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A Complete Guide to the Best Brand Story Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 07, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

With the advent of streaming content accessible anytime, anywhere, conventional marketing has somewhat lost grip on its performance. Consumers are now savvy as they now take a step further, like using ad blockers or tuning out ads.

However, it doesn’t imply the end of advertising as a brand promotion tool altogether. Individuals still desire best-in-class deals and products and spend their money shopping. All they need is to get informed about the product or service more entertainingly and innovatively.

This is one of the reasons why many established brands are now shifting toward their brand storytelling. And there’s no better and highly effective way to portray your brand story than with video. Simply making a video resembling any conventional TV commercial ad with an irritating ‘Call Today’ voiceover won’t be enough to get results.

Modern-day consumers are much more educated and sophisticated than before. You must learn how many creative and successful brands are infusing their branding and storytelling strategies to engage their customers. If you’re reading this article, you’re aiming to build your own brand storytelling video and are wondering how to make it a successful one.

Take no worries as the further sections will clear all your doubts and give you the perfect answer. So, let’s start.

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In this article
    1. Spotify - All Ears On You
    2. Airbnb - The Story of a Symbol of Belonging
    3. Apple - Chase
    4. Nike - Most Powerful Brand Story Videos
    5. Bells - Reader
    6. Dove - You’re More Beautiful Than You Think
    7. El Gordo - The Spanish Christmas Lottery Ad 2021
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Part I. The Most Successful Video Practises of Brand Storytelling

1. Spotify - All Ears On You

Since 2008, Spotify has continued gathering as much information (personal preferences, likes, and dislikes) about their audiences as possible. It has helped them set personalized ad campaigns that will best fit their customers’ interests.

One of their latest, popular campaigns is ‘All Ears On You.’ Take a glimpse of this video to check how the video ad appears. Launched in June, this campaign focuses on celebrating your weird listening habits. It leveraged the users’ in-app experience to let them be proud of their unique choices. This helped Spotify to strengthen its emotional relationship with its listeners.

Learn From Spotify’s Famous Marketing Practices:

  • Get the Most Out of Big Data: The customer insights and data helped Spotify make precise, on-point ads. Your firm should also acquire customers’ data and later leverage it to amplify the user experience and make marketing campaigns more relatable.
  • Leverage User-Generated Content: Your audience is more interested in what other customers think and say about your business. The most successful video ads don’t involve facts about the company but the customers instead. Make a video using clips where your customers tell a story about themselves and their experience with your brand.
  • Utilize The Trending Hashtags & Topics: Social medial trends and news feed is what attracts today’s customers the most. Spotify’s advertisement team always wraps their ad campaigns into a package of top-events-and-stories. Find the most popular and trending hashtags and topics related to your business niche and incorporate them in your brand storytelling video.

Some other marketing practices that teach valuable lessons to businesses for brand video marketing include:

  • Leveraging the mentions on social media platforms
  • Going for a customer-centric marketing approach with personalized interactions

2. Airbnb - The Story of a Symbol of Belonging

The center of focus of Airbnb’s brand story revolves around the basic ideology of ‘belonging.’ The brand found its mission - to shape the world into a place where individuals can ‘belong anywhere.’

Their official tagline also turned out to be ‘Belong Anywhere,’ which eventually led to the development of their whole brand story and new logo. This symbol was created to make sure it’s instantly recognizable.

Valuable Storytelling Lessons From Airbnb’s Marketing Practices:

  • Let Your Customers Be At The Heart Of Your Organization: After interviewing users, Airbnb found out that no one can better inform them about their company than the community of their regular users. The conversations and interviews with such users helped Airbnb to prepare its entire brand story. Thus, you should, too, keep your customers at your core.
  • It’s Never Too Late To Discover Your Story: Although launched in 2008, the company Airbnb realized they’d need to discover their business mission to scale and progress. They are an example that it’s never too late for your brand to find the brand story.
  • Content Is The King: Airbnb always keeps posting content on its own blog and YouTube channel. Most of their content is based on user experiences and revolves around stories from within the brand’s community. Such high-quality content helped them to engage with the customers more efficiently.

3. Apple - Chase

Chase recently announced via email their latest introduction to the market - Apple Pay. They introduced it in collaboration with Apple as the new mode to pay. Chase leveraged this email communication to inform people about their latest collaboration with Apple.

They also used email to reinforce their commitment to helping people to buy Apple products like the iPhone 14 pro with accessible funds. While ensuring to align with Apple’s marketing strategy for the Apple Pay service announcement (primarily based on social media), Chase put more emphasis on real-time media.

Their marketing practice used direct, real-time media to connect with the on-the-go audience seemingly ready to buy an Apple product with a quick source of funds. Their brand story ad focused more on the ‘on-the-go’ audience who would readily agree to make such a purchase.

4. Nike - Most Powerful Brand Story Videos

If you’ve watched a Nike video ad featuring LeBron James or others, you’ll know how much emphasis on emotions and inspiration. They don’t go for the direct marketing of their brand and products. Instead, they produce video ads with a powerful message drawn from a compelling storyline.

This makes Nike unique from numerous other brands as it has been an expert in brand storytelling for years now. Every piece of video ad from their collection triggers the audience’s feelings and emotions, which can only be met and satisfied by using Nike products.

