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Best Free Girl Voice Changer Online

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Voice changers are always entertaining when you're bored. These days male to female voice changers online are a trend and tend to be very popular. If you're one of the fans of such applications, this article is for you. Whether you're pranking a friend or just adding effects to voice to post on Instagram, you need a voice changer.

Part 1. Best Free Male to Female Voice Changers Online

1. LingoJam

LingoJam is a super-easy online voice changer to a girl. You can record the clip in real-time, directly from the sound recorder provided. It depends on your internet how much time the voice modification can take.

Moreover, you can also upload recorded audio from your device and modify it. This website is mainly for pitch adjustment, and a higher pitch is the main feature needed for a girl's voice. The purpose of this voice changer is also to benefit those looking for voice therapy.

 change male to female voice with LingoJam

Though this one is a male-to-female voice changer online, it also has a version where you can change from female to male. When you have loaded the audio or recorded the voice, you need to tap on the pitch button. This button will open a range of options for you, where you will choose the level of pitch needed. It's an easy-to-use method and comes in handy anytime, anywhere. You can also see some other basic sound effects like chipmunk voice.


  • Easy to use
  • Good for beginners


  • No effects other than pitch adjustments

2. Voice Changer

VoiceChanger is another online and free tool to change your voice from male to female pitch. To alter voice to a more feminine one, you need to make the pitch higher. A lower pitch would make the audio heavier. In this girl voice changer online, a vast library of audio effects is available; hence, if you're looking for a voice changer that also offers various fun audio effects, this one's perfect! From robotic to alien voice, this offers all. The audio generation takes a couple of moments, and it depends on the voice you choose. If you choose a complex effect that takes more adjustments, it might take you longer. Below is the screenshot for a quick look at the audio effects:

   male to female voice changer

Just as LingoJam, here you can either upload the audio or record one at the moment. This one also offers artificial intelligence as you can use speech text too. Therefore, if you’re stuck in traffic on the way home on a boring afternoon, this one’s your perfect partner!


  • Has various audio effects
  • Free to use
  • Smoothly runs even if you choose complex audio effects


  • Less popular for the male to female voice modification
  • Some audio effects are of low quality

3. Voice Spice Recorder

The voice spice recorder is also online and free, offering you a fun time with friends with multiple options. One setting that might confuse you is that the adjustments have to be made before uploading audio. Meaning, you need to adjust the pitch and other features before you record or upload the audio. This way, you need to test multiple times before you finally get the desired voice. Nonetheless, this is online voice changer to the girl is specifically for conversion from male voice to female. Text-to-speech is also available on this website, which means you can easily record and convert even when working, so if you're a parent working and playing with your kids simultaneously, go ahead! The best part about this online voice changer is the games and extra features offered. These include "Voice Tag" and "Voice Map," etc. You can also make greeting cards for your colleagues around an occasion or an invitational purpose! What's more? It also has a mobile application version that makes things even more fun.

   male to female voice changer: Voice Spice Recorder


  • Multiple games and features for kids and teens
  • Easy to use
  • Smoothly converts voice from male to female
  • Easy to adjust the pitch


  • Does not offer many extra audio effects
  • Settings have to be adjusted before voice recording is done.

4. is another option where you can upload or record audio anytime. This one is a smooth and speedy voice changer as compared to other options in this article. We suggest that if your requirement is not too complex, go for this one. The Record button directly modifies the voice in real-time and outputs the new audio. The effects options are available on the site and are super easy to use. You have to select an effect and then record the audio for results. Right-clicking on the new audio file enables you to download it for later use. In our opinion, this one's the perfect girl voice changer online. Though the library is small, and a short amount of options are available, they are very diverse. So if you're looking for something new, try this one. Scroll below for a look at the audio effect options.

   male to female voice changer:

Some pros and cons you need to keep in mind while using are:


  • Good for kids because of cartoon audio effects
  • Easy for anyone to use


  • Few fictional characters available
  • Very basic settings

5. is a very smooth and popular online voice changer. From reverb to inverting the voice, you can do everything here. This website is the best male-to-female voice changer online. Whether you want a fictional character's voice or simply a change of pitch, you have it here. You have to upload or record the audio you wish to change and then make the settings. The voice modifications offered here are pretty much diverse from other websites. Therefore, we recommend this to people searching for something new. You can also change language settings on the website, which makes it more flexible for any user worldwide.

Sharing the audio file is also super easy as there are options available right on-site to share your audio to WhatsApp or Facebook. Hence, please share it with your friends for even more fun!

   male to female voice changer:


  • Many audio effects
  • Different options than other voice changers


  • No fictional character effects available

In conclusion, now you have all the details about the best online voice changer for a girl. Make a choice wisely now, and go ahead! Make sure to check out each website before you use any. This attempt is crucial because you can choose more easily between the options once you use it yourself.

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