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Tips That Show Anybody How to Get Awesome Background for Slideshow in PowerPoint

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Tips That Show Anybody How to Get Awesome Background for Slideshow in Powerpoint

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Amazing slideshow background are an absolute attention grabber in the realm of creative PowerPoint presentations. If you wish to upgrade yours with the same, be here to learn how!

Part 1 How to Add Video Background in PowerPoint?

When the talk is about engaging means to deliver a precise information, PowerPoint slideshows are an absolute stunner. While these are already a captivating utility to present your thing, the output and audience engagement is at par with the inclusion of attractive design elements in the presentation. As is evident, there are enormous diversities of supplementary elements to complement your presentation, let us centre our discussion to the application of video background for slideshow in PowerPoint.

User's Guide to Add Video Background in a PowerPoint Slideshow

The following section presents a detailed explanation of the steps to supplement your PowerPoint presentations with classic video backgrounds in just a few quick steps:

Step 1: Launch Your Presentation

Start with opening the desired PowerPoint presentation to which you want to add the video background, in any of your preferred devices.

Step 2: Add a Video to Your Slide

Browse through your presentation slides to locate the one you want to add the video background to. When you have made your choice, navigate to the PowerPoint toolbar at the top and hit the 'Insert' tab and choose the 'Video' option.

You will now be presented with 2 choices, either uploading a video from your device or insert one from the web by pasting its YouTube URL into the slide. If you are uploading a video from your device, proceed with selecting the desired video and tap 'Insert'.

Slideshow Video Background Creation- Adding a Video to the Presentation

Step 3: Move and Resize Your Video

After uploading your video to the slide, you need to make suitable adjustments in its size and alignment to synchronize the same with the contents of the slide. To do this, drag the top left corner of the video to that of the slide to set the top alignment ratio. In the same way, move the bottom right corner of the video to be in sync with that of the slide. You will see the video occupying the entire slide at the end of the adjustment process.

Slideshow Video Background Creation- Moving and Resizing the Video

Step 4: Set the Video Background

You will now need to set the video as the background of your slide, so that the latter's contents are displayed over the video. You can do this by right clicking on the video and choosing the 'Send to Back' option from the dropdown that follows. This will cause the contents of your slide to get displayed over the video.

Slideshow Video Background Creation- Setting the Video Background

Step 5: Playback Edit and Customization Choices

Before proceeding towards making changes in the video playback and formatting, prefer taking a quick preview of your work till here. Once you are satisfied, navigate to the PowerPoint Toolbar at the top, hit the 'Video Tools' tab, followed by clicking on the 'Playback' tab.

It is recommended to introduce the following changes in your video for the most affordable slideshow output:

Loop Your Video

Creating a video loop will facilitate you with an automatic replay of your video without the need to restart it every time with a click. You can loop your video by navigating to the 'Video Options' section and choose 'Loop Until Stopped' by clicking within the checkbox next to it. The background video will now continue to play until you switch to a different slide.

Automatically Start Your Video

To avoid clicking on the slide amid your presentation for the video loop to begin, adjust the latter's settings for an automatic start. Navigate to the 'Start' dropdown menu and select 'Automatically'.

Trim Your Video

You can work with some basic video editing tools in PowerPoint, like trimming and cropping your background video to a desired length. If you wish to ward off certain portions of your video, reach to and click o the 'Trim Video' button. Following this, drag the slider of the video to select the desired portions of the clip and exclude the rest.

You can further work with some more editing effects to create the perfect video backgrounds for your presentation slides in line with your specific preferences.

Slideshow Video Background Creation- Video Playback and Customization

Step 6: Annotate Your Video Background

When you are done with the video editing process, take a preview of the same to ensure that everything is set in the proper order and at the proper place. Lastly, if you wish to add suitable text annotations to your video, you can do this with the 'ClassPoint' tool to write over the video background. All you need to do is select a preferred pen colour and start writing on your slide screen. You can further, save the annotations for a work record.

