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5 Top Sites to Download Royalty Free Comedy Background Music

Do you want to create comedy videos, but can’t find comedy background music? If yes, then you should read this post and find sites to download royalty-free music.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 08, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Do you create video content and upload comedy skits and vlogs on social media? Do you want to download comedy background music for your website? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share some platforms to download royalty-free comedy background music and use it in your videos. Royalty-free comedy background music is safe to use. Whether you are a musician or a content creator looking for comedy background music, you can use them without worrying about the copy-right strike.

a person creating funny video comedy background music

5 Recommended Sites to Download Royalty Free Comedy Background Music

1. Filmstock Wondershare

Filmstock is the most popular platform to download music background for your video. Whether you want to make comedy skits, funny vlogs, or pranks, you can use Filmstock to download comedy background music. The best thing about using this platform is that you can use it to upload your background music as well.

Besides comedy background music, you can also download stock footage, video effects, and photos for your comedy video. Professional content and music creators upload high-quality content on this platform.

2. Jamendo

Jamendo allows you to download free comedy background music and use it commercially. You can create vlogs, funny skits, and pranks and use this music in those videos. Furthermore, you can download background music in different genres including jazz, hip-hop, and emotional. This is an incredible website to download background music in different languages. Furthermore, this website offers a radio feature, which adds radio station effect to any song. Mostly, this website offers complete songs and tracks to use for your videos.

3. Kompoz

Kompoz offers a wide range of tracks from professional musicians that you can use for videos. Also, this site provides project management tools for your project workspaces. Furthermore, the auto coding feature provides fast streaming playback. Kompoz is a collaborative tool that brings global artists together. After registering with the platform, you can access the cloud workspace and upload your music on the platform. Also, you can create your profile, choose favorite genres, and collaborate with different users.

4. CCTrax

CCTrax is another database that enables users to choose from stock music and download favorite songs to use for their videos. Furthermore, you can download background music for comedy and other genres. This is a popular tool with a wide range of legal music that you can download. On the home page, you will find electronic, house, ambient, and other options.

5. BeatPick

Although this platform is famous for instrumental music, you can download comedy background music as well. The music player layout of this platform is mind-blowing. The platform allows you to download tracks and use them for their videos.

The platform offers three different subscriptions to choose from. Their pricing options include a pay-per-use license, custom subscription, and famous songs. The platform doesn’t show price options, so you have to receive a quote from the platform.

a girl making video comedy background music

Ideas to Create a Funny Comedy Video or Vlog

Are you a funny person and want to create videos for your YouTube channel? If yes, then here are some ideas that you can try:

1. Create a Comedy Skit

Many popular YouTube content creators create comedy skits to entertain their audience. These videos include humorous content and funny dialogues. To create a comedy skit you should have a center of the story, dialogues, characters, and comedy background music.

The major time that you will spend is gathering the ideas and creating a script. This requires brainstorming and at least one funny guy in your team. For inspiration, you can notice people around you and use them as inspiration.

2. Things You Can Do with Everyday Household Items

Not specifically the eggs, but videos where people use regular items in unusual ways are sometimes funny. These videos will look funny when you include comedy background music. Some ideas of these types of videos are using eggs for various tasks other than cooking.

While creating these videos you can add funny elements like fixing a tile with the egg. These types of content are random, so it makes people laugh. And don’t forget comedy background music plays an essential role to make these videos funny.

3. Visit a Park with Your Dog

Dogs are funny, especially when you take them to the place they like. When you will take your dog to the park and make vlogs about the journey, people will love it. While making vlogs you can record some exciting actions performed by your dog and upload them online. If you are thinking about how these clips will make your audience laugh, then the answer is simple, comedy background music.

4. Make Reaction Videos

Reaction videos that you might have seen might not be funny. But, some content creators make funny reaction videos. They react to funny videos and use comedy background music to make the content engaging.

5. Film a Prank

Prank videos are the most popular comedy videos on YouTube. In these videos, one or more people prank another person while the audience watching the video already knows. Many people who are fond of prank videos love the final reactions. If you want to create prank videos, you can add comedy background music for more fun.

guy falling funny video comedy background music

Closing Word

Comedy content creation is not as simple as it looks because you have to include humorous elements to make the videos funny. This includes a comedy script, funny act, and comedy background music. Background music is an important component to making engaging video content. On top of these components, you should download a video editor that helps you align your clips and comedy background music.

Filmora video editor is a popular video editing tool that lets you implement out-of-the-box ideas. Motion tracking, keyframing, effects, and transitions allow you to create any type of video. Whether you want to create videos for YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, you can use this tool and upload your final video on the platform. The notable benefit of this tool is that you can choose from a wide range of templates and effects to make your videos engaging. Also, you can import comedy background music on your funny videos and attract more audiences.

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