There’s a lot of power within emotional branding, and Nike has shaped and transformed its whole marketing model into a storytelling form that motivates the audience to take action - ‘Just do it with Nike products. Some of the marketing strategies that have helped them grow over the years include the following:

  • They promote the advantages of their product’s features rather than simply highlighting and promoting the features. This is called benefit-based marketing practice.
  • They sell brand stories more than their products, which has always been their primary marketing strategy.
  • Nike is very strong in the social media game. They leverage user-generated content to create their video ads.
  • Collaborating with influencers like LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo has always been at the core of their marketing strategy.

5. Bells - Reader

The marketing manager of Bell - Thami Silwana - revealed that the idea behind the ‘Bells-Reader’ campaign is to assist men in acknowledging, comprehending, and speaking about their personal victories.

They realized that sometimes it could be troublesome for men to interact with one another and acknowledge their inside feeling and emotions when one of them have achieved something. Their tagline, ‘Give That Man a Bell, ’ best fits in terms of a man-to-man acknowledging something worth the celebration.

Here is what the video ad director Greg incorporated in the video to make it hit the marketing campaign’s motto:


  • Greg incorporated an excellent blend of drama, emotion, and sentimentality in this two minutes video ad, which was as good as a two-hour Hollywood movie.
  • The video hit the emotions on so many levels that you’ll feel like drinking a glass of whisky at the end of the ad.
  • Your brand should also create a brand story video where you help your customers to acknowledge themselves by hitting their emotions at different levels.
  • To know how just take a look at the ad yourself:

6. Dove - You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

The Real Beauty Ad Campaign by Dove focuses on women’s natural charisma and beauty. The ad emphasizes promoting the self-esteem of every woman. In their ‘Dove Real Beauty Sketches’ video ad, you’ll find the events to be chosen, arranged, connected, and assessed as meaningful for a specific set of audience.

Although the video ad’s primary focus is women's empowerment, it’s still a commercial that promotes Dove products. The ad ends with the phrase ‘you’re more beautiful than you think,’ and a Dove brand logo appears.

Significantly, Dove desires women to know that they are always encouraged, supported, and acknowledged for their real beauty. This storytelling helped Dove boost its product sales without making any direct references.

7. El Gordo - The Spanish Christmas Lottery Ad 2021

Conventionally, you’ll get to know about the arrival of Christmas in Spain when you’ll find the Spanish Christmas Lottery hitting the screens as a commercial. The Christmas Lottery’s 2021 ad version was recorded and created in the picturesque and snowy town of Elizondo.

The ad signifies the spirit of the Christmas festive season and amazingly resonates with the motto of El Gordo - the greatest prize is to share it. They used aesthetics and scenic beauty to allure the viewers and drive them into buying the lottery.

They used the marketing practice of hitting people's emotions during Christmas when they could truly immerse themselves into enjoying things like winning the lottery.

Part 2. Need Pro-Quality Video Result From Your Video Maker? Try Filmora - The Best in the Market!

If you seek pro-quality video results from your video maker for the ‘best-in-class’ brand story videos, use Filmora. It has emerged as the leading video-making tool for global marketers where you can create, edit, and save all sorts of ‘state-of-the-art,’ ‘next-level’ marketing brand videos.

best brand story videos 2

Try Filmora to ensure brand awareness, advertise your business, introduce the audience to your brand and its products, and boost sales. One software, multiple benefits. Here are some features of Filmora that can effectively help you make your brand story videos.

  • Numerous Resources: Filmora is an excellent platform to explore your inner creativity as it has thousands of video assets accessible to its users. The widespread availability of unique advanced and basic features will help you create the most appealing brand story video.
  • Green Screen: Your brand storytelling videos will become bland if you miss out on adding a unique background. Thanks to the Green Screen feature by Filmora, it takes only a few simple clicks to add such attractive backgrounds to your videos.
  • Split Screen: When making your brand story video, it’s more likely that you’ll want to show a comparison of two products side-by-side. In that case, the Split Screen feature from Filmora comes in handy. It lets you incorporate two or more video footage or clips in the video.
  • Audio Ducking: Your brand story will involve several key pointers that you’ll want to highlight for the audience. With Filmora’s Audio Ducking feature, you can easily highlight the dialogues and speeches during the video. This will help you to emphasize those video parts so that the audience can hear them with clarity. Of course, the feature fades the background music for those speech and dialogue parts.
  • Color Grading: The more appealing the brand story video, the more the viewers. That’s precisely what the color grading feature does for you. It allows you to adjust the tint, 3D Luts, temperature, and lights in all your marketing videos. Introduce mesmerizing cinematographic effects in your videos with Fimora’s ‘state-of-the-art’ color tuning features.

Telling your brand story via videos has just become simpler and faster than ever with Filmora. Try the software for magical results. With the advancements in AI, you can now create stunning promotional videos in just one minute. Check out this quick tutorial on how to create professional-grade promotional videos with ease:

For more inspiration and examples of what you can achieve, visit the Filmora Creator Hub, where you can find a variety of creative videos and tutorials to help you elevate your video marketing strategy.


Telling your brand story is more crucial than ever as it lets you reach new levels of personalization and establish deeper bonds and connections with your clients or customers.

With the ideal brand storytelling strategy and the best video maker tool, you can easily connect with the audience and let them know all about your brand, its products, and its purpose. So, get started today!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jun 12, 24
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