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Exploring the Top Professional Tools to Perform Mask Tracking

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 27, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Mask tracking refers to editing a specific part of a video without overlapping. Masking helps with creative transitions and background removal with ease. The integration of AI technology in masking tools has made masking more accessible. They help with masking an object or landscape with precision.

In addition, you can correct the colors of a specific part through a motion tracking mask. In this article, we’ll discuss masker tracking using three different software. Two of those software are renowned for their professionalism and precision. We'll discuss masking in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and an alternative.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Working Out the Comprehensive Methods to Perform Mask Tracking on Adobe After Effects
  2. Part 2: Providing a Detailed Guide on How to Do Mask Tracking with Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. Part 3: Make Mask Tracking Easy with Wondershare Filmora: Working Out the Details
  4. Conclusion
AI Smart Masking
Spice up your video content with the endless possibilities of AI masking functions!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Working Out the Comprehensive Methods to Perform Mask Tracking on Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for mask tracking and other functions. The interface of this tool tailors your content to your needs with precision. The process of masking is convenient and accessible and provides accurate results. Its advanced masking options, like filling up the mask, add a realistic touch. Before learning about masking in After Effects, let's discuss some of its features:

  • Text Animations: Animating your text in Adobe After Effects is a comprehensive experience. It is because the software has amazing text fonts and animation options. You can also set the appearance settings like opacity, color, and more text. In addition, the software has pre-installed effects and presets to ease the process.
  • VFX/Visual Effects: Elevate your images and videos using Adobe's amazing visual elements. It can eliminate mistakes, and results are so promising that they become invisible. You can use the mask tracking effect to hide and fill objects. In addition, you can turn your transitions into high-resolution 3D or 4D videos.
  • Motion Graphics: It moves anything with its motion graphics functionality and advanced keyframing. Along with animating text, the feature allows you to move the logos. You can move a logo on any background from top to bottom or left to right. With its flickering and wiggling effects, make animations without keyframing.
  • Rotoscoping: This After Effects function eliminates using green screens in your videos. Using the pen tool, you can merge a different object in a different footage. Afterward, you can polish the mask by resizing and adjusting opacity values.
  • Motion Tracking: Elevate the graphics of your videos using the motion tracking feature. This function connects any image with an object's motion. Therefore, your images become animated and add a creative element to the content. Its cloud collaboration with other software allows users to download assets.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Masking in Adobe After Effects

Now that you know the After Effects masker line tracking feature, let's move forward. Read the following guide to learn more about masking:

Step 1

After importing your clip into the timeline, select it in the timeline panel. Navigate towards the upper toolbar and select the “Pen Tool” option. Afterward, create a mask around the object that you want to remove.

enable pen tool and create mask
Step 2

You'll see a mask around the object, and the rest of the screen will disappear. Navigate to the timeline panel, expand the video track options, and select "Mask." Click the "Mask" navigation arrow and select "None."

change the mask mode
Step 3

Click the "Mask" button and select the "Track Mask" option. A mask tracker window will appear on the right side; expand the "Method" option. Following that, select the type of masking you want, like "Position."  Play the video from beginning to end for motion detection. Afterward, change the "Mask" mode to "Add" to apply masking.

change the mask method
Step 4

Afterward, change the Mask mode to "Subtract" from the timeline. Now, navigate towards the topmost toolbar and expand the "Window" tab. From the expansion menu, click the "Content-Aware Fill" option.

fill in the mask
Step 5

Move towards the "Mask" option, expand "Mask Path," and change the values below. Now, go to the right side, increase "Alpha Expansion," and click "Generate Fill Layer." Once the mask tracking completes, download your video. 

enable the fill layer option

Part 2: Providing a Detailed Guide on How to Do Mask Tracking with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the industry’s leading tools for editing videos. It offers a wide range of features and built-in effects to elevate content. The software offers precise editing capabilities for mask tracking and other enhancements. In addition, it has many visual, video, and audio effects and presets to apply. Let's discuss some key features of this tool that make it worthy of being top:

