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Time Bending Brilliance: The Ultimate Slow Motion Video Makers of 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 07, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

In 2024, people believe in effects and filters to elevate content instead of keeping it real. With the increasing demand for video editing, slow motion has gained both creator's and viewers' attention. Such videos are responsible for adding a creativity layer to content via slow-motion video editors.

In this article, we are going to discuss some leading slow-motion video editors and their features. Some of these tools are online and hence require internet access to operate. On the other hand, some slo-mo video editors are smartphone applications. All have their advantages and drawbacks; however, we’ll discuss a desktop tool that is more efficient than all and offers nothing but benefits.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Top 5 Online Slow-Motion Video Editors to Use in 2024
  2. Part 2: Top 5 Android Apps for Editing Slow-Motion Videos
  3. Part 3: Top 5 iOS Apps for Editing Slow-Motion Videos
  4. Bonus Part: Get the Perfect Results of Slow-Motion Video with Wondershare Filmora - Desktop Solution
  5. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Top 5 Online Slow-Motion Video Editors to Use in 2024

This section of the article discusses some slow-motion video makers that are available online. We'll mention their pros and cons along with their prices. This will make selection easy for those who prefer computer editing over smartphones. Following are the top online tools to use if you want to create a slow-motion effect:

1. CapCut

Do you want a customized editing experience while creating slow-motion videos? CapCut is the right slow motion video editor for you, enabling you to set the slow-mo speed at any point. If there were any jitters in your recording, you can fix them by changing the playback speed. In addition, the tool offers post-production effects, AI visual enhancers, and more.

capcut dashboard
  • It has a timeline panel for editing to ensure smooth and precise editing.
  • The tool has a modest yet well-organized user interface to facilitate beginners and professionals.
  • There is a limitation of advanced and upgraded features that are used these days.



2. Typito

Say goodbye to the long hours of waiting with your slow-mo editor’s slow processing. Typito allows users to craft a slow-motion video in 3 steps and a high processing rate. The tool shows compatibility across 20+ video formats. In addition, you can also adjust the video ratio using its built-in ratio presets. In this editor, 1.5x is the normal playback speed, and below this are the slow-motion ones.

typito dashboard
  • The tool offers multiple video formats for editing videos while fitting the right context.
  • With its cloud collaboration, you can access your incomplete and edited projects where you left off.
  • The advanced features are not available in the free version, and some users don't prefer that.


Pricing Plan

Annual Pricing






Editing with a multifeatured tool is fun as you can do more than just one thing. As the name indicates, this is an AI-driven tool with speed change integration. You can adjust the playback speed and set duration preferences for your video. With its minimal user interface, you can do further cutting and trimming afterward across this slow-mo video editor.

invideo ai dashboard
  • Its stock footage library has over 8M+ media to help with video creation.
  • It has a removable watermark option that is very important for personal branding.
  • The majority of the AI features are available in the paid version.


Pricing Plan

Annual Pricing





4. Video Candy

If you are looking for a slow-motion editor without having to log in or go through a technical procedure, this tool is for you. Interacting with the tool is easy as the user interface has an intuitive design, and you can start by uploading a file. It has 3 playback speed options: 0.75x, 0.5x, and 0.25x for creating a slomo. In addition, you can also incorporate a high playback speed option to unlock more creativity.

video candy slow motion tool
  • It supports 4K resolution, which means high-quality content editing.
  • The tool can support large files of 3GB size, which means you don't have to split up results.
  • The tool doesn't ask for a Gmail account, which means no record of history and storage.


Pricing Plan

Annual Pricing






$99/pay once


This online platform facilitates the alteration of video playback speed effortlessly. It features three distinct playback options, 0.75x, 0.5x, and 0.25x, to ensure precise editing capabilities. Possessing an uncomplicated user interface, the tool extends beyond speed adjustments, offering comprehensive audio modifications. If you want to elevate your videography, use its time-lapse effect to enrich the aesthetics.

wave video dashboard
  • Continuously offers advanced features with an easy-to-understand interface.
  • The drag-and-drop functionality makes it quick to edit videos and increases productivity.
  • The watermark addition in the free version of the slow-mo editor is not good for personal branding and visuals.


Pricing Plan

Annual Pricing







Part 2: Top 5 Android Apps for Editing Slow-Motion Videos

While professionals prefer editing on a desktop, some people prefer Android editing. It is easier to use smartphones for editing because they come in handy. Moreover, let's admit that we are on our phones half of the time, and a computer might seem out of our comfort zone. This section has gathered some of the slow-mo makers to operate on your Android:

1. Slow Motion Video – Fast&Slow Mo

Becoming the favorite of many, this slow-motion video converter offers an interactive user interface. Editing a slow motion is all about dragging and setting the slider in the downward direction. To slow down a video, you can set its playback speed from 0.25x to 4.0x. In addition, you can also curate a specific portion of your video in slow or fast motion.

slow motion video fast&slow motion

Key Features

  • This slow-motion video creator offers a pre-built filter and special effects to improve aesthetics.
  • This application maintains the video quality and can convert video resolution to HD.
  • Never miss a chance to integrate good music in your videos with it, as it has built-in options.

