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11 Tips to Make Product Ad Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 05, 22, updated Nov 29, 22

In the list of various video types, let’s check out product ad videos. This type of video gives more details about a product and it is normally used by businesses in promoting their products both new and old to the public. Product ad videos are videos that help to enlighten the public about products and also show them what they will gain in going for such products. These videos are best used for unveiling new products. Product ad videos have been in existence for a very long time.

shoot product ad video

Some people regard them as business ad videos, advertisement videos or even marketing videos. Not only do product ad videos help your products to stand out among the very many, but it also brings about numerous engagements from your audience by making your products to be found online by both far and near viewers. Product ad video answers every question in the heart of the audience and makes the audience build trust in the products. There are a lot of things to put into consideration while going for product ads videos and they include:

In this article
  1. Good Quality Video and Picture Coverage
  2. Concise Videos
  3. Correct Colour Combination
  4. Short Videos
  5. Product Prize
  6. Text, The Font Styles, The Font Size And The Font Color
  7. Aspect Ratio
  8. Product Ads Software/Applications
  9. Good Reviews
  10. Graphics And Music
  11. Call To Action

1. Good Quality Video and Picture Coverage:

Now, among several things to consider in creating product ad video, is good and quality video or picture coverage which can only be possible when there is correct lighting that can help to get a very clear video or image of those products. This helps attract the attention of the customers. This also makes your products stand out among several products on sale. It also will help in creating quality videos because the quality of the pictures and the videos are not compressed.

2. Concise Videos

Another thing to put into consideration is the concise nature of your video. It must be brief and comprehensive. There should not be a lot of bulky information in the video so as not to make the customers tired and burdened.

3. Correct Colour Combination

This is something that must not be neglected in making product ad videos. The colour combination must be correct and matches very well with both the products and the things written on the products. It is better to work at most with just three colours that complement one another. This will not only attract the customers but will make the customer see how professional you are and will pay anything to get the products.

4. Short Videos

Videos are best with at most one minute depending on the platforms you want to advertise them on. This will make the customers not wait for a long time to understand the video and it will help the client to make the decision quickly without wasting a lot of time. It will help him make the decision quickly. Studies and statistics have it that attention span is only 8.5 seconds so you must try to make proper use of the first few seconds of your video.

5. Product Prize

The goals of a product ads video are to either make the announcement of a new product on sale or to also advertise particular products to sell to make great sales. Therefore, if the product needs to be sold, then the prize should be written down boldly in such a way that the buyer can see the price. The real prize and the promo size can also be written to entice the customers more to buy.

6. Text, The Font Styles, The Font Size And The Font Color:

This is another important area that must not be neglected. This is another area in product ads that catches the eyes of the customers. So, the font, the font styles, and font color must go in line with the products, the text on the products and the background color of the products.

7. Aspect Ratio

This is another important thing to consider while making the video for product ads. Each social media platform has its unique aspect ratio. Aspect ratio talks about the ratio of the length and width of a video. Therefore before creating any video for any platform, first look for the aspect ratio of the platform. Facebook has its aspect ratio as also Instagram, TikTok, Facebook story and reels. This will make your video fit into the platform and make the video come out professionally and grandly.

8. Product Ads Software/Applications

Aside from knowing all that has been discussed, it is important to look out for the best software for the job. There is a lot of software that will be of help in creating product ads videos, go for the ones that you can understand and can help you create product ads video. Software like:

  • Kinemaster.
  • Imovie.
  • Quik.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Wondershare Filmora.
  • Video ads Maker.
  • Video Guru.
  • Videolicious.
  • AndroVid
  • FiLMiC Pro.
  • movie.
  • Doodly.
  • WeVideo.
  • Vimeo Create.
  • Power Director.
  • Canva etc.

9. Good Reviews

Another important thing that makes product ad videos convert and confidence in the heart of the audience is the reviews from customers who have used such products. Therefore, try always to get reviews on the products from buyers. Now, it can come as a note, audio or video of the buyers reviewing the product. Adding these reviews from various buyers will not only draw the attention of viewers but also make them trust the authenticity of the products. So, try to add such reviews to your product ads video.

10. Graphics And Music

This is important also in creating product ad videos. You need nice and eye-catching graphics and music that goes in line with the products. Your music must be good and 100% natural.

11. Call To Action

This is a very important thing that must not be exempted in your product ads videos. Your video must have the ability to call the audience to action. Now after all has been done and the question in the heart of the audience will be, ’How can I get this product?’.The ‘call to action answers this question. So, it must be included. The call to action can be at the beginning of the video, middle of the video and end of the video but it is best placed in the middle and at end of the video.

The above and more are what should be considered and applied if you want a product ads video that can convert very well and yield massive sales.


Product ads video is the order of the day and it is very important as a businessman to leverage the conversions being generated by it to make a profit and to build up engagement for your business, websites etc.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Nov 29, 22
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