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10 Hot and Viral Videos on Twitter

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Mar 01, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
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As you may be aware, Twitter is a microblogging application that allows users to exchange messages called tweets. Twesocial reviews would be fascinating to read in this respect. Since it was released to the public, everybody has gone wild for it. It did, however, happen gradually.

Twitter was founded in 2006, and by 2012, over 100 million users were sending around 340 million tweets every day. Twitter had the most following celebrities back in the day, with some net earnings of $1.13 billion.

You can also post media (pictures and videos) on Twitter without difficulty. Along with the tweets, videos and pictures also go viral with each passing day. Since several videos are posted every day, it's hard to guess which one is viral these days.

Have you ever wondered what makes a viral Twitter video hot? Twitter's hype has been boosted every day from its inception for various reasons. One of the numerous things we could question about Twitter is what are the most popular viral Twitter videos. To help you solve that question, we've compiled a list of the Top 10 Hot and Viral Videos on Twitter in this article. Let's get started!

What is Viral Video?

A viral video on Twitter is a post quickly shared by a significant number of people. Though there are no hard and fast standards for what constitutes a viral tweet, it is deemed viral if it receives thousands and millions of retweets, Twitter favorites, and responses.

Tweets may become viral for a variety of reasons. They might increase awareness of a problem, create arguments, or even be amusing. But what's common in them is that they attract the users and the influencers to give their views about them.

Top 10 Twitter Hot Clips

Viral videos are hard to find on other social sites, but Twitter, an open platform for all users, provides easy access to viral or trendy clips. This quality of Twitter makes it stand out from other social platforms. It helps the user find trendy fashion, sports, cooking, Hollywood, etc., with mere clicks. The following are the top 10 viral hot clips Twitter:

1. Billie Eilish's Unveils Her New Look

This video reads, "me after seeing Billie's pictures: #BillieEilish #BillieEilishHotWhile," which refers to all of us. Fans were shocked when her new style was unveiled after spending most of her brief career wearing big clothing. This video, posted on May 2, 2021, has around 50K views.

While we initially thought of her as a green-haired beauty, the "Happier Than Ever" diva went platinum and ditched her baggy attire. Eilish shattered the internet when she posed on the front of British Vogue in lingerie for the May edition.

An exclusive discussion with Eilish happened shortly after she unveiled new golden tresses on Instagram, where she broke records with over 10 million likes for under 3 hours. It's all about doing what brings you joy, and it lands Billie on the front of British Vogue Magazine.

Billie Eilish's Unveils Her New Look

2. Lil Nas X Represents the Fallen Angel

This video has the caption "Lil Nas X representing the fallen angel Satan." It was posted on May 27, 2021. However, this video has not so many views, but it represents the viral conspiracy.

In 2021, the Industrial Baby rapper worked during his first full-length solo album, "Montero." To make the moment really unforgettable, Lil Nas X proudly displayed a pregnant tummy for months before the album's release, finally posting footage of him giving birth to commemorate.

His false pregnancy sparked outrage online, with some of his A-list contemporaries expressing their support while others cringed. "Never is [pregnancy] anything to belittle," one commentator remarked. This, however, was not the rapper's only internet scandal.

When Lil Nas X's track "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" was released earlier in 2021, people were split by the visual of Lil Nas X offering Satan a lap dance in the NSFW clip.

Lil Nas X Represents the Fallen Angel

3. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Are Dating

The title for this video hot on Twitter reads, "All of us discovering out Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are genuinely dating." This video has 572K views, and it was posted on November 19, 2021.

It displays Paul Rudd laughing and replying "Not me" to the interviewer's question, "Look at us, who would have thought?", clearly demonstrating the fan's feelings after hearing the news that Pete and Kim Kardashian, days after Kanye and Kim broke up.

The title for this viral Twitter video reads, "All of us discovering out Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are genuinely dating."

Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kanye West was possibly this year's most unexpected yet unsurprising occurrence in popular culture history. According to Page Six, the freshly minted lawyer wants to concentrate on the bar test and has grown up, but Kanye is thinking about running for the presidency and spouting other ridiculous things, and she's had enough of it.

But as quickly as Kim K was single again, she set her sights on "SNL" star Pete Davidson. It was, predictably, the word of the (Twitter) town.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Are Dating

4. Children Being Naughty

The hot viral Twitter clip has the caption saying, "Even more reasons not to have kids." It was uploaded on January 24, 2022, by the well-known Twitter account @LADBible. LADBible is well-known for providing innovative Twitter videos to keep its fans entertained for an extended period. Furthermore, this Twitter account has many followers (about 2.9 million), including several celebrities.

The caption is on the funny side, so don't get serious. In this video, children are doing crazy stuff, such as throwing stuff at the TV, breading the father's nose, breaking glasses, throwing cereal on the couch, punching their father in serious areas, etc. Moreover, the video has around 622K views on Twitter.

Children Being Naughty

5. Jeff Graba's Demonstration of Biles' issues

"Simone Biles has withdrawn from the vault and poles finals," Justin Lee said in the video. "I believe now is a perfect time to offer Auburn trainer Jeff Graba's description of Biles' problems." Everyone who has ever been a gymnast knows that when the twisties are mentioned, everyone comes to a halt. It's a tremendous problem."

This video was posted in July 2021 and had around 25K views. In this video, the coach explains the reasons and the issues behind Simeone Bile's tragic exit from the Olympics this summer.

When Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympics this summer due to twisties, people were either ready to support her or quick to take a shot at the medal-winning gymnast. Those who didn't grasp the gymnastics phrase twisties labeled her a loser, but her ardent supporters defended her and snarled at internet trolls. Simone Biles has made the decision to prioritize her health.

Jeff Graba's Demonstration of Biles' issues

6. Mr. Big Died

The title for this video's hot viral Twitter reads, "WTF #AndJustLikeThat Mr. Big is no longer alive. I assumed he was having a stroke and wondered why Carrie didn't call for an ambulance...".

This video was posted on December 9, 2021, with around 200K views. In this video, a man got up in frustration and asked, "What?" which perfectly explains the fan's emotions after Mr. Big died in the 2nd episode of Sex and The City Reboot.

Fans were outraged when "And Just Like That" killed off "Sex and the City" star Mr. Big with a heart attack caused by a Peloton. (Cue Peloton's stock plummeting.) The agony, however, was short-lived as star Chris Noth was charged with sexually abusing many women. He has rejected the charges but has since vanished from Peloton's stream.

Mr. Big Died

7. Kit Harrington Won't Eat His Cereals

This viral Twitter video is titled "In loving remembrance of the "Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal" vines." This video was posted on May 26, 2019, from an account named Eugene Buenaventura, and it has around 1.4M Twitter views to date. In this video, Kit Harrington, known for playing John Snow in the popular TV series Game of Thrones, is offered something to eat that he is not eating.

Following a succession of six-second footage of A-list actor Ryan Gosling being fed a spoonful of breakfast cereal, this clip took its artistic expression as a famous culture treasure on Vine. The video's caption assured that it swiftly became viral, mirroring the internet trajectory of a significant breakthrough news item.

The popularity of the Gosling viral demonstrates the importance of strategically seeding your material with the key influencers and how, in some situations, a small number of people may go worldwide.

Video about Kit Harrington Won't Eat His Cereals

8. Dove Brand Campaign

The tagline for this video reads, "Dove's inaugural purpose-driven marketing puts an end to armpit worry. More on the stereotype-busting spot can be seen on @CampaignLiveUS ". It was posted on November 09, 2019, and has around 4K views to the date.

The film for Dove's Real Beauty Sketches #WeAreBeautiful ad traveled unlike any other, thanks to a long tail of connection and strong audience reaction.

This video has shown less fatigue than the others and fewer influencer-induced spikes. Instead, the dialogue took place in clusters of towns scattered over the world, demonstrating the importance of local interaction and highlighting the practical usage of a digital outreach campaign.

Video about Dove Brand Campaign

9. Cats Defying Laws of Physics

This hot video on Twitter has the caption, "Cats defying all laws of physics." On January 24, 2022, it was posted by a famous Twitter account named @LADBible. LADBible has been famous for posting trendy twitter videos to entertain its followers for a long time. Moreover, this Twitter account has many followers (around 2.9M), including some celebrities.

Although the caption of the video seems a bit cheesy to you at first, you would be amazed and wonder how those cats are doing that stuff when you see the video. In the video, cats are going under the locked door, running on vertical walls, walking under the bed upside down, jumping up to the room's roof, coming out of a thing cage, etc., which is not exactly typical for a cat do. Furthermore, this video has 270K views.

Cats Defying Laws of Physics

10. Man Eating His Phone

This hot viral clip on Twitter has the title, "Are you eating that?". It is yet another video posted from the LADBible, a famous page on Twitter that pots trendy and viral videos to entertain its followers and let them have a good time on Twitter. This video was posted on January 24, 2021, with around 688K views.

After reading the caption, you won't get the idea of what it is about, so we recommend watching it. However, if you're too lazy for that, keep reading. It is a 24-second clip featuring a sleeping guy who has a pizza slice in one hand and his phone in the other. After he wakes up, he starts eating his phone instead of the pizza, which looks funny and a bit embarrassing for the man, who just got captured while doing that.

Viral video of a Man Eating His Phone

Bonus Tips for Going Viral on Twitter

With the massive popularity of sites like Instagram and TikTok, it's quick to overlook Twitter advertising as a waste of effort. However, Twitter is very far from lifeless. With many profiles still gaining attention, it's simple to see how it may increase traffic and raise visibility for your company. To make viral videos on Twitter, follow some popular strategies:

1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags can also help you increase your tweets' range (and viral impact). The concept behind hashtags is to cluster tweets collectively around a specific topic to simplify their search.

You may include them in your updates to increase the number of people who see and interact with your material. On Twitter, check the trending area to locate hot hashtags. You may also change the view based on your location.

2. Inject Humor

Using humor in your posts might also help you launch a popular Twitter thread. In reality, many of the most popular tweets have a sense of humor, and they don't have to be very sophisticated. This technique can help you grow a good following and make your video viral on Twitter.

3. Keep the Caption Short

Even if Twitter's total character limit has been extended to 280, it is still challenging to keep your messages brief. To be honest, the smaller your captions are, the finer. Captions with 110 characters or less are the most effective. This is because they leave an area for mentions, hashtags, and hyperlinks.

4. Share A Personal Story

You can't go wrong with conveying a personal tale if you want to compose a viral tweet. Having your tweets more personalized rather than only informative will yield more significant results. For example, I've always struggled to develop the correct tweet until I came upon this hack: [link].


There was no simple internet engagement between fans and their favorite celebrities or lawmakers and the local population before Twitter. Twitter has unquestionably narrowed the gap between the peoples of the two worlds and has repeatedly been shown to be the most delicate communication channel. Learning what the viral Twitter video hot is intriguing for someone who is constantly interested in what is on-trend these days.