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Tips to Add Audio to Video in Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 13, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Look at any of the spot commercials, wedding videos, or even some family candid videos. Adding audio makes them appealing and likable. To catch a potential customer or create an emotional connection with the viewer combination of audio and video is a must. This makes the footage attractive and exceptional.

Read on to know more about the step-by-step approach how to add audio to video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

 Part 1 How to add audio to video in Premiere Pro

Some essential pointers for all would-be videographers are:

● Before you add audio to video in Premiere Pro, be ready to see your file size increase to a large extent. If you add a background score of 15MB, your total video file size will increase by the same amount of 15MB. The best way to take care of such a problem is to use additional compression techniques to get a suitable file size.

● Most videographers use lots of software tools to add audio to video professionally. One such trending software tool is the Adobe Premiere Pro. Its simple to add audio to video in Premiere Pro, edit your audio and video, and fine-tune the audio volume of each video project.

Let’s learn how.

add audio

Step1 Find out the Audio option

Navigate to the Audio workspace, select Audio at the top on the tools bar

Step2 Choose the Workspace

Click Window select Workspace click on Audio

Step3 Check toolbar

Within Audio, click on Choose Window Media Browser to show the Media Browser toolbar.

Step4 Select audio files

Go to your audio file; for Windows OS, right-click or control-click the selected audio file for macOS.

Step5 Import and add

Please select the desired audio file, then click import to add it to your Project.

An important tip is to keep the Ingest box selected if you want to copy your audio file concurrently to your project folder.

Adding audio to your series

add audio to sequence

Step1 Go to the Project panel

Select Window, click on Project to open the Project panel.

Step2 Select audio file

Click on the audio file you imported to select it.

Step3 Check the waveform

Double click the file to open it in the Source panel to check the sound and waveform.

Step4 Check sounds

Play the audio file if you want to check the audio quality, volume, and overall sound.

Step5 Add audio to the video track

Hold the left click on your mouse to drag the audio file to the series in the Timeline panel. You can add any audio file to the video track listed in the panel window in this step.

Step6 Trim audio file

Select the Trim option to trim your audio file the same way you will edit the video file in the final step.

 Part 2 How to adjust audio in Premiere Pro

Now that you have understood how to add audio to video in Adobe Premier Pro. Let’s know how to adjust audio in Premier Pro.

adjust audio

Step1 Activate the series

Press on the spacebar to activate your series in the Program panel (appears in the top right of the panel)

Step2 Stop playback

To stop the playback, press the space bar again.

Step3 Choose starting point of playback

Press down the left mouse button to hold and drag the Blue colored play head to wherever you desire the playback to start.

If you feel the audio track is mild or too harsh compared to the rest of the audio series, change each audio track's volume separately.

Step1 Select Audio Track Mixer

Click Window selects Audio Track Mixer from the menu.

Step2 Click the series name to see the audio mixer

Click the series name of your audio file to show the audio mixer for your series.

Step3 Choose playback to play the audio

At the bottom of the panel is the Audio Track Mixer. Click on playback to star, pause or play your audio in-ring sequence.

Step4 Click on the slider

When your audio file plays or loops, click on the slider to move up or down. It will increase or reduce the volume of each separate audio track in your audio series.

Step5 Adjust the volume

Use the slider to adjust the overall audio volume


Always keep the audio projects within the -6 to 3 dB volume range to get the best quality of the audio effect. Any lower you won’t be able to hear the sound, or if it’s higher, the sound will hurt the listeners’ ears.

Professional advice to all beginner-level videographers is that as Premiere Pro is complex so you need more straightforward tools like Filmora for all your video editing work. Filmora is easy to use and much cheaper than Premiere Pro.

You may think now why or how Filmora can be the best as an alternative on how to add audio to video using Premiere Pro. Well! It will help you to transform your video into a piece of art incredibly by offering simple drag and drop options, including an easy-to-use interface and powerful editing tools. You can:

● Edit and create your videos with minimal effort

● Get a Music Library to add comedy, fear, tension, and love to every scene

● Get several royalty-free songs and sound effects

● Create videos with up to 800 stunning effects

● Unleash your creativity with its offered Hollywood effects

● Import and export in almost any type of video format

How to use Filmora to add audio to video

Adding sound to any video file enhances its viewability and the whole experience of watching any video. To do this, you need to add audio to video. The same can be done quickly in Filmora, a 3rd-party video editing software tool now the hot favorite of amateur and professional video editors. Below we describe how to add audio to video in Filmora.

Import Media

To start the process of adding audio to video follow these steps.

Step1 Select the audio, add using the Import option or drag and select

Import selected audio using the Filmora Media Panel and add it to your timeline. You can also choose and drag the audio file from the source folder to the Media Panel. Filmora supports multiple audio file formats to ease adding audio to video. The supported audio files are MP3, M4V, MPA, WAV, WMA.

import the media

Step2 Add and make the audio file

Adding the audio file to Filmora Media Panel makes it a media asset and can now be used multiple times in future projects. The original file remains as Filmora doesn’t change the original audio file.

Step3 Copying or deleting an audio file

In Filmora, using the feature of copying or deleting an audio file, you can work on the audio and video from any computer or remote PC.

 Part 3 Adding Audio to Video files

Using Filmora, it is easy to sync or add audio to the video, which is separately recorded and stored on your device.

Using Filmora, it is easy to sync or add audio to the video, which is separately recorded and stored on your device.

Step1 Click on Import in the Media Panel

Select the audio and video files to import them into Filmora.

Step2 Click on the video file to add audio

Press the Ctrl key (Windows) or Cmd key (Mac OS) and click on the audio file.

Step3 Add audio to video

Right-click on the files selected and choose the Merge audio & video option to add audio to the video.

Filmora analyzes audio and video files and replaces the existing audio with the newly selected audio file. Once the synchronization process is over, the new merged file will be available in the Media Panel for future processing.

The synchronized file will have the same terminology as the original video file with a difference. It will get an extension Merged to its name.

The original file will not get affected in Filmora. This software tool only references the files to generate a new file. The new file created when you add audio to the video can now be added to the timeline and exported.

Wondershare Filmora

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So, this article listed how to add audio to video in Premiere Pro via a step-by-step guide. The guide lets you know the easy method of adding audio to video in Adobe Premiere Pro to all potential videographers. Thus, you can now start your journey of video edition by putting your best click forward!

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