2. Slow Motion Video Maker

This free slo-mo video editor regulates its algorithm to introduce advanced features. It features a timeline editing interface, making it easy to apply slow-motion effects on a definite video section. It displays 3 slow motion speed options: 0.5x, 0.3x, and 0.25x to achieve precision in creating a slomo.

slow motion video maker

Key Features

  • You can fasten your video up to 4x, which is helpful in short-time learning, data compression, and more.
  • The premium video trim feature and timeline editing help with the accurate parting of a video.
  • This slow-motion video maker has pre-developed music tracks and effects for maximum creativity.

3. Video Editor & Maker – InShot

Step into the realm of this free slo-mo video editor for crafting slo-mos full of creativity. It proposes a simple method to slow down video speed by using a slider. The timeline editing and selective playhead options enable you to create beyond basic. You can alter the speed of specific parts of the video, which means you can do much more than just a plain slo-mo.

video editor & maker inshot

Key Features

  • Take your vision up a notch by introducing its integral collection of animations and text in your content.
  • Make your reels more interesting with its intuitive and numerous transition effects.
  • The slow-motion editor has AI abilities to help you remove image backgrounds with accuracy.

4. Video Editor & Maker – Vidma

This is for you if you are looking for a slow-motion video editor that generates as precise results as those in trending videos. The editing application offers a “Velocity Edit” option with detailed playback speed and positioning options. The application has a velocity graph-like interface for adjusting speed, and you can also see the time you are applying this effect.

video editor & maker vidma

Key Features

  • Bids an automated “Keep Audio Pitch” option to maintain the audio quality during speed change.
  • Infuse your pictures and videos with its immersive collection of text and stickers.
  • Features multiple visual filters categorized according to contexts with custom intensities.

5. VivaVideo – Video Editor&Maker

If you are looking for a slow-motion video editor with additional features to elevate your content, use it. The tool has multiple speed setting presets to help you create a perfect slomo along with fast motion. Among Montage, Hero, Bullet, and other presets, it offers a Custom preset option to edit according to your imagination.

vivavideo video editor & maker

Key Features

  • An extensive timeline editing interface with multiple tracks option for smooth transitions.
  • The stock media has a wide array of texts, animations, themes, effects, and music.
  • This slow-mo video maker also has a “Voice Editor” to maintain the quality of audio tracks afterward.

Part 3: Top 5 iOS Apps for Editing Slow Motion Videos

Multiple people prefer shooting and editing with an iPhone instead of a Mac or desktop. This is because it helps them keep up with the video quality without declining any pixels. In addition, you can share a video directly to social sites from your iPhone instead of transferring them first. This part of the article focuses on some iOS slow-mo video makers applications here:

1. Velomingo: Velocity Edit Maker

Creating a slo-mo as a beginner has never been this easy with this slow-mo editor. Users have the opportunity to apply its built-in velocity presets on their videos for a slo-mo effect. Although you cannot customize these presets, the application handles slow-mo quality. Not only does it generate mesmerizing slo-mos, but it also brings them smoothness.

velomingo velocity edit maker

Key Features

  • Trim feature for creating transitions or eliminating unnecessary parts of video.
  • Make videos creative just by offering hundreds of modern templates.
  • This slow-mo maker can feature your video straight to WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

2. Vizmato: Video Editor & Filter

Vizmato is a versatile video editor providing slow-motion services along with other speed editing options. Along with creating a Slow-mo, you can also reverse a video speed to add dramatic effect or enable fast motion. Moreover, it offers a speed manipulation option to customize a video according to your taste.

vizmato video editor and filter

Key Features

  • This slow video editor’s asset collection includes 20+ themes and 40+ visual effects.
  • Elevate your slo-mos with its pre-developed music collection featuring 140+ music tracks.
  • Along with a slo-mo video converter, it also converts images into a video using the slideshow.

3. Slow Motion Video Editor SLOMO

Customize your slow-motion sequences according to background music and context with this slow-motion editor. The editor offers a timeline editing panel, which provides an organized editing experience. In addition, you can enhance the graphic quality of your slo-mo using its pre-assembled filters. To preserve the video quality, share your slo-mo videos on social applications using its share options.

slow motion video editor slomo

Key Features

  • Choose the text option from its toolbar to customize the color, size, and other elements of text.
  • Add other graphical elements like stickers and emojis to express your video context or dialogues.
  • Resize your video within this application to fit the requirements of social platforms.

