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Best Voice Changer and Editing Software for Singing [2024]

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 15, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

If you love to sing but don't have a great voice, the article will help you. We will be sharing 5 great voice changers for singing that will instantly change and transform your voice. In case that does not work, what else could be done?

Don't worry; we got you! Apart from sharing voice changers for singing, we will also shed light on 5 brilliant voice editors. Are you ready? Let’s start!

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Part 1. 5 Best Voice Changer for Singing

Do you know a fun fact? We all love to sing, but sadly, not everyone can sing well. This does not mean that you stop singing; instead, you can find a way to make yourself sound better. If you can't find something, then let's guide you by sharing the 5 best voice changers for singing.

Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio

Compatibility: iOS

If you want to sound better, Voloco is an excellent option to use as an audio editor as well as a recording studio. The application offers a 4-vocal layer, multi-track recording studio. Interestingly, the voice recording studio also provides a Lyrics Pad where you can write the lyrics and enjoy karaoke.

voloco voice recording studio

Key Features

  • Do you know Voloco offers over 50 effects like autotune and reverb that can transform and change your voice?

  • Apart from recording and editing, the application lets you export the audio file in WAV format to your device.

  • Voloco has a Vocal Remover tool that helps in separating vocals from existing songs.

Voice Changer Voice Recorder – Editor & Effect

Compatibility: Android 

For recording memories like fun Karaoke sessions with friends, Voice Changer Voice Recorder is a great choice. The application is a fascinating voice recorder and equally impressive voice changer that can make you sound better instantly.

voice changer voice recorder app

Key Features

  • You get a variety of singing voice effects, for instance, theatre, reverb, studio, concert, karaoke, and others.

  • With Voice Changer Voice Recorder, you can also play the audio that is in the saved list while you are recording or whatever.

  • The voice changer for singing lets you to customize the parameters and also gives the best sound effects.

Celebrity Voice Changer

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Who is your favorite singer? If you want to sing like your favorite singer, try Celebrity Voice Changer. The voice changer for singing offers a huge group of A-lister celebrities along with many other features.

celebrity voice changer

Key Features

  • Celebrity Voice Changer comes with a very clean and straightforward interface that is self-explanatory and guides the user at every step.

  • The voice changer for singing offers a comprehensive list of celebrity voice effects like Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, our very favorite Bryan Cranston and others.

  • The voice changer promises to maintain the quality of the voice. It does not change the pitch and speed of your voice.


Compatibility: Windows

Do you know any real-time voice changer for singing? Voicemod is a real-time voice changer with custom sound effects that can modify your voice while you are singing. Surprisingly, the voice changer brings up new effects every month.

voicemod interface

Key Features

  • Apart from voice-changing capabilities for singing, the software is also great for gamers, content creators, and YTubers.

  • You can use its cool sound effects while singing and sound like a robot, demon, or else, do gender swap and other things.

  • Voicemod voice changer works perfectly with various Streaming apps, Chat apps, Meeting & Call apps, Video Chat apps, etc.

Voxal Voice Changer 

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Do you know a voice changer that has a vocal effect library? Well, Voxal Voice Changer has a cool effect library, hence making it a good voice changer for singing. The software has low CPU usage and does not interfere with the running of other applications.

voxal voice changer

Key Features

  • The software offers various sound effects that you can switch any time by using your customized hotkeys.

  • The voice changer for singing lets you apply effects both on existing files and in real-time using any audio input device.

  • With Voxal Voice Changer, you can create unlimited customized voice effects.

Part 2. 5 Best Voice Editor for Singing

If a voice changer is not the best option for you, then you should try voice editors for singing. The following section of this article will walk you through 5 great voice editors that will help you modify your voice.

WavePad Audio Editing

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Are you ready to learn about great voice editing software? Let’s introduce WavePad Audio Editor, which can trim, compress, cut, copy and whatnot. The software is free, and importantly, it can easily be downloaded and used.

wavepad audio editing tool

Key Features

  • WavePad Audio editing software supports all audio inputs like WAV, VOX, GSM, along with WMA and AU are supported.

  • It gives plugin support to DirectX and Virtual Studio Technology (VST) so that users can access thousands of extra tools.

  • The voice editor, the WavePad software, has a built-in effects library that has over 100 sound effects and more than 20 audio effects.

Adobe Audition

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Adobe Audition is the software that is professionally used in the industry. It is famous as it’s the best voice editor. Adobe Audition software has quick support if any issue occurs. Apart from editing, the software also allows voice recording.

adobe audition interface

Key Features

  • Adobe Audition voice editing software can repair and restore the audio clip that you added.

  • The software has a separate portion that is committed to podcasts, and you can easily record and edit audio files.

  • Adobe Audition software can spontaneously rearrange any song so that it can fix to any duration of the remix.

Lexis Audio Editor

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Have you heard about Lexis Audio Editor? Let us tell you about it. This is an audio editor that has a basic interface that provides all facilities at hand. The voice editor app gives access to the noise reduction feature along with other features.

lexis audio editor

Key Features

  • Lexis Audio Editor offers you to trim, fade in, fade out, normalize, insert, etc. It also has a metronome function to make editing easy.

  • The voice editor application provides the facility to record and also import an audio file into any existing audio file.

  • Lexis Audio Editor has 10 band equalizers, along with a compressor and features like changing tempo, pitch, speed.

WavePad Audio Editor

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Do you want to know about a free voice editor? Let’s introduce WavePad Audio Editor, a great app to record and also edit your audio files if you are on the go. The voice editor app works with audio waveform and offers quick editing features.

wavepad audio editor

Key Features

  • The voice editor is amazing as it offers voice-activated recording along with auto trim editing functionality.

  • The application supports various audio file formats, including WAV and AIFF. With this, the voiceeditor also supports Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • With WavePad, you can cut, trim, insert, etc. Moreover, the application offers effects like amplifying, echo, normalizing, etc.

Music Maker JAM

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Do you know any application that acquires free virtual currency? We are talking about Music Maker JAM. The voice editor app lets you share files directly on YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, and other social platforms.

 music maker jam

Key Features

  • With Music Maker JAM, you can connect with your favorite artists, influencers, music producers, DJs, followers, and others.

  • The voice editor lets you record and shares your music with the world. Moreover, you can add your vocals to studio-quality beats.

  • You can compose your unique sound with Music Maker JAM. The application has more than 300 mix packs.

Final Words

Have you never tried to sing in front of the mirror or with your friends? If you enjoy singing with friends, this article will be helpful for you as we shared some great voice changers for singing. Moreover, if you have been looking for voice editors, we also discussed the 5 best voice editors for singing.

Moving on, do you know about an excellent video editor that also offers sound effects? We are talking about Wondershare Filmora, Video Editor. The software provides more features than your imagination. If you want to add cool sound effects to your content, Filmora also provides you with that. The media library, Filmstock, is loaded with sound effects, titles, transitions, and other editing elements.

Wondershare Filmora is a great choice for video editing software because of its extensive features and stunning editing elements.

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