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10 Popular Vlog Intro Templates and How to Create a Vlog Intro Easily

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

“Is there any handy Vlog intro template free download option?”

Why not? There are countless intros for Vlog free download templates online, which you can readily edit for your next vlogging video.

Vlogging is the new popular trend in the YouTube community that has grabbed many artists and followers. Without any prior experience or training, you can also become one of the famous vloggers in aspects like fashion, travel, and so on. But, to make your video stand out from the rest, a perfect intro is mandatory, and thus the importance or need for a free Vlog intro template. You neither need to design nor buy a costlier one because there are surplus Vlog intro template free download options to be customized at the instance. To know the best ten aesthetic Vlog intro templates, read our today's article further.

Part 1: What do YouTubers Use for Intros?

Each YouTuber follows a different way or idea to craft or design their intro for the YouTube channel. Most ordinary YouTube videos have just plain text on their opening with their brand name or channel name. While music is the common factor to hold on to, at present, YouTubers prefer the use of readymade intro templates editable in just seconds YouTube video, channel art, thumbnail, or Vlog video. There are countless video maker tools to be highly preferred for their customizable templates. In-built with animation, transition, music, and elements, such templates usage is the best idea to go!

Part 2: Top 10 Vlog Intro Templates [Free Download]

The wait is now over! Get to know the top 10 intros for Vlog free download in this session.

1.Kelcie Vlogs

Offered from Panzoid, an online video maker, Kelcie Vlogs is our first Vlog intro template free download with a 2D effect. Ready to be edited on the clip maker, you can add an effect like fisheye, bloom, wavy, and so on.

2.Cool Intro Template

If you are looking out for a cool YouTube intro for your business or Vlog, this template from Biteable is the best choice. Crafted with excellent motion graphics, video effects, and animation, you can also add your channel or brand logo.

3.Painting Studio Template

Are you about to make a Vlog related to art or painting? Then, we have a Painting Studio template from FlexClip for you. Highly recommended to grab viewer’s attention and imagination with beautiful color, you should try this aesthetic Vlog intro template today.

aesthetic vlog intro template

4.Purple Abstract Daily Vlog Template

Being fully customizable, the below template, Purple Abstract Daily Vlog YouTube from Canva, has millions of images, icons, and graphics. You can also collaborate in real-time, add animations, share and publish anywhere.

abstract vlog template

5.Travel Template

Are you a travel bug who is fond of adventures? Then, take a sneak peek through this ready-to-edit travel Vlog template to fulfill your travel journey. With tweaking text and visuals, you can share it on any social media platform.

6.Lena’s Beauty Diary

Want to wow your viewers on YouTube with your new Vlog? You don't try out a cartoon-themed intro style. With a clean background to change the mood, animated elements add an advantage to this free Vlog intro template.

free vlog intro template

7.Travel with Me

If you are a passionate travel vlogger who wishes to create an outstanding intro for your next Vlog, then a customizable travel vlog intro template can help you. This eye-catching template designed for your YouTube channel is a must to try!

8.Conway Vlogs Intro

Another intro for Vlog free download is the Conway Vlogs Intro from Panzoid. With editable settings like outdoor scene, block world, darkness scene lighting, frame rate, and a lot more like share, rotation, and position, it is a 3D Vlog intro.

9.Let’s protect Animals

Another intro for Vlog free download is the Conway Vlogs Intro from Panzoid. With editable settings like outdoor scene, block world, darkness scene lighting, frame rate, and a lot more like share, rotation, and position, it is a 3D Vlog intro.

10.JNL Vlogs Intro

JNL Vlogs Intro is another Vlog intro template free download from Panzoid as well. Usable in all scenarios like gaming, slideshow, branding, and logo animation, there are two versions of JNL Vlogs intro.

Part 3: Vloggers' Weapons: Best 3 Vlog Intro Makers

When it comes to the best 3 Vlog intro makers, Vloggers have special weapons like Filmora Template Mode, Canva, and Adobe Spark. Wondering what are they and why are they favorites of the popular Vloggers? Then, this session is ultimately for you.

1.Filmora Template Mode

While you are already aware of Filmora as a video maker and editing tool, ever wondered what this all-new Filmora Template Mode specialty is? It is all about the collection of creative aesthetic Vlog intro templates that is customizable in minutes. Crafted by experts of a video production studio, you can sprinkle style to your Vlog video, whatever type it is fun, friends, and family. Apart from templates, some of the factors that make the Filmora beta version the best for your Vlog videos are the in-built video editor toolbox, titles, filters, stickers, motion elements, transitions, presets, and so on.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


How about an online resource for Vlog intro template free download along with an editable workspace? It is what Canva offers. With countless templates for various themes like logos, flyers, invitations, YouTube channel art, YouTube intros, bookmarks, certificates, and so on, you can grow your Vlog channel and increase the audience uniquely. Providing you the ability to create a YouTube Vlog intro online in 60 seconds without any watermarks, illustration content, stock video, photo, and music are the additional features for the premium users.

3.Adobe Spark

Like Canva, Adobe Spark is an online platform with a collection of free Vlog intro templates that creates engaging intros for YouTube videos without any editing experience or prior design skill required. With other customizable add-ons like photos add, icons, voiceover, videos, and a lot more, video production is made easier with this online YouTube intro creator. With Adobe Spark, you can also create slideshows, logos, posters, banners, social graphics, youtube thumbnails, remove background, crop, resize, trim, convert JPG to PNG, resize, convert video to GIF, and so on.

Part 4: How do you Start a Vlog Intro?

Keeping the above-discussed Vlog intro templates aside, let's come to the question of how to start a Vlog intro with our step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Keep the equipment ready

Before starting with the Vlog intro, ensure that all the essential equipment like camera, natural light, and microphone are ready for recording the Vlog video.

Step 2: Make your script

Be you! Yes, rather than copying or taking content from your favorite vlogger videos, it is always right to be you, and hence prepare and keep an original intro script handy by your side.

Step 3: Prior Plan

Before making an intro for your Vlog video, earn critical points of what you should say before the camera or how you should introduce yourself. List out the props, background, and your presenting style, along with grooming as per the Vlog theme on a notepad.

If it’s your first entry, you can turn the camera and start talking.

Step 4: Shoot & don’t fright

Once you are all set, start shooting the intro and record the video. Without any fear or panic, misspeaking or stammering, speak yourself before the camera.

If shot mistakenly or video has any effects like blur and shaking, you can edit it in the editing phase.

Step 5: Add, Edit, and Upload

You can now add music, animation, text, and stickers to your intro to make it more exciting and stunning.


If you want your Vlog videos to go viral or you wish to Vlog like a pro, then today's article is undoubtedly the best manual to be followed. When it comes to searching for the popular Vlog intro templates, then, without a doubt, Filmora comes first on the line!

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