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Best Pop Background Music List for Videos in 2024

Pop background music is famous among teens and adults. The article presents the ten best pop background music lists in 2024 and how to access them from platforms.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Jan 17, 22, updated May 20, 24

Are you a pop music influencer? Or are you a movie maker? Stay tuned for more!

Pop music is a genre that produces hits of all times. As a contemporary form of music, pop appeals to a large audience. It mostly uses electronic instruments with short songs and strong beats. Essentially, pop music has simple tunes making it attractive for all. If you are looking for a list of pop background music for videos in 2024, stay with us!

The write-up mentions five popular websites to download royalty-free pop background music. So, what are we waiting for? Time to initiate the process!

Part 1: 10 Best Pop Background Music List for Videos in 2024

Are you a content creator? Do you wish to know the best pop background music list? Continue exploring this section as a guide.

Pop music is the most famous genre listened to in the west. The catchy melody, smooth harmony, and effortless structure make videos welcoming. The sub-section covers a list of exceptional pop background tracks for your next video. So, let us start! Shall we?

best pop background music 2022

1. Town

Town is a great pop background music for your videos. It can be effortlessly accessed and downloaded from Pixabay. More than 40,000 people have used the audio track to bring magic to their channels. Town is both smooth and soft to bring the audience a soothing environment.

2. For Me

The next on the list is For Me. The pop background track is played by 244,398 public making it one of the most famous pop music. Additionally, the music deserves the hype. With its slow start and wild entry, For Me is great for YouTube and Instagram videos.

3. Drop to Me

With 2 minutes and 14 seconds, Drop to Me is ideal for content designers. You can save the pop music track by tapping on the Download button. The cinematic, dramatic, and pop are some tags used by this enchanting music track.

4. Want Me

Bringing electronic, upbeat, and pop genres to the lot, Want Me is famous for vlogs and YouTube videos. The track can turn any video dreamy and magical with its tempo and rhythm. Most creators use it in their everyday tutorials and product descriptions.

5. Me and You

Chosic brings a promising pop track to the rescue. Me and You give the video a dark yet solid vibe through electronic beats. You can also listen to the music before downloading it. The track can also be used in party and celebratory videos.

6. Happy

Bringing another pop background music to the creative world, Happy knows it all. You can use the music in the YouTube intro to engage the audience from the start. The song is charming as it has been crafted to send the message across borders without facing any complications.

7. My Dream

AShamaluevMusic understands what the brand and channel owners need. As a wonderful pop background choice, My Dream can be streamed online. With that, you are free to share it with the world. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr.

8. Pop Dance

Bensound leaves no stone unturned to satisfy the audience’s itch for the best pop. Pop Dance is a positive and electrifying track with a French house synth riff. It is an amazing pop background choice for videos of different themes.

9. Carried Away

Carried Away is yet another revolutionary pop background audio. The music track combines synths, piano, and vocal samples. Moreover, you can work on it with YouTube and travel videos.

10. Pop Culture

Presented by Mixkit, Pop Culture has a 124 BPM, which has made it popular among gaming, cooking, and promo videos. Pop Culture brings an electrifying edge to the video and engages the audience in seconds.

Part 2: 5 Popular Sites to Download Free Pop Background Music

The pop background has a separate fanbase. Do you agree? It is crucial to know different websites that offer pop background music. The section would present the famous top platforms to access the music and download in seconds easily. Are you with us?

1. Pixabay

Pixabay gained popularity in a limited time. Enabling royalty-free music on different themes and moods, Pixabay is doing wonders in the field. You can download pop background music from here without paying a penny.

Summer Beach, Electro House, Fashion Pop, Energic Rock Beat, and For Me are some great examples of pop music from the site. You can also find the number of people who liked and downloaded it.

pixabay music website

2. Chosic

Chosic continues to bring revolution to the creative industry. The website was welcomed with open hands by creative professionals. You are free to tailor the search results based on relevance or newness.

Night, Forever, Monster, Promise Me, Take Me Higher, River, and Felicity is some great pop choices from Chosic. The pop background tracks are downloaded in MP3 formats.

3. AShamaluevMusic

AShamaluevMusic has three choices to grab your attention. The media artists can choose from Premium Music, Gold Music, and Silver Music. The search can be adjusted according to mood, genre, instrument, and music type.

AShamaluevMusic introduces My Dream, Seashell, Sunny, Catwalk, Alive, Inspirational Pop, Fun Party, and whatnot for pop music. You can download the song free of cost only if your YouTube channel is not monetized to avoid any copyright claim.

ashamaluevmusic pop background music

4. Bensound

The next on the list of phenomenal marketplaces for royalty-free music, allow us to introduce you to Bensound. With an awful load of themes and moods to decide from, this exceptional platform makes navigation easy with its interactive interface. You can preview the track, know its details, and download it in nanoseconds.

Pop Dance, After Light, Carried Away, Summer Love, Beyond the Line, Fun Day, and Inspire are examples of pop background issued by Bensound. The tags below the music pave the way for more unlimited options.

pop music by bensound

5. Mixkit

The last website to access download great pop background music is Mixkit. The website is famous for the audio quality and variety it brings to the table. The user gets the chance to listen to music before making the call.

Pop music can also be saved in the system for personal usage. Pop Culture, Energetic Pop, Happy Inspiring Pop, Cat Walk, Gold, Lost in Dreams, Pop 05, and Pop 04 are some great pop options.

mixkit free pop stock music


The article covered great pop background music tracks for videos. The content creators and streamers can use it to grab the public's attention. Moreover, five impeccable platforms were also presented. These websites are famous for offering royalty-free pop background music.

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