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Top 8 Best Dog Training Videos to Train Your Puppy

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 24, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Do you remember Cinnamon from The Big Bang Theory? She is Raj’s Yorkshire Terrier and an absolute darling. For example, she responds to his every command and can express her emotions with impressive accuracy. You too, can train your dog to perform complex tasks. Furthermore, social media is full of dog training videos that guide you on the process.

Despite this abundance, not all dog training videos contain useful information. To save you from a journey of misinformation here is some information on the top 8 best dog training videos to train your puppy. You will also find answers to the most common questions on how to train your puppy.

Why should we train our dogs?

Any ideas why training your dog is important? Before you start making up justifications, here is what dog trainers and animal behaviorists are saying.

1. It increases your bond.

The bond between military members and their service dogs is one of the strongest you will witness. For example, many service dogs hold top honors for outstanding service to their handlers. It results from hours of training sessions with their handler and complete trust in each other.

Like most humans, dogs also need time to adapt to their new surroundings. You can make the transition easier by teaching your dog a few simple tricks and rewarding them for each successful attempt. Eventually, your continuous interaction results in undying loyalty from your pup.

2. They need mental stimulation.

Have you heard of the Why phase in children? It is when your child starts questioning everything and can wander off at any moment. Gladly, it is only temporary for humans but lasts a lifetime for dogs. Therefore, teaching new skills is a sure way of stimulating your puppy’s brain.

The top 8 best dog training videos all agree that positive reinforcement is the most successful. It involves offering rewards for each task your puppy completes. They also recommend increasing the complexity as your dog matures since their desire for mental stimulation increases.

3. Everyone loves a well-trained dog.

Imagine your dog taking out the trash or bringing you the morning paper? Some of the most viewed online dog videos feature them performing amazing tasks. Currently, there is no video showing a dog performing an organ transplant. However, you will find dog training videos of puppies performing emergency CPR.

A well-trained puppy fits naturally in social settings and gets along with most of its canine buddies. This is because, you are continuously re-enforcing their positive behavior and rewarding them for their mastery. As such, your puppy is less anxious in new settings and can handle itself appropriately.

4. It makes boarding your dog easier.

Dog boarding is when you let your neighbors take care of your dog when you are away. Puppies that receive continuous training are easier to leave with your loved ones. This is because part of dog training involves introducing them to your friends. Dogs recognize their environment through smell. Therefore, these interactions allow them to differentiate between safe and dangerous environments.

5. Dog training is essential to your puppy’s safety.

How can you manage your dog when the leash breaks? According to experts, voice commands are crucial to controlling an unrestrained puppy. Therefore, train your dog to obey different voice commands regularly. It may be what saves them from serious harm.

Given the benefits of dog training, where can you find useful information to use in your training sessions? Up next is information on the top 8 best dog training videos to train your puppy.

Top 8 Best Dog Training Videos.

1. Dog Training by Kikopup.

dog training video on youtube

Dog training by Kikopup is a youtube channel that has been operational since April 2007. It features different dog training videos that focus on establishing a bond with your dog and taming their problem behaviors. For example, here is one showing how to stop your puppy from biting.

The channel’s main creator is Emily Larlham, a US-based dog lover keen to share her puppy training knowledge. Despite not having her credentials as public information, she currently has 336 thousand YouTube subscribers and over 39.1 million views.

2. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution.

Are you tired of picking up after your canine friend? Well, Zak George seems to have a solution that may also work for you. You will also find dog training videos on pet diets and how to improve their unique traits.

dog training video youtube

Most of Zak’s dog training videos are on Youtube, where he has 3.24 million followers. You can also find more information on his Twitter and Facebook pages. Since 2006, his youtube videos now have over 253.4 million views.

3. Peter Caine Dog Training.

Peter Caine is not your ordinary dog trainer. He does not use the classroom delivery that most dog training videos have. Instead, he uses satire and skits to add more flair to his content. Additionally, the channel is a mix of hunting and dog training videos, focusing on obedience and service training.

dog training video youtube - Peter Caine

The channel currently has 183 thousand subscribers on YouTube, with 36.6 views. If you are looking for fun and informative dog training advice, then Mr. Peter Caine is your guy.

4. Fred Hassen.

Another channel that ranks highly for its dog training videos is Fred Hassen. Like those above, he too shares his content on Youtube. However, since the success of his Sit Means Sit dog training franchise, you can now find his content here.

Despite only having 36.7 subscribers, the information he shares is highly valuable. He shares dog training techniques for first-time owners and experienced trainers. Here is a video of him introducing his dogs to their new home. Judging by the viewer’s comment section, his message is extremely helpful and will make you laugh. Check him out and discover how simple it is to get your pup to washing the dishes.

5. Dr. Dunbar’s Dog Behaviour and Training.

How do you tell if something is legit? Well, in dog training video circles, you are the real deal if you only share content through your website.Dunbar is the founder of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers and also offers veterinary and animal behavior services.

According to his followers, you can also enroll in the Top Dog Academy to receive deeper knowledge on how to train your puppy. Other information sources by Dr. Dunbar are his Woof podcast and complimentary E-Books.

dog training video youtube - Dr.Dunbar

6. Just Jesse.

If you are still doubting the potential of dog training, watching the videos on Just Jesse is what you need. The YouTube channel features Jesse, a Jack Russel Terrier and an absolute sweetheart. His positive energy and good manners are the results of patience and determination.

Since debuting on Youtube in July 2007, the channel now has over 93.1 million views. You can also find more of Jesse’s dog training videos on Facebook and Instagram.

dog training video youtube - Just Jesse

7. BrightDog Academy

Never shout at your dog, regardless of how angry you are. Like humans, dogs also experience emotions and suffer emotional stress in difficult situations. This is one of the important dog training techniques that Alex Antoniazzi gives through his Youtube channel.

Most of the dog training videos on BrightDog Academy focus on positive reinforcement training. For example, here is a video of him explaining why you should hug your dog. Additionally, most of his users praise him for his flawless delivery and breaking down complex techniques into simple steps. You can also visit his website for additional resources on dog training.

8. JoAnne Basinger.

JoAnne is a certified dog trainer and an active member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers. She also has years of experience as a marine mammal trainer, meaning she is the ideal source for your dog training information.

Unfortunately, most of her free dog training videos are on Howcast, one of the lesser-known video-sharing platforms. Regardless, her 24 videos are short and focus on simple delivery of the dog training techniques. Check out how she flawlessly delivers tips on how to teach your dog to sit. Although there is no indication when JoAnne will release her next dog training video, her 496 thousand followers on Youtube are forever grateful for her valuable insights.


So, here are the important lessons you can draw from the above information. They are:

  • Dog training is essential to establishing a strong relationship with your dog.
  • Some dog training videos actually offer useful information on how to train your puppy. Despite most channels having modest subscribers, those who engage with the content offer positive reviews.
  • YouTube is a goldmine for the best dog training videos.

It is now time to practice what the dog training videos say. What do you think?