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How to Download Apple Podcasts?

Want to download Apple podcasts and listen to episodes but don't know how? This post covers all details, like steps to download and fixes in case of failure.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 23, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Podcasts are the new 'it' thing many creators are getting into, and audiences focus on for content consumption. Thus, many users download Apple Podcasts, given the vast library of content available in its repertoire. The shows cover various topics and subjects, and major businesses and influencers use the platform to promote their audio-based projects.

However, as the name suggests, Apple Podcasts is available to a niche group, i.e., iOS users mainly with Apple IDs. So, how to download the episodes and listen? All are covered here.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Are Apple Podcasts Free to Download?
  2. Part 2. How to Download Apple Podcasts on an iPhone/iPad
  3. Part 3. How to Download Apple Podcasts on a Computer
  4. Part 4. Where Do Apple Podcast Downloads Go?
  5. Part 5. Why Can't I Download Podcasts on Apple Podcasts?

Part 1. Are Apple Podcasts Free to Download?

One of the first points of concern for users when it comes to Apple Podcasts how to download is the cost of the app itself. On that note, it is important to mention that the app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users is free to access. Lots of different shows are available for cost-less listening.

However, some of the podcasters with shows on Apple Podcasts do offer premium episodes, shows, and channels. People can subscribe to their channels with a specified fee that the creator sets on a monthly or yearly payment schedule.

Users that want to access these premium/bonus episodes, ad-free listening, get faster access to their archives and get a first look at new shows can opt for the subscription. The costs can vary as per the channels, with some offering a 7-day trial and USD 3.99 per month or other offers.

Part 2. How to Download Apple Podcasts on an iPhone/iPad

If you want access to free episodes or subscribe to the premium channel memberships, you must know how to download apple podcasts. The steps can vary for device types, like iPod Touch or iPhone. Let's discuss the steps involved.

Step1 On your iPad or iPhone device, go to Apple App Store. Search for Apple Podcasts and download the app to your device.

Step2 After completing all installation steps, open the Apple Podcasts app.

Step3 Search for the particular episode you will download and open it.

Step4 Then, click on the three-dotted icon at the top-right side of the screen.

click on the three dotted icon

Step5 From the drop-down menu that appears, click on Download Episode.

click on download episode

Step6 If the episode is successfully downloaded, you will see a tiny upside-down arrow beside the grey-dotted icon.

upside down arrow icon shows downloaded episodes

Step7 To find all the episodes you downloaded, you can visit the Library tab and choose Downloaded. All will be listed here.

choose downloaded

For a clearer understanding, please see this updated video for senior citizens and beginners on using Apple Podcasts.

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Part 3. How to Download Apple Podcasts on a Computer

While the iPad and iPhone devices are the most common mediums to download and access Apple Podcast benefits, users can also download them on computers. However, there are distinct steps available for different operating systems, like macOS and Windows PC devices.

Method 1: Download Podcasts through Podcast App on Mac

You can download the Apple Podcasts app on your macOS device and use it to download Apple podcast episodes.

Step1 Go to Apple App Store, and search for Apple Podcasts.

Step2 Download and install the software and launch it on your Mac.

Step3 Inside the Podcasts app, browse through podcasts to find the one you want to download. Alternatively, you can press the category on the left-hand side sidebar section, under Apple Podcasts.

browse through podcasts

Step4 Hold the cursor over the episode of your choice and then press the Download button. Otherwise, you can click on the three-dotted/More icon and then download it.

click on three dotted icon

Method 2: Download Podcasts from the iTunes Store on PC

You should follow the following steps to download podcasts on PC via iTunes Store. Keep in mind to have an active iTunes account. Also, you can use other platforms to access and handle Apple Podcast downloads in mp3 format.

Step1 On your PC, open the Start menu and search for the iTunes app. Choose the Podcasts option from the top-left-side menu.

Step2 In the top right-hand side, tap on the search field and insert the phrase or word related to the episode name or content type. Multiple options will appear. Select the one most relevant to what you are looking for.

Step3 At the right side of the webpage, click on Store.

click on store

Step4 Tap on Return. All results will come up next.

