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Discover How to Change Sky Background with The Best Applications? A Review!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 28, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Sky replacement apps have become popular among content creators and social media influencers. Posting natural-looking pictures in front of the sky has become the new aesthetic of 2024, like the clean girl makeup. Many people try to get a flawless shot of themselves in front of the sky. But it’s hard to get the perfect and aesthetically pleasing photos and videos because of the background objects and extra bright or dull sky lightning.

This article will tell you about sky change apps and which apps you should consider. Read the article if you want to create an aesthetic sky picture using a replace sky app.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Finding The Best iOS Apps to Change Sky Background in Media
  2. Part 2: Finding The Best Android Apps to Change Sky Background in Media
  3. Bonus Part: A Perfect Background Changing Application For PC: Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion
Sky Replacement
A cross-platform works like magic for background removal or sky replacement photos!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Finding The Best iOS Apps to Change Sky Background in Media

Sky replacement apps are a fantastic way to give your pictures an entirely new viewpoint. Here are some of the top sky-changing applications for iOS:

1. Background Changer & Eraser

Background Changer & Eraser is your go-to editor if you want to alter the backdrop, create incredible effects and overlays, apply filters, and modify the lighting in your pictures. Everyone who wishes to have gorgeous photos like those edited by a pro can do so with only one click using the one-click background changer and photo editing solution.

background changer and eraser ios app
  • Erases even the smallest part of a snapshot, easily trims out objects and fixes faults.
  • With the extensive selection of overlays, including sparkles, lens flare, and glitter, you can add a little glitz to your photos.
  • The app tends to become glitchy when you keep using it.

2. Bazaart: Design, Photo & Video

Bazaart is a one-stop app for all your design needs that combines the functions of a picture editor, video editor, and design studio. You can create stop motion films, GIFs, stickers, AI art, Reels, stories, logos, posters, flyers, memes, profile pictures, and product photography. Bazaart can assist with anything from digital marketing to social media posting to online sales.

bazaart design photo video ios app
  • The app lets you personalize images and videos by changing exposure, color, highlights, and blur to enhance the media.
  • You can add as many as 100 pictures and five video layers; each layer can be edited separately.
  • The tool doesn’t cut out the edges so smoothly. The small leaves or messy hair are not fully cropped out.

3. Easy Photo Background Editor

With the Easy Photo Background Editor, you can share your photos with others by altering their backgrounds like a pro. This image and video sky change app can create beautiful and artistic photos and videos. Thanks to the app's fantastic capabilities, users can quickly and effortlessly switch out their backgrounds with various high-quality, free HD backdrops available within the app.

easy photo background editor ios app
  • You can efficiently change the background of your media and adjust it with the foreground.
  • The app has a collection of backgrounds you can choose and add if you don’t have one.
  • The undo button can take a long time to react, which is risky, and you may need to edit your photos again.

4. Superimpose+: Background Eraser

Superimpose+: Background Eraser is an automatic sky replacement tool. People, animals, vehicles, and other objects can all be removed with a single tap. It doesn't leave a watermark behind, so your photos and videos don't get ruined. It lets you overlay numerous images and eliminate photo backgrounds within seconds. It also includes simple, automatic, and manual options for removing backgrounds.

superimpose background eraser ios app
  • The app offers batch processing so that you can add multiple photos and videos and edit them.
  • The app replaces or removes your background precisely with a single click.
  • Too many advertisements are shown when editing the media files, which can be annoying.

5. Background Eraser: BG Remover

The background eraser app can quickly remove photos and let your imagination go wild. It is an AI-powered backdrop removal but can also do manual editing. You can add colorful background replacements and immediately share your photos with your viewers. It is one of the best weather apps to replace the dark sky when you are working on an iOS device.

background eraser bg remover
  • You can replace the sky background of your picture with a solid color or gradient shade.
  • The auto background accurately recognizes the object and separates the background from it.
  • The tool provides very limited editing options in the free version.

Part 2: Finding The Best Android Apps to Change Sky Background in Media

If you’re an Android user looking for a weather app to replace the dark sky, this is your lucky day. This part is dedicated to telling you about the apps you can use to replace the sky:

1. Photo Background Change Editor

With the help of the Background Eraser and Changer, you can automatically crop images, eliminate backgrounds, and produce transparent PNG stamps that are precise to each pixel. With just one touch, the app can identify and eliminate your photo's background, allowing you to swap out dull backdrops for an infinite number of 4K/HD backgrounds that will elevate your images.

photo background change editor android app
  • The tool offers 100+ background templates. You can choose solid colors, gradients, or images as backdrops.
  • You can edit the sky in the background and enhance its look to match the picture.
  • It removes the background with finger smearing, making it hard to remove the backdrop precisely.

