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Top 10 Calming Websites To Relax Your Mind

Our daily lives are filled with a lot of events that can lead to a lot of stress and agitation. Working on a particular project with a certain client to meet a looming deadline can be an important part of your job. Many solutions are available, but what happens when you're working on your computer and have no spare time? This is where the Internet comes in handy.

Several websites exist that will assist you in achieving a sense of inner peace. Among other things, they use captivating images and soothing sounds to accomplish this. Here are the 10 best calming websites that could help you relax those nerves if you feel like you could use some quick and effective relaxation. We are sure that if you try these websites, they will help you a lot.



The name itself suggests that Calm can help you achieve your goals. There are two ways to get there: guided calm or timer. A session can last anywhere from two to twenty minutes. You will hear a voice guide you on how to relax tense muscles and the mind when you choose the guided calm option. Alternatively, you can use the "timer" button to conduct a quick session without narration.

In addition to the music, the nature scenes depicted, such as misty riverside scenes and rays of sunlight streaming through clouds, add an extra touch. You can also download the Calm iPhone app for free but it will have limited features.

2.Do Nothing For 2 Minutes


Its title speaks for itself. There won't be any other activity for two minutes except listening to the waves. The purpose of this website is to test your ability to resist doing nothing. If you touch your keyboard or mouse, you will get a failure message, and the clock will reset again if you do. The majority of people fail several times before they complete the task. It is quite fun and challenging at the same time. While you focus on completing the challenge, you will forget all the worries on your mind.

Taking a quick break of 2 minutes can sometimes be all you need to reset your mind. It's also available as an app (for iOS).

3.Multiplayer Piano


You can play multiplayer piano online. In the end, everyone plays simultaneously, and it's crazy but fun. Both your mouse and keyboard can be used. Also available on the site are the possibilities of starting a chat with some random 'composers' or playing by yourself. If you don't want to play in multiplayer mode, you can switch to solo mode. You can also record the piano that you play and then listen to it. Overall this website is quite fun.

4.Simply Noise


Relax with this free color noise generator. Using an audio spectrum of low to high frequencies, the site offers a variety of colored noises. Each color represents a different sound and calming effect, with white being the softest and pink being the loudest. Keeping your workspace white prevents distractions, pink sounds like a calming waterfall, and brown is good for sleeping and relieving migraines. You can control the volume using either the volume knob or the oscillation button, automatically changing the volume.

5.Get Relaxed


Trying GetRelaxed might be the answer you're looking for if sitting still for 2 minutes doesn't appeal to you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful images in the slideshow (the images change every three seconds). Choose from several soundscapes to complete the experience. A total of 15 soundscapes are available. They last between two and four minutes. You might be surprised by how easy it is to get back in touch with nature.


There are more than four kinds of sounds to choose from with tribal drums, animals, fireworks, heartbeats, etc. Using a combination of different sounds like beach, child, and water, etc. You can easily create sounds according to your preferences. Create your own! Listening to the sound of the waves gently crashing on the shore as children giggle in the background is soothing yet lively. It can also be downloaded and played when you're offline.

7.A Soft Murmur


An easy-to-use website that lets you mix ambient noises to your liking. A special mix can include the soothing sounds of rain, singing bowls, and my favorite, the sound of a fireplace. The ambient noises can be played simultaneously, or you can pick and choose as you need. Focusing on the task at hand will be easier with the sounds. Alternatively, you can share your mix on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you'd like.



Various background noises are produced on this website, including coffee shop chatter, low fan sound, white noise, and more. Depending on your mood, you can adjust the volume of the sounds. You can also change the color of the web page depending on the mood of the sound you have selected.

For those who love multitasking, there's also a Text Editor function so they can write without distractions. You can even save your work. Additionally, Noisli offers an app (iOS) so you can stay calm no matter where you are.



Focus@Will is awesome! When you read, write, or study while listening to phase-sequenced instrumental music, your attention span is increased by 400 percent. In addition, it extends the standard productivity cycle from 20 to 30 minutes to approximately 100 minutes.

It engages your background attention such that you don't notice it interfering with your conscious focus on the task you're working on (Alpha Chill works for me). As far as the costs are concerned, there are three account types to choose from: Guest, Personal, and Pro.


Occasionally, all we need to soothe ourselves is a little rain. Listening to rain sounds on helps you relax. There is no way to tell that this is looped audio because it is so well done. A quick break reminder, an image slideshow, and a timer to silence the sound are also included.

When it's time to stretch your legs and take a quick break, the reminder will let you know. Both iOS and Android users can download the app.

Final Verdict

If you are feeling stressed due to your daily hectic routine or facing focus issues, all you may need is a little escape. This is our list of the 10 best calming websites that you can find on the internet. These websites will only take a few minutes and help you to get control over your nerves.

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