Step5 See a preview of the item you will download by clicking the Preview button or moving your cursor over it. Then, choose the podcast you will download by pressing Subscribe.

Step6 If you want to download one episode, tap on the Get button placed close to the episode name.

tap on the get button

Part 4. Where Do Apple Podcast Downloads Go?

Now that you know the right steps to download Apple Podcasts on different devices, the question comes- where to access them? The downloaded episodes of the podcast show you save will go into the Downloaded tab of the app. This happens for both PC and mobile users.

If you save one podcast episode through the app, it will automatically go into the saved library list on Apple Podcasts App. Plus, the saving action instantly downloads the episode for offline access as well. You can find the Apple Podcasts app displayed on the Home Screen- click on it, go to Library, and the Downloaded section to find the saved episodes.

Part 5. Why Can't I Download Podcasts on Apple Podcasts?

While there are distinct steps available in the context of how to download Apple Podcasts, some users may notice that this is hard to achieve. There are reasons why that is the case. Based on the cause and condition, you can also take steps to fix the problem.

Issue 1: Temporary glitches

Sometimes, the main reason why users cannot download their Apple podcasts on the app is due to some temporary glitches. They are not easy to detect or prevent, but the issue itself is relatively low on the danger scale. However, it can suddenly stop some apps from operating, like the Podcast app.

Fix: Force-quit Apple Podcast App

The best solution to remove this issue will include force-quitting the app and then reopening the app again.

Step1 Go to the App Switcher feature on your iPhone. In case the iPhone model you are using comes with Face ID, you can swipe up the screen from the bottom and pause for some seconds before bringing it fully up.

Otherwise, you should double-tap on the Home button.

Step2 Choose the app card for Apple Podcasts app. Swipe it up and choose the force quit option. Wait for some time, and then start the app again.

choose the app card

Issue 2: Server-side issues

Sometimes, users cannot download Apple Podcasts due to server-side problems in the software. That can potentially block the steady downloading process. You should check the System Status section on your Apple site to check the system condition in this case.

Fix: Evaluate system status insights

Open the System Status page from Apple's official website via your chosen browser. See if all systems are operating smoothly.

open the system status page
Note: If there are issues in the services like App Store (for Apple Podcasts, this will appear since there is no separate listing for apps) or Apple ID. In case some appear, wait some time. the services will come back online automatically eventually.

Issue 3: Not connecting to or unavailable Wi-Fi

It is better to choose other networks for users who are not using an active Wi-Fi connection, or the connection is not stable. Allow permissions for accessing the cellular data in your device to the Podcast app instead.

Fix: Choose cellular data instead

The steps for activating Cellular data access permission are as follows:

Step1 On your device, click on Settings. Then, choose the Podcasts option.

Step2 Check if the Cellular Data access is active on the app. If not, enable it.

Step3 Disable the "Block Downloads Over Cellular" option if already enabled.

disable the block downloads over the cellular option

Issue 4: Bad network connection error

Sometimes, the main cause of the failure to download Apple podcast episodes occurs due to connection issues directly. In this case, users continuously notice problems while trying to download their Podcasts app.

Fix: Reset the network settings

You should change your network settings completely to resolve this issue. You will not lose any available data. However, the process involves setting up the Wi-Fi connections fully from the ground-up, so follow the instructions on the screen very carefully.

Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone device and click on the General option. Then, press the Reset option and choose the Reset Network Settings selection.

choose the reset network settings option

Issue 5: App issue

In some cases, the main reason why the podcast downloading process is not working is due to a defect in the app. In this situation, the best solution is to offload the Podcasts app and reinstall it properly.

Fix: Offloading and Re-downloading Apple Podcasts

The following steps are important to follow here:

Step1 Go to the Settings menu from your device.

Step2 Click on the General option and choose iPhone Storage. Then, go to Podcasts.

Step3 Under this section, click on the Offload App button.

click on the offload app button

Step4 Return to the Home screen and choose the Podcasts app to re-download.

Final Words

It is possible to download the Apple Podcasts easily and then download the episodes you subscribe to for offline listening. However, if you cannot download the app or episodes due to a network or software issue, use the right steps to fix them. Understand both sides of the downloading process and experience to make your choice in using it.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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