2. Background Eraser Photo Editor 

The app can cut out pictures automatically and is dedicated to becoming your only photo backdrop eraser and switcher. With over 10 million users, Background Eraser Photo Editor is an incredibly user-friendly tool for changing and editing photos' backgrounds. Additionally, it has a library of more than 200 images, including sky pictures, which makes it a great dark sky app replacement tool.

background eraser photo editor android app
  • The app provides high-quality results by using AI-powered background remover.
  • You can directly export and share your creation to popular social media platforms.
  • The tool can only be used to remove the background of the images. You need a different tool for video background removal.

3. PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor

With PhotoRoom, you can manage your business from your phone by editing, designing, and optimizing high-quality visual content all in one app. You can apply presets, cut out or remove photo backgrounds, and produce content. You no longer need to be an expert photographer or designer because PhotoRoom lets you quickly convert your images into high-quality content.

photoroom ai photo editor android app
  • The app magically removes the unwanted objects from the background by brushing the magic re-toucher.
  • It is a great app to change the sky You can replace it with another sky image from the app’s library.
  • The quality of the images decreases, and the background looks glitchy and blurry due to that.

4. Photo Editor – Lumii

Lumii is a potent photo editor pro that offers trendy picture filters. It’s a great photo editing app that lets you alter photographs with over 100 gorgeous preset filters. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in photo editing and background removal, you can generate images that satisfy your aesthetic requirements using expert editing tools like BG Cutout, HSL, Curve, and Doodle.

photo editor lumii android app
  • AI enhancement tools can automatically enhance the look of your picture and blend the object with the background.
  • AI cutout isolates the object from the background with jaw-dropping accuracy.
  • You must watch several advertisements if you want to access the pre-made filters in the app.

5. Canva

Canva is a free graphic design program that combines a photo editor, logo creator, and video editor all in one place.  You can access the potent magic AI tools and use editable templates to create gorgeous pictures, videos, social network posts, and collages. The logo creator develops your brand or hones your graphic design talents. Moreover, you can use the Canva app to change the sky in photos and videos.

canva android app
  • The app offers efficient and professional editing and background removal for photos and videos.
  • It has millions of photos, video templates, and fun elements to add to your media.
  • It takes up huge space in your phone and provides limited features on the mobile app.

Bonus Part: A Perfect Background Changing Application For PC: Wondershare Filmora

Many professional users prefer editing their media through a PC as it is much easier, and computer editing software offers many more features. But most professional apps cost too much, and paying for them every month is hard. In this confusing situation, only one app comes to mind that can save us from all these troubles and give high-quality results: Wondershare Filmora.

The tool offers many royalty-free editing services that you can use to change the landscape of your video. It is the app that changes the sky and replaces the background of your media with perfection. You can enhance and upscale your video with this pro app and impress your viewers.

Free Download
Free Download

Other Features of Wondershare Filmora to Look Out For

Wondershare Filmora has many amazing functions. Following are a few of its features that can assist you in creating wonderful content:

  • AI Text-to-Video: This feature uses AI algorithms to examine data, including text, photographs, and videos. It then applies machine learning and computer vision techniques to produce a video.
ai text to video filmora
  • AI Smart Cutout: Filmora's AI Smart Cutout makes identifying and removing any undesired backdrop or item from your videos and photos simple. It marks and cuts the object precisely using AI services.
ai smart cutout filmora
  • Instant Mode: Making a video with an Instant Mode doesn't require any editing experience. Filmora will instantly create a video by adding the media you wish to display.
instant mode filmora
  • AI Vocal Remover: With sophisticated algorithms, Filmora’s AI Vocal Remover can effectively remove vocals from background music without sacrificing a noticeable amount of audio quality.
ai vocal remover filmora
  • Background Remover: You can extract your object or eliminate the background from films using Filmora's cutting-edge AI technology. Just import a photograph or a movie, and the AI will take care of the rest.
background remover filmora

Steps To Change Background Using AI Portrait in Filmora

Wondershare Filmora provides a great replacement for the dark sky and keeps the quality of the media intact. Look at the easy guideline below to remove and replace the sky background.

Step 1: Bring In Media to Filmora

Open Filmora on your computer and click “New Project.” Now import the media whose background you want to change. After that, bring in the new background. Now, drag and drop the media and background into the editing timeline.

add media to timeline

Step 2: Replace Background Using AI Portrait

Select the media that needs background changing. On the right side of the screen, you will see an editing option; click on “AI Tools” from the top right of the screen. Now go down and enable “AI Portrait.” Once you do it, the background of your media file will automatically change.

apply ai portrait feature

Step 3: Preview and Save

You can check to see if it is everything you were hoping for. After that, click “Export” from the top right of the screen and save the video on your computer.

remove background and export
Free Download
Free Download


Changing the sky background can lift the tone of your image and video. Sky photos are the main element of the ‘soft girl aesthetic’ era. As a content creator, you must always search for a reliable editor to remove background and change your photos and videos.

This article introduces the best apps to replace dark sky in Android and iOS. You will also find a bonus part that can change your content editing journey.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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