Slideshow Video Background Creation- Annotating the Background Video

Part 2 How to Create Moving Backgrounds in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Moving PowerPoint slideshow background is another aspect of graphic creativity at its best, which can be used in a number of ways to grab considerable viewer attention. When choosing to add moving backgrounds to your presentation, the latter can aid in improving the style of content presentation, making your audience curious about how and what happens next.

Having learnt about the utility and creation process of video backgrounds in the PowerPoint presentation tool, let us extend our discussion to the method of creating a moving slide show background in the same in the following section:

User's Guide to Create Moving Backgrounds for PowerPoint Presentations

Discussed below is an explanatory procedure for designing moving backgrounds with an awesome appearance for slideshow presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint:

Step 1: Open Your Presentation

To begin with, launch the PowerPoint tool in your preferred device and open the presentation on which you will be working to add the moving background. After the presentation gets loaded, navigate through the same and select the desired slide to proceed with the aforesaid task.

Step 2: Choose a Video Location

To add your desired video to the slide, navigate to the PowerPoint ribbon at the top and click on the 'Insert' tab. Select 'Video' from the list of options that appears, followed by choosing one of the 'Online Video' or 'Video on My PC' options from the video selection prompt. It is further recommended to select a video in the MP4 format, as the latter gives best results of moving and video backgrounds.

Step 3: Insert Your Video

Choose the second option in the selection prompt to upload a video from your device. You will now be asked to browse through your device and locate the desired video in the 'Insert Video' dialog box that appears. Select your video and tap the 'Insert' button to add your video.

To upload videos from an online source, choose the 'Online Video' option in the selection prompt and proceed to search the video from PowerPoint or paste its embed code to recover the video. The chosen video will begin to download and can be added to the PowerPoint presentation after the download process comes to an end.

Slideshow Moving Background Creation- Video Insertion Interface

Step 4: Playback Editing and Video Customization

Before proceeding further, consider paying your video once by clicking on the 'Start' button. You can also add different effects, trim and crop or add a bookmark to your video by navigating to and clicking on the 'Video Tools' tab, followed by selecting the 'Format' option. To work with the start and playback options for the video, click on 'Playback' in the dropdown menu of the 'Video Tools' tab.

Slideshow Moving Background Creation- Playback Editing and Video
        Customization Options

Part 3 Some Tips for You to Get Awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds & Templates

Now that you have developed a comprehensive understanding of the utility of adding video and moving background for slideshow presentation, let us look through some easy tips and tricks to conveniently access the top rated and the most popular PowerPoint slideshow templates and backgrounds in the following section:

01Cool Slide Backgrounds

Slideshow presentations in PowerPoint are supplemented with a visual spark through amazing and vibrant backgrounds that are a sign of excellent graphic creativity. When working with a PowerPoint presentation of your own, do take the liberty to use some cool slide backgrounds to your creative advantage.

When the talk is about complementing your presentation with a cohesive and upbeat background, you can either select the most suitable one from a heap of pre made slideshow templates available both in the PowerPoint slideshow creator tool as well as across the web. However, if you wish to take the excitement to another level, try hands at creating an awesome and cool backgrounds for PowerPoint slides of your own!

Talking about some really cool tips and tricks to design a slideshow presentation background in PowerPoint, start with including some specific shapes and color overlays to the background capture, experiment with a polygon background, work on enhancing the background image with classic and artistic effects and apply a mix of colors, textures and patterns to give a classy look to your slideshow backgrounds.

Cool Slide Background Template Example

02Professional Slideshow Backgrounds

If you are aiming at creating a PowerPoint slideshow presentation with a business centered design approach, you will need to cut down on some extra elements that you would ideally choose to include in a personal purpose based slideshow. Paying attention to the fact that business and corporate centered presentations should be simple, subtle and to the point, it would be an intelligent step to avoid adding too many expressive elements in the background.

Whether you are creating a professional slideshow background of your own or working with a pre designed template, take care to include a complementary play of a light background theme