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Questions about Adding Audio to Photo You Should Know

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 19, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Almost everyone shoots videos and photos now. But sometimes, it's hard to record videos while boring to capture images. What if a hybrid mingles still images with an audio file? You can add audio to photo easily.

Images with a soundtrack are simpler to create and more interactive than video; they naturally improve the project without time commitment or complexity. The question that appears is; how to add audio to a photo/image and create great multimedia photography?

In this post, we will describe and clear all your queries on how to add audio to photo. Whether you wish to combine audio and image on the computer or add audio to iPhone pictures, you can all find the answer.

 Part 1 Can I add audio to the photo?

online add audio to photo

Yes, it's possible to add audio to photo, and we have various methods to do this. One of the simplest methods is arranging images into slideshows and adding audio.

Yes, there are different ways by which you can add audio to photo online or offline, including both the easiest and most brutal ways. Let's list out some general courses as follows!

● The first and common way is by making a slideshow or photo collage like a video and adding background music as audio.

● You can use an image collage app or add audio to a photo app for Android or iPhone devices.

● Lastly, you can add audio to the photo online editor or online video editing program and include voiceover or background music.

All in all, it's possible to add audio to photo provided you've to look straightforward and quick ways of doing so.

 Part 2 How to add audio to a photo?

ACDSee supports images with embedded audio and photos with associated audio files. Images with embedded audio are JPEG or TIFF images saved inside the photo folder. You can embed audio inside the folder of photos by adding audio to the photo online.

Images with associated audio are photos are merged with individual WAV audio files. The photo folders and their associated audio files contain the same file name and are placed within the same folder.

You can associate any WAV file with a photo by assigning them the same name and locating them in the same folder or adding audio to the photo.

Note: If you rename or move either an audio file or an image file associated with it, you must rename both the folders or they will not associate for longer. It does not apply to photos with embedded audio.

Steps to add audio to photo via ACDSee

Do one of the following:

● Select an image in Manage mode.

● Open an image in View mode.

Step1 Click Tools | Image Audio | Edit.
Step2 In the Edit Audio dialog box, click the Browse button.
Step3 Select a WAV file and click Save.
Step4 If you would like to truncate or clip the audio file, select the Use markers checkbox and drag the Start marker and End marker sliders. Do one of the following:

● Click the Truncate button to remove the beginning and end of the audio file (the sections outside of the start and end markers).

● Click the Clip button to remove the audio file section inside the start and end markers.

Step5 To hear a preview of the file, click the Play button.
Step6 Click OK.

 Part 3 Secret about adding audio to the photo?

If you’re looking to add audio to a photo in a straightforward manner, here's a tip for you than going complex. It’s because the software or programs available are highly problematic when it comes to better understanding. Thus, using the ideal program is the best way out (and a secret)!

We have to admit that customization is quite trendy among the young generation. Customizing a unique album is a cool thing, too.

A professional editing tool would be an ideal helper to do this (hence, the reason you’re here). While a great variety of music management software and video editors support adding audio to images, Wondershare Filmora stands out for its efficiency, simplicity, and robust capability.

To get started, consider a free trial copy of Wondershare Filmora

Step1 Import Media

Hit the "Import" tab to load your songs from ripped CDs or downloaded from the internet.

Then drag and drop your image in a format like JPEG, JPG, JPE, GIF, BMP, DIB, PNG, JFIF, TIFF, TIF to the media library panel. Now you'll consider using all the imported files displayed as thumbnails in the Media library.

Step2 Drag and Drop to add photos to audio

Drag songs and photos from the Media Library to the Timeline accordingly.

Filmora assists you in adding various photos to the audio. You can highlight the image and hover your mouse to the last section.

Click the "set duration" icon on the toolbar and set it to fit your music file's length.

Tips: You can zoom-out or zoom-in on the Timeline in the top right corner by dragging the timeline slider to find the ideal position easily.

Check the effect in the preview window after this. If possible, you can ramp up your creation, e.g., add captions, apply special effects, transitions, and even create a picture-in-picture effect.

add audio to photo

Step3 Save Music with Photos

When you're satisfied with the outcomes, hit the Export tab.

Then, select MP4 under the format tab in the output window, or if you want to play the media on your phone, you can choose the device in the Export window and choose target devices among iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV, etc. Filmora will create a proper setting for phone device saving.

save audio to photo filmora

Bonus tips:

Rip audio from video: If you wish to extract audio from a movie trailer, film, comedy, TV show, etc., highlight the video file in the Timeline tab, right-click it and choose the "Audio Detach” tab, then you can eliminate the original video stream and save in a new MP3 format, and now you can freely add your images to the ripped music.

Or, you can delete the original audio file and add a new one.


So, that’s all you had to know about adding audio to photo. We’ve discussed all the questions you’re wandering on how to add audio to photo online and mentioned the different ways by which you can do the same.

As the uploading speed is slow, we highly suggest using Filmora to add audio to photos. Besides, Filmora provides 50 plus sounds that you can use. Try it now!

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