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Siri Voice Changer: How to Change Siri Voice on iPhone, iPad or Mac?

Are you excited to learn about Siri Voice Changer? The article will discuss everything about Siri Voice Changer and Siri features of iOS and Mac devices.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 08, 22, updated Mar 15, 24

iPhone offers a lot of different features that other mobiles don't provide. There is a reason why people prefer using iPhone. The different versions of the iPhone have different and advanced features. The sleek and stylish body is another factor why people want to have iPhone. Do you know any other interesting thing about Apple?

If you don't know, then let us tell you something worth knowing. Apple offers a Siri feature in all its devices. Whether you are an iPhone, iPad, or Mac user, Siri is there to help you stay connected to the world without even lifting a finger. You can make calls and send text messages with Siri. If you want to learn more about Siri and Siri voice changer, then let’s get started.

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Part 1. How to Change Siri Voice on iPhone and iPad?

Whether you are driving, cooking, or whatever, there are various things that Siri can do to help you. Without lifting your finger, your tasks are done with Siri. An interesting thing with Siri is that you can select your preferred language style along with a voice that you like.

It is not at all difficult to change Siri's voice on iPhone or iPad, but new iPhone/iPad users might get confused. Let us help you hereby sharing the steps to change Siri voice on your Apple device.

Step 1: To change Siri Voice, you need to start by opening the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone/iPad. Once that is opened, scroll down and look for ‘Siri & Search.' Tap on it when you locate it.

tap on siri and search option

Step 2: Now, the 'Siri & Search' menu will appear on the screen. Here, you need to look for the ‘Siri Voice’ option and then select it.

access siri voice option

Step 3: It’s time to change Siri's voice. Start by selecting your accent under the 'Variety' section. You get American, British, Australian, Indian, Irish, and also South African accents.

choose voice variety

Step 4: After you have selected a variety, it's now time to select a 'Voice' from the given options. You can listen and choose your desired male or female voice. Your device will take some time to download the voice. Once that’s done, you are good to go.

select your voice type

Part 2. How to Change Siri Voice on Mac?

The amazing Siri function is not just for iPhone and iPad users, but Mac users can also get a great benefit from it. You can manage your small tasks with Siri without any trouble. It is ideal for everyday tasks. You can quickly make calls, send text messages, play your favorite music, and a lot more things could be done with Siri.

This section is for you for any Mac user who wants to change Siri Voice on their device but doesn't know how to do it. Just follow the steps shared below to change Siri Voice on your MacBook.

Step 1: Start by opening the ‘System Preferences’ section from the Dock. You can also open it by firstly clicking on the Apple Menu and then, from the dropdown menu, select 'System Preferences.'

click on system preferences

Step 2: At this point, a new screen for System Preferences will appear. From that, you have to select the ‘Siri’ option. Now comes the fun part where you have to select the voice variety for your Siri. From the ‘Siri’ screen, click on 'Voice Variety' and select your desired voice variety from the list of options.

select voice variety

Step 3: After the voice variety, next is the voice, and for that, hit the 'Siri Voice' option. Here, you can select the vocals' gender, the accent, and you are all done. Keep one thing in mind that not all voice varieties offer different voice options.

choose siri voice

Part 3. 3 Nice Voice Changer to Help You Do Siri Voice

As much as Siri is helpful, you can also have equal fun with it. Do you know how that is possible? Have you ever heard about any Siri voice changer? Don't worry; we have the answer to all your questions. The following section of this article will talk about 3 excellent Siri voice changers that you can use to have fun. Let’s start!

1. Celebrity Voice Changer Parody 

Do you know any Siri voice changer that can make you sound like a celebrity? If you want to do so, then ‘Celebrity Voice Changer Parody’ is a great option. You can instantly sound like your favorite celebrity by just speaking on the mic. The voice changer has a huge list of celebrities, and you can speak in English and return, get the celebrity voice.

Are you ready to know the best thing about this Siri voice changer? It promises to maintain the quality of your voice. It does not change the speed, pitch, or tone of your voice. With this, you can sound natural and normal yet like a celebrity.

Like Siri lets you sound like male or female, you can also sound like your favorite male or female celebrity. You only need a strong internet connection to use this Siri voice changer.

celebrity voice changer parody

2. Live Voice Changer

Live Voice Changer is another Siri voice changer that is nice. With this voice changer, your iOS device transforms into a real-time voice changer. If you are bored with your normal life, then do some pranks with Live Voice Changer and call your friends to have fun. Something extra about the tool is that it is perfect for audio recording.

The voice changer is also great for use. You can use its equalizer, which is 12-band, so that you can sound natural and easily confuse others. With Live Voice Changer and its 15 reverb effects, you can polish your voice more beautifully. Another fascinating thing about this voice changer is that it supports Bluetooth.

The Siri voice changer is very easy to use. You don’t need any technical skills to use the voice changer as it is very clear and simple. Additionally, it is very good to change your voice for games too.

live voice changer

3. Funny Voice Effects & Changer

Who doesn’t want to have fun? Funny Voice Effects & Changer is such a platform that offers you endless fun and laughter. With this Siri voice changer, you can record your voice and apply cool effects. It provides various effects like alien, robot, ghost, male, female, etc.

After you have added your desired effects and filters, you can easily save your recordings from Funny Voice Effects & Changer once it has been modified. Not only this, but the voice changer also allows you to share your fantastic voice with your friends.

funny voice effects and changer

Wrapping Up

The article has shared great information reading Siri voice change on iPhone and iPad. Also, we talked about Siri voice change on Mac and gave its step-by-step guideline. Moreover, we shared 3 friendly Siri voice changers that are an amazing option to use.

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