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How to Make an Impressive Product Video [Tools & Tips]

Impress your customer with fancy product video.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Sep 30, 21, updated Jul 12, 24
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Launching a new product? It’s time to grab this opportunity and create a positive first impression on your customers with a creative product video. Research shows that over 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase a new product after watching its video.

Video is considered the king of marketing content. In fact, any advertisement campaign is incomplete without creative video content. Product videos are a great way to build your brand image and market your product. They easily grab the customers’ attention and evoke powerful responses.

So, if you want to make product videos that help your brand stand out from your competitors, read this article to learn how to make product videos with Filmora.

Part1. Key Factors to be Considered Before Making Product Videos

All product videos are not similar. They have their own objectives depending on their scope. Identifying your target audience and determining your goal is critical before making a product video.

Consider the following key factors to make an attractive product video:

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Step1Identify the Goal

First of all, you need to decide the projected outcome of your corporate video. Do you want to create brand awareness or educate your target audience? Whether this video focuses on a specific product or gives a brief overview of your organization?

Step2Determine Your Target Audience

This is the most important stage because determine your target audience will help you set the tone of your video content and increase engagement. Keep your customers’ demographics in your mind while making product videos.

Step3Set Time and Budget

Time and budget also vary for different product videos. Choose between live-action and animation and identify your budget according to your set expectations before moving forward.

Step4Structure Your Video

Finally, structuring your product video is necessary to define its pace, tone, and message. Write down the script explaining what features of your product should be highlighted along with their benefits, etc.

Your magic video is ready!

Part2. How to Make Creative Product Videos with Filmora

If you want to make a creative e-commerce video that inspires the target audience, following these steps to learn how to make an impressive product video with Filmora:

Step1Film Your Product

To start with, record your footage and drop it in After Effects into a new comp. Right click and create a new null and name it Track. It will be used to track the head of our subject. Now, right click on your footage track, tap Track & Stabilize, and choose the Track Motion option. Zoom in to your footage and move the tracker to your subject’s head. Keep playing until the clip is fully tracked. Click Edit Target, select the null target layer (Track), and press apply.

Step2Drop Video into Resource Area

Once you have filmed your product, it’s time to start post-production editing. For this purpose, drag and drop your video in the resource area of Filmora X. You will get two pieces of footage. Double click the first footage and use the shortcuts “I” and “O” to mark in and mark out the footage. Drag the selected scene and drop it into the timeline.

Step3Add Background Music

Drag and link the Pick Whip with Track so that the energy moves with your subject’s head. To make the energy look as if it flickers or pulses invisibility while walking chaotically, press the T key to check your layer’s opacity. Then, click the Stopwatch and type in the wiggle expression to get the opacity flicker randomly such as Wiggle (3, 98). Now, select both the energy and the track layer, right click and choose Pre-compose, and set the Blending Mode to Screen to drive the displacement effect layer.

Step4Range the Video Clips

The next step after adding background music is ranging the videos in the timeline cut them based on the music rhythm marked out by Filmora. To cut the glass, hold command “B” and delete the unnecessary parts by pressing the Delete button.

Step5Add Titles

Go to the Titles tab and choose your favorite text style from the available categories as shown in the figure. To modify the content, double-click on your text and set its font, color, and position.


Part3. How to Make Product Video with Free Online Tools?

Don’t worry if you don’t have any video-editing software. Plenty of free online tools are available on the internet that can be used to make stunning product intros. One such tool is Vimeo, which allows users to make product videos that captivate their audience in four simple steps:

Step1Choose a Template from Vimeo Create Library

Vimeo Create is a huge database of professionally designed templates that can be used to make creative product videos. You can choose a suitable template that fits your product and customize its elements using the editor.

Step2Select Images from Stock Collection

Vimeo has an unlimited collection of stock images. You can either choose images from that library or upload your media files to your product video.

Step3Customize Your Product Video

Use various editing options to customize your product video and match it to your brand by adding filters, layouts, text, colors, captions, and much more.

Step4Save and Share

Once you have done editing, save your product video with a unique name and share it directly on your website, social media account, or within Vimeo Create.

·Highlights Pain Points: Suppose you are introducing a new iPhone brand that solves the problem of low battery timing and poor camera quality. Your product video should highlight these pain points and present a viable solution in the form of your product.

·Invokes the Target Audience: You cannot sell a comb to a bald person. Keeping this rule in your mind, you should set the tone of your product video according to your target audience. Include visual and audible features like background effects to attract your potential customers.

·Displays Consumer Experience: While launching a new product, you need to present consumer experiences creatively to attract customers and encourage them to try this new brand. A better way is to include some celebrity or well-known personality and focus on ease of use, its features, and applications.

Still want to learn more product video makers? See this article: 7 Best Product Video Maker to make Profitable Videos.

Part4. What Factors Contribute to a Good Product Video?

An attractive and stunning product video is the one that catches the viewers’ attention and engages them till the end. The purpose of product videos is to build a positive brand image and leave a good first impression. Hence, make sure you consider the following factors while making product videos:

Adding magic power effects to your videos is very easy. Just film your video incorporating two subjects in the frame, record their body actions to portray them as attackers and defenders. Then, import your video to the timeline and add your favorite magic power effect from the list. Next, create a light burst effect and invisibility cloak to make your video look more realistic. You can also add a dense campfire or chimney smoke to your videos by applying the Particle Background effect to your videos.


In the world of advertising and promotion, those brands succeed that present their products and services creatively. Product videos are the best way to stun your target audience and leave a good impression.

Different video-editing tools and applications can be used to create stunning and attractive product videos. One of the best apps is Filmora, advanced video-editing software that allows its users to showcase their products differently by using a range of editing tools and features. You can create amazing product videos or edit your existing videos with this full interactive editing application.

Wondershare Filmora

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