  • Motion Graphics Templates: With its seamless After Effect collaboration, it offers built-in templates. These templates include multiple text, shapes, and graphics. You can also customize these templates as per content relevancy and taste.
  • Edit Audio: Premiere Pro has multiple audio editing options to maintain audio quality. The tool allows you to decrease the volume of one track while increasing others. In addition, you can make audio adjustments that fit a sound.
  • Color Correction: Enhance the graphical element in your videos using this feature. It offers both color correction and enhancing capabilities. You can employ this color correction if you have overexposed or underexposed videos.
  • Movie and Film Editing: A professional editor offers applications in the media industry. The Premiere Pro offers seamless collaboration with all video and audio formats. In addition, it can import files from all sources like DSLRs and more.
  • Speech to Text: It doesn't just limit you to video editing but also offers transcript creation. The software analyzes your footage's audio and creates transcripts. Afterward, you can use them as subtitles and captions.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Masking in Premiere Pro

After introducing mask tracking in Adobe Premiere Pro, let's progress further. Continue reading the following guide to gain a deeper understanding of masking:

Step 1

After importing your video in the timeline, select it and navigate towards the toolbar. In the "Edit > Effect" section, select "Lumetri Color” under “Video Effects.” Then, select the mask option under Lumetri colors and set it on the screen.

choose and create a mask
Step 2

Then, apply the color correction options on the masked areas.

apply basic color corrections
Step 3

Select "Mask Path" under the Mask section and play it upon color correcting. This will start the mask tracking throughout the clip. The color corrections will be applied to the masked area throughout the video.

enable mask tracking for video

Part 3: Make Mask Tracking Easy with Wondershare Filmora: Working Out the Details

The above-mentioned mask tracking software is professional but is difficult to comprehend. This software is not compatible in terms of convenience. This was when users needed software with easy access and an editing interface. Wondershare Filmora performs diverse creation and editing tasks with expertise. The software assists in diverse audio, video, and text-editing tasks.

The AI-backed algorithms have made achieving perfection in your editing task seamless. In Filmora's new V13 upgrade, it has introduced an AI masking feature. This feature offers to mask character or subject and auto-analyzes the selected area. In addition, for manual motion tracking masks, users can also resize the mask brush.

Step-by-Step Guide to AI Masking in Filmora

To understand this mask tracking feature better, we have assembled the steps of it. In the following guide, you will learn about accessing and applying this tool:

Step 1Place Media to the Timeline

Upon entering Filmora, click the "New Project" button and access its editing interface. Go to the Project Media section and click the "Import" button. Afterward, import your file and bring it to the timeline using your cursor.

drop video to the timeline
Step 2Access and Employ AI Masking

Select the video in the timeline and navigate towards the right-side settings panel. In the "Video" tab, you'll find the "Mask" section. Under this section, select the "AI Mask" option and scroll down to adjust its settings. Expand the "AI Mask" section, and choose the options you want masking for. Once you see the masked results on the preview screen, adjust the other settings below.

enable and customize ai mask
Step 3Save the Settings and Export

Afterward, click the "Save as custom" button to save these settings as a preset for later use. Further, make other adjustments and click on the "Export" button to finalize.

enable export to save your video
Free Download
Free Download

Additional Editing Features of Wondershare Filmora

Along with masker line tracking, there are other video editing and AI features of Filmora. Keep reading the below section to know more about them:

1. AI Text-to-Video

Turn your words into graphics using this generative AI of Filmora. It transforms your textual directions into videos, along with images and voices. Using this AI will save you the effort of creating or hiring a professional.

2. AI Copilot Editing

Why spend hours exploring Filmora's interface when you can have your guide? The AI Copilot acts like your personal chatbot assistant. You can converse with it like regular people, and it will show you directions on the feature. In addition, it features buttons to employ a specific effect or function.

3. Screen Recorder

Are you a creator who uploads video tutorials and educational videos? You can use Filmora’s screen recorder to create content in a seamless manner. It offers microphone recording and webcam recording for maximum interactivity. In addition, you can adjust custom screen resolution settings and more.

4. Video Background Remover

Leave the effort of adding a green screen in your background during video creation. Filmora's AI technology can remove video backgrounds without any flaws. Users can replace the background with solid colors, gradients, and more afterward.

5. Silence Detection  

Those long or short pauses during video recording are annoying for your audience. They decline the quality of the video and ultimately decline audience engagement. To remove such pauses, use Filmora silence detection AI to auto-eliminate them.

Free Download
Free Download


In this article, users have gained insights into top mask tracking software. Along with their applications, the article discussed how to access and apply masking. However, masking in the first two tools can be difficult for some people. Hence, we introduced Wondershare Filmora as an easy desktop alternative. If you want to employ an easy motion tracking mask, use this versatile software.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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