4. Slow Motion Video Editor

Wondering about how to achieve a professional-level effect on your iPhone? This slow-motion video converter is full of speed custom setting options to help with that. It uses a timeline bar and velocity graph to adjust the speed settings. The downward slide dragging will slow down your video and vice versa. You can also adjust the video duration via timeline or reset it to set again.

slow motion video editor

Key Features

  • Create a time-lapse or speed up your video by altering its playback speed to 10x, fast or slow.
  • Collaborates with iTunes for a seamless integration of music tracks in videos.
  • The slow-mo video editor is compatible with social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and more.

5. SloMo Slow Motion Video Editor

Are you looking for an application just to create slow-mo with a creative user interface? This slow-motion video editor has been developed to help you with speed-alteration tasks. The interface is simple, and you can start creating a slomo just by importing a video. Designed to create professional and cinematic level slo-mos, it offers high video frame rates like 120 fps and 240 fps.

slomo slow motion video editor

Key Features

  • Along with the frame rate, you can manipulate the playback speed range to 12x for both slow and fast.
  • With this slow-mo editor’s 40+ illustrative filter, you’ll never run out of creativity.
  • Fit your video into different ratios for multiple social media platforms or to your preference.

Bonus Part: Get the Perfect Results of Slow-Motion Video with Wondershare Filmora - Desktop Solution

In this section, you have read about so many slow-mo editors that you might be bored by now. However, one common drawback that all of them had was versatility. They offered high-speed manipulation settings but with limited additional features. Wondershare Filmora is a world-class, all-in-one video editing software. Anyone can use it, from a beginner to a professional or from an Android user to an iOS user.

When you enter this slow-motion video converter, it displays two types of speed modification. One is the Uniform Speed option, while the other one is Speed Ramping. Both of them excel at their tasks and offer custom speed and duration settings. Filmora has recently introduced the “Optical Flow” option in its latest V13 upgrade. This helps to smoothen out a slo-mo video by adding frame rates.

Free Download
Free Download

Steps to Slow Down Video in Filmora

In this section, we will discuss the Filmora Speed Ramping feature to create a slo-mo. If you are a beginner and have never edited before, this feature suits you the best. It has over 6-speed ramping templates for adding creative speed change effects. You can modify these models to fashion a slo-mo, and here is how to do it:

Step 1Access the Speed Feature

After opening Filmora and opening a project, select the clip in the timeline and go to the settings panel. From there, reach the "Speed" > "Speed Ramping" tabs and select a preset. If you don't like the featured presets, click on "Customize" for manual editing.

adjust speed via speed ramping
Step 2Add Video Frames

Once you have set the slo-mo speed, reach the "AI Frame Interpolation" section at the bottom. Click on the navigation icon and select "Optical Flow" from there.

activate the optical flow option
Step 3Render Preview to Observe the Outcome

To ensure that the optical flow has worked, click the "Render Preview" option in the timeline toolbar. Once rendering is complete, play the video and finalize it by clicking "Export."

click the render preview option

AI Key Features of Filmora

As discussed before, Filmora offers an extensive interface with a wide collection of features. Users can use these features to generate high-quality images, videos, and more. In this section, the focus is on a few of its features discussed below:

1. AI Smart Masking

Want to create amazing transitions or apply stunning effects on specific video sections? Filmora's AI mask feature will mask out the unnecessary parts, and you can edit freely. Just enable this feature from its settings panel under AI Tools and select the masking area.

ai smart masking filmora

2. AI Text-to-Video

Dive into the realm of Filmora, where there is no limitation on graphics and visuals for videos. This generative AI feature can craft videos from prompts along with suited graphics. You just need to add proper instructions, and AI will do the rest. It enhances the interactive element of your videos via AI voice integration.

ai text to video filmora

3. Motion Tracking

Create animations from mere graphics to insert in your videos using this AI. Just add any graphical emoji, text, or sticker and link it with a moving object. Once you enable the motion tracking option, you will see them come to life. You can also apply an effect or filter to a specific portion throughout the video using making and motion-tracking options.

motion tracking filmora

4. Speech-to-Text

Subtitles and captions have become an important part of cinema or videography. To ensure that your content reaches an international audience, use Filmora's STT feature. With its automated speech recognition and NLP systems, it transforms any speech into text. Moreover, it has multilingual support to make content accessible at international levels.

speed to text filmora


In this article, you have read about different slow-motion video editors and their features. Sometimes, they're amazing editors, while other times, they may show glitches. However, if you want to try an editor that combines all the properties in one place, we suggest Wondershare Filmora. With its amazing content editing features and assets, you can rely on it for Slomo creation or other editing tasks.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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