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5 Best Audio Editor for Android That You Should Know

With the transition in technology, audio editing has become a requirement at the level of Android users. This article provides users with the best audio editing app for Android.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 28, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Audio editing covers all essential edits within the audio, which involves changing its pitch, volume, and several other properties. With the transitions in technology, this editing procedure came across more userbases, eventually reaching diverse platforms such as Android, iOS, and Linux. The world has been fast!

This article would be introducing some of the best audio editor for Android. The whole idea of this article is to bring Android users to clear solutions for editing their audios to perfection. Wish to find the best audio editor for Android? Hop in to know more about these tools! Let’s get started.

Part 1: 5 Best Audio Editing App for Android in 2022

If you are an Android user, you are in the right place! We will be providing you with a list of Android applications that can be used to edit your audio perfectly. Although there is a never-ending list for Android users, the advanced options and features are what help some top the market. You surely won’t be disappointed with our list!

1. Audio Evolution Mobile

4.2/5 Android 4.4 and up

The bar for audio editing has been set high by audio editors such as Audio Evolution Mobile. The tool is known for effective song recordings and full-fledged productions, which are made possible with the help of appropriate audio editing tools. With such a standard for creating, mixing, and editing music across Android, Audio Evolution Mobile competes with desktop audio managers in performance and quality. Exceptional, isn’t it?

Users who are not willing to buy the full version of the application have to face a few limitations while working across this audio editor for Android. Although Audio Evolution provides a wholesome and unequivocal experience, the creativity exhibited through the features is exemplary and commendable.

There are not enough audio editors who are that extendable in features, which is quite extraordinary! It surely is the best. Before going for more options, look across the following features.

audio evolution mobile for android

Key Features

  • Offers a complete drum pattern editor with triplets.

  • An unlimited number of effects can be placed across the grid, with parallel effect paths.

  • Features automation of all mixers and effect parameters across the platform.

  • Exhibits a complete set of virtual sample-based Soundfont Instruments.

2. Dolby On: Record Audio & Music

4.3/5 Android 7.1 and up

Looking for more options across the Play Store? You would have heard much about Dolby, especially across the audio systems. Dolby Laboratories, the developers behind the eccentric project, were not late in providing the world with different audio editors across different platforms. Dolby On: Record Audio & Music is a powerful recording tool that works across all kinds of audio for the users. A perfect recommendation, for sure!

While featuring itself as the best audio editing app for Android, the tool offers cutting-edge Dolby technology. Talking about the audio editing features across this Android tool, there is nothing that Dolby has not covered. From the basic processing tools to advanced audio editing features, the experience in Dolby On: Record Audio & Music is complete. There’s no stopping Dolby. Ain't that, right?

dolby on record audio and music

Main Features

  • Provides easy sharing across major social media platforms and platforms such as Soundcloud.

  • Custom-designed Sound Tools are available across the platform that enhances the audio quality.

  • Achieve fine-tuned treble, bass, and mids control with Dynamic EQ.

  • Optimize the volume of the songs for platforms such as Soundcloud and other social media platforms.

3. Voice PRO – HQ Audio Editor

3.7/5 Android 6.0 and up

Moving forward, the next tool that we will be discussing is one of the most complete and comprehensive audio editor for Android. While providing a recording system for more than 100 formats, Voice PRO supports multiple platforms for editing audios. With real-time support to the files added across the platform, you can actually unlock the potential to work through audios to perfection. Ain’t that good?

Amazed, right? With withstanding support to audio editing in any format and quality, the tool can effectively share the data across any social media platform. The voice that functions across the tool can be converted into text across 40 different languages. Sounds awesome!

voice pro hq audio editor

Key Characteristics

  • Put tags across different parts of the audio, as desired.

  • Helps visualize information of sounds such as their length, sampling rate, dimensions, and channels.

  • Provides an easy tool for mixing and merging different sounds.

  • Convert your audio into extensive music formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, and OGG.

4. WaveEditor for AndroidTM Audio Recorder & Editor

4.0/5 Android 4.3 and up

Are you looking for more audio editing tools? A professional tool would always sound better to work on. Where many Android users are skeptical over the tools they use, WaveEditor for Android exempts all concerns with a system worth using. A tool that masters the skill of editing and recording audio, WaveEditor can be effectively used to edit audio files. Supporting a large file format list makes itself suitable for general users.

Have the desire to use it? WaveEditor packs various tools in its system, which is expressively useful to the userbase. From its free version to the pro version, it supports all types of users in making the best use of their audio editing skills. A great choice, as we must assess from the available options. Get yourselves worked up with WaveEditor!

waveeditor for android

Major Points to Look

  • Supports multi-track editing and mixing across the platform.

  • Provides visual tools such as the oscilloscope, spectrogram, and FFT to assess the sound properties.

  • It covers single sample editing and also offers zooming and panning functions.

  • Features an extensive set of effects that can be used to enhance the quality of the audio.

5. Music Editor: Sound Audio Editor & MP3 Song Maker

4.7/5 Android 5.0 and up

The last tool that cuts short in the best free audio editing app for Android is Music Editor. This exceptional audio editor features advanced tools and enhanced control over the audio editing procedure covered across the tool. The availability of tools is one of the best found across audio editing tools. Create whatever you like! Surely the best, isn’t it?

Surprised with the features offered across this exceptional tool? Music Editor enhances and unleashes the quality of their user with creative tools. With such control, you can manage the format, pitch, and several other features of the audio that are important in analyzing the quality of the audio. This tool is surely one of the best that you can discover in the market. Get creative with Music Editor!

music editor features

Key Points to Consider

  • Crop the unimportant parts of your audio easily with consistent support with perfect control.

  • Merge different sounds across the platform easily with the Audio splicing facility.

  • Convert audio into multiple file formats, including conversion of sound to mono and stereo.

  • Change the voice into different tones using the voice changer function of the application.


Our discussion has conclusively covered 5 different applications that can be considered the best audio editor for Android. If you are a confused Android user searching for the right application, this is surely the article that you need to look into. The discussion will be truly a direction for you to figure out which audio editor for Android you should look out for. Pumped up to use these tools?

However, if you wish to choose a better option with a greater set of features, you should consider working on the Wondershare Filmora video editor. Not only does it provide a platform to its users for making edits across videos, but the tool also ensures that the user should be offered a complete set of audio editing tools which can help them manage audios to perfection.

While covering this in an easy environment, Filmora surely sounds like the tool you should work with. The tool is powered with excellent features and options. Get started with Filmora for effective results!

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