only this, but it will also help you in building a loyal customer for your brand.

Get Active On Social Media

Social media is word of mouth in this era of digitalization. People prefer to watch an unboxing video before purchasing a product. According to Google, 90% of people discover the latest brand first on YouTube. So, you should get active on social media to get more and more customers.  

Go With Trend

Always search for good unboxing experience ideas so you can captivate more customers. A study in 2022 demonstrates that 55% of customers like colorful gift packaging more than simple ones. Thus, keep these things in mind before creating packaging for your product.

Part 3: How to Improve the Unboxing Experience?

If your brand is new, you must be facing difficulties while commercializing your products. Creating good unboxing videos is the best way to get more customers in a limited time. There are billions of unboxing packaging ideas present on the web. However, you can find some of the most impressive and effective ones here:

1.     Unique Unboxing Packaging/Design

The first thing which your viewer will see is the packaging. How will you attract viewers if your unboxing packaging is not majestic? Because of this, make sure you create unique packaging for your product which can show your brand's creativity and elegance at first sight. Work on your packaging's layers, material, color, and structure.

For example, you can see customized Chanel stamps on Chanel's packaging, which makes it one of the most luxurious brands. There are also authenticity cards in the packaging, which show you have purchased real Chanel products. That's how you can build your level of highly luxurious and classy brands.

apply unique packaging

2.     Convenient Packaging

The packaging of a product protects it and markets it generously. A convenient unboxing design can lead to more noticeability than a complicated one. Moreover, create packaging that matches your product's niche. For example, Apple has changed its packaging style, and you can now unbox your iPhone by removing the paper sticker from the back. This thing makes the unboxing experience quite pleasant and easy.

No matter if you are a designer, marketer, businessman, or product manufacturer, think like a customer. Always consider the likes and dislikes of customers for a better unboxing experience

use easy to open packaging

3.     Custom Greeting Card

Greeting cards are not just limited to good wishes, as you can also build strong relationships with your customers with these cards. It is an illustrative way to interact with more customers. A well considers point in unboxing ideas is cards because it leads to good outcomes. If you place a greeting card in a package, customers will feel that you care about them.

You can say it is a strategy to build loyal customers with minute investment. Thus, if you are new in business and want to have diversified customers, give greetings cards to them.

add custom greeting cards

4.     Exclusive Discount

An optimized unboxing experience can create a positive impression for customers and can lead to customer satisfaction. One effective way to improve the unboxing experience is to give exclusive discounts to loyal customers. It is a great opportunity to reach a new market and increase purchases. These exclusive discounts are essential for economic growth, engagements, and brand loyalty.

Exclusive discounts are a pricing strategy focusing on increased sales in a limited time. It's a strategy because the customer feels they are saving money while purchasing.

add exclusive discount cards

5.     Some Free Gifts and Sample Sack

You may have seen that Dior offers gifts and sample sacks with orders. It is actually a great way to promote the latest products without losing any money. When you give a new product sample to anyone, it creates a desire to buy that product. Moreover, anyone can be bothered by the temptation to receive new gifts and samples with every order.

These types of unboxing ideas are very convenient and profitably satisfying. Customers can buy a product for $80 and have a gift worth $10. Thus, this implementation can increase sales with a minimum investment.

add free gifts

6.     Merch with the Brand’s Tone

Colors play an important role in showing the creativity and standards of a brand. For example, you may notice that almost every box in McDonald’s is in red and yellow color. It creates a rhythm of customization and captivates buyers' attention. You can select a brand's tone by considering various aspects. It includes products, voice charts, targeted audience, and core values.

If you are going to start a decor business, you should use royal colors for unboxing, like pitch black and chocolate brown. Other than this, never produce stuff that cannot follow your brand's theme; for example, a pinkish makeup box shouldn’t have Nike sneakers in it.

maintain your brand tone

7.     Share Unboxing Experience to Build Social Momentum

If you are going to buy a makeup palette from Huda Beauty, will you read an article of 2000 words or watch a 5-minute-long unboxing video? The answer is unboxing video because an influencer will not only unbox the palette but also apply it and shows you how it will look. It is also known as User Generated Content. It is one of the most influential and powerful marketing tools in today's world.

This lets you know product quality, size, and other details in a limited time. Moreover, never forget to use hashtags for unboxing videos because hashtags are like a conversation on social media. With just one click,  users can attract to your unboxing videos.

share unboxing experience on social media

Bonus Tip – Make Your Unboxing More Creative

A good unboxing video will lead to a good unboxing experience. If you are a content creator or a businessman wanting to have uncountable views on unboxing videos, this section will greatly help you. The tool named Wondershare Filmora can make your unboxing videos more creative and perfect. You can eliminate any distortion in a video and make it more professional with minimum effort.

Free Download
Free Download
filmora video editor interface

In short, this tool can add such a finishing touch to the unboxing video that no one can resist it. To know more about the serviceability and productivity of Filmora, glance at its key features listed below:

  • Hand Draw Mask & Blend Modes: You can add hand-drawn masks to make the unboxing videos optimistically impressive. There are more than 18 blend modes, which can lead to revolutionary editing of unboxing videos.
  • Title Editing: Titles define your unboxing video's theme, its niche, and the product in it. It is a crucial component of every product, and you can make the titles more customized and interactive with Filmora. The WordArt and advanced editing tools will help you a lot to level up your unboxing ideas.
  • Add Transitions: Transition helps in guiding the audience and gives an animated look to videos. You can add creative transitions with this exclusive tool to make the unboxing video smoother. There are also 900 + video effect elements and 50 + dynamic countdown effects, which you can use as per your choice.
  • Customize Audio: The unboxing packaging videos are loaded with many audios. It can be ASMR or other background sounds. With Wondershare Filmora, you can optimize the audio in videos in several ways. Some of them are Audio Ducking, Audio Synchronization, Text Speech, Audio Visualizer, and more.

The Last Words

Taking everything into account, this article shows that unboxing videos are a very important part of a brand's promotion. No matter what product your brand has, you should always work on optimizing the unboxing experience. Unboxing packaging videos can drive more clients and increase purchases in a limited time.

There are many ways to improve the unboxing experience. It can include giving exclusive discounts, adding gift cards, and focusing on convenient packaging. Moreover, one effective unboxing experience idea is creating high-quality videos. You can create the best unboxing videos with a perfect video editor like Wondershare Filmora.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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