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10 Best Alternatives to Audacity

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Nov 22, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
Record Audio and Edit

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Undoubtedly, Audacity is a good audio editing software, but people are moving towards Audacity alternative softwares because there are many bugs. Recently, the privacy policy of Audacity has changed and it is stated that it will collect the data of the users for law enforcement, authorities, and litigation which is making people switch from it.

If you are looking for the best alternatives to Audacity audio software, you have visited the right source. Here you will get detailed information on the audio software competing with Audacity. Their features, pricing, and supported system have also been mentioned that provide you with more details.

Part 1: 10 Best Alternatives to Audacity for Mac/Windows/Linux Computers

Several audacity alternative software are now available in the market that provide you the same features as Audacity or more. So, here is the list of ten tools that compete with Audacity:

1. Ocenaudio

Audacity Alternative: Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is a functional audio editor that is very easy to use and understand. You can use it for editing and analyzing your audio files without any issue, delay or complications. This software has many powerful features for advanced users, such as real-time preview of effects, fully-featured spectrogram, multi-section for delicate editions, etc.

The framework of this Audacity alternative for Mac is based on Ocen Framework. Ocenaudio is always responsive no matter how many files you have opened; its processing will never be slow. You can open the time-consuming tasks in the background so that you can work on other audio files.

Supported Systems: Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows

Pricing: Free Download

2. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is a audio editing software that offers you the features of batch convert, edit audio, produce music loops, record, and analyze. It also supports ASIO driver, real-time effect processing, multichannel wav files, and VST plug-ins. It allows the facility of batch processing.

An external MIDI controller can be used for triggering the commands of Wavosaur such as fast forward, record, stop play, rewind, go to start, etc. Its major features include frequency analysis, detailed statistics, real-time monitoring, and synthesis features such as frequency sweep, frequency impulse train, etc.

Supported System: Windows

Pricing: Free Download

3. AVS Audio Editor

Audacity Alternative: AVS Audio Editor

AV Audio Editor is an alternative to Audacity, which is a digital audio editing software offering you the features of effects processing, analyzing, editing, mixing, and recording audio. It provides you with different ways to edit your audio files according to your needs and desires. You can also remove the unwanted noise in the background. This software also allows you to add special effects to your audio file to make it more interesting.

This software is very easy to understand, use and learn. You can use it for editing different types of formats such as OGG, AMR, MP2, MP3, WMA, M4A, WAV, FLAC, etc. You can blend different audio files with each other using this software.

Supported System: Windows

Pricing: A 1-year access subscription costs $17.04, and for an unlimited subscription, it costs $25.78.

4. WavePad

WavePad is one of the best programs like Audacity that fulfills the needs of advanced users related to audio editing. It is a professional software that can also be used for recordings and adding different effects such as noise reduction, amplification, echo, etc. It supports various file formats such as OGG, FLAC, AIF, AU, WMA, GSM, VOX, real audio, etc.

You can also use this software for non-commercial purposes. Virtual Studio Technology and DirectX technology have been used in this software that offers you several effects and tools. Its advanced tools include voice changer, speech synthesis, and spectral analysis.

Supported System: Windows and Mac.

Pricing: $3.88/month

5. Adobe Audition CC

Adobe Audition CC offers you remarkable features to clean up audio, implement effects, restore poor quality and mix different audio sources together. This software is best for music sampling, sound design, and podcasting. You can remove unwanted sound from the audio file if you want to.

This software offers you enhanced recording performance and improved playback quality of audio. You can also remove background noise using it. Plus, it allows you to adjust the amplitude and the loudness scale in real-time. All you need to do is use your mouse and edit the audio just as you like.

Supported System: Mac OS and Windows

Pricing: $31.49 per month per user.

6. Ardour

Ardour is one of the best programs like Audacity that provide remarkable editing features to the users to edit the audio professionally. You can record audio using this software and can also edit in different ways. It consists of an excellent and attractive audio interface. All you need to do is plug in your keyboard, mouse, and a microphone to record and edit your audio file.

