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Top 5 Best Real-Time Voice Changers [2024]

Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated May 20, 24

Making elaborate jokes with friends while playing video games online can make the gaming experience more entertaining. Modulating your voice during live streams you share on Twitch or while talking to your friends over Discord and Skype in real-time can help you take trolling to another level.

Adding a healthy dose of humor to your video game live streams may assist you in building a loyal fan base that follows your gaming adventures closely. That is why we will introduce you to some of the best real-time voice changers you can utilize to modulate your voice while chatting with your friends online.

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Best Real-Time Voice Changers

None of the real-time voice changers featured in this article are difficult to use, and you won’t need much time to get used to them even if you you have never pulled a voice prank before. So, before you opt for one voice changer or the other, you should ensure it is compatible with the applications you are using. Here are the best real-time voice changers you can use to troll your friends like a boss.

1 - Voicemod 2 - NCH Voxal Voice Changer
3 - MorphVOX JR 4 - AV Voice Changer Software Diamond
5 - Clownfish Voice Changer

1. Voicemod

Best for: Memes, Gaming

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

Fortnite, Overwatch, or PUBG players can utilize Voicemod’s Meme Sound Machine to generate funny audio samples and add them to online video games, live streams, or chats. Voicemod is compatible with apps like Discord or TeamSpeak 3 that are commonly used for communication in the gaming community.

voicemod real time voice changer

If you want to sound like Donald Trump or any other funny audio meme, you should just make sure that these effects are saved in MP3 or WAV formats and load them to Meme Sound Machine soundboard. The Voicemod Meme Sound Machine for streaming lets you load a plethora of sound effects that enable you to sound like characters from shows like Rick and Morty or Family Guy.

2. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

Best for: Chat, gaming

Price: Free, $40.00 for the commercial license

Compatibility: macOS, Windows

All you need to start modulating voices in real-time with Voxal Voice Changer is a microphone and an application you are using for communication. There are thousands of voice effects to choose from, so you can just pick those that best fit the context in which you are planning to use them.

voxal voice changer

What’s more, this app lets you change your voice in real-time while playing Steam games, CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege or while talking with friends through Skype or TeamSpeak. Furthermore, you can save all custom voice effects you create with Voxal Voice Changer and use them during different broadcasts or even add them to audiobooks.

Best Voice Changer for Offline Use

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3. MorphVOX JR

Best for online gaming

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

An extensive library of sound effects as well as powerful voice changing technology makes MorphVOX JR one of the best voice changers for PC computers. The software’s AI learns from your voice in order to produce excellent sound quality, while you can also use built-in voices if you want to sound like a child, a woman, or a man.

morphvox jr free voice changer

MorphVOX JR can be integrated with most online games or used with chat applications if you want to make prank calls. If the voice changing options MorphVOX JR offers are not powerful enough to meet your demands, you can purchase the Pro version of the software for $40.00.

4. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Best for: Live streaming, chat

Price: Free trial available, $49.95

Compatibility: Windows

Changing your or anyone else’s voice in AV Voice Changer Software Diamond requires a minimum amount of effort since you just have to adjust your voice preferences or apply an audio effect to change how your voice sounds.

av voice changer software diamond

The app also lets you edit audio files and choose whether the voices sound more feminine or higher than those in the original audio file. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond can be integrated with Skype, Discord, Twitch, and Steam which means that you can use it during live streams you share on Twitch or to surprise the people you talk to through chat applications.

5. Clownfish Voice Changer

Best for Chat

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

Clownfish Voice Changer is a simple yet effective voice changer that can be used with Discord, Viber, Steam, Hangouts, and numerous other chat or gaming apps. Once installed, Clownfish Voice Changer integrates with all applications that use a microphone, enabling you to apply voice effects such as Alien or Robot to your voice during calls or live stream sessions.

clownfish voice changer

In addition, this voice changer is equipped with music and sound players so that you can listen to any audio file you want or organize your recordings as you fit. In addition, this Windows-based voice changer provides support for VST plugins that enable you to generate sounds or create new audio effects.


Sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger or any other pop culture icon will make your online conversations and live streams much more entertaining. All of the best real-time voice changers we included in this article offer a broad range of options you can use to troll your friends, disguise your real voice, or even create new voice effects. The best part is that most voice changers can be used for free, so you don’t have to spend any money on the next joke you will share online. Which voice changer are you going to choose? Leave a comment and let us know.

Change Voice for Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Change Voice for Free

For macOS 10.14 or later

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