You can cut, stretch, delete, trim, align, paste, snapshot, drag, swing, drop, etc., to the audio file you want to edit. This tool is best for musicians as it provides creative ways to edit the audio file. It offers a natural and fast environment to create and edit soundtracks.

Supported System: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

Pricing: $1, $4, $10 or $50 for monthly subscription depending on requirements.

7. FL Studio

FL Studio is an alternative to Audacity that is considered the best in the market, especially for EDM music creators. It is the most used software by the artists such as Porter Robinson, Martin Garrix, etc., for the purpose of editing audio files.

This software supports all the features expected by a music editor. Its standard features include audio effects, time-stretching, multi-track editing, etc. Its additional feature includes “Step Mode,” which allows the editors to create patterns and do sequencing in just a few seconds. Its “Note Mode” allows the users to add harmony and melodies to the audio file.

Supported System: Mac OS, Windows

Pricing: Free trial, License starts at $99, packages depend upon requirements

8. AudioDope

Audacity Alternative: AudioDope

AudioDope is enriched with audio-related features and is an alternative to Audacity. You can edit all your audio files or some parts of these files using this software. You can also edit these files separately by adding different sound effects to enhance your audio files. It consists of filters like band-pass, low-pass, high-pass, etc.

It also consists of some built-in tools, for example, tone generator and frequency analyzer. Moreover, this software also supports VST plug-ins. It allows you to create ringtones according to your desires from the audio files you have saved in your system.

Supported System: Windows OS

Pricing: Free

9. AVID Pro Tools

AVID Pro Tools is an audio editing software like Audacity that allows you to edit your audio file precisely. It enables you to organize different soundtracks into folders that are collapsible to provide you the ease of controlling extensive sessions. The drag-and-drop gestures are also available that allow you to arrange, route, and consolidate tracks.

Its features like professional compressors, top-notch stompboxes, EQs, robust reverbs, and virtual instruments provide you with flexibility for editing your audio file. It is a creative tool based on advanced technology that is best for audio professionals, musicians, and artists. You can also fuel your creativity with pro-plug-ins.

Supported System: Mac OS, Windows

Pricing: Free, $299 for a one-year subscription

10. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a popular software like Audacity used for audio editing purposes. It fulfills your need to edit your audio file effectively and efficiently using unique and remarkable features. This software is specially designed for live use that comes with a snappier and clean user interface. It is very easy to use and understand as it is customizable.

This software also consists of a solid library of instruments, kits, loops, and sounds that allow you to create innovative and unique music according to your desires. There are about fifty sound effects that can be added to your audio file. It also consists of quick mapping that allows you to use Ableton Live with controllers and keyboards.

Supported System: Windows, Mac OS

Pricing: Live 11 Intro in $99, Live 11 Standard for $449, Live 11 Suite for $749

Part 2: What to Look for in an Audacity Alternatives?

You need to look to the following factors for picking up the alternatives to Audacity:

1. Features

You should check the features of the software you are choosing as the alternative to Audacity. Make sure it consists of all the features required to edit your audio file, such as recording, cropping, removing background noise, etc.

2. Pricing

You should also check the pricing details of the alternative before moving towards it. You should check whether the price is according to the features it provides or not. Moreover, you should also check the other options available for free are giving quality features or not.

3. Supported Platforms

You should select an alternative to Audacity depending upon the system you are using, such as Windows, Mac, or Linux.


Today, people prefer the audacity alternative tools due to the change in the privacy policy of Audacity. Luckily, there are multiple alternatives available in the market that can compete with Audacity and allow you to edit your audio file in a better environment.

The best audio editing software for Mac users is Adobe Audition, as it provides advanced features to edit an audio file. The best alternative based on the easy-to-use feature is Ocenaudio, as its interface and features are very easy to understand. And the best alternative for professionals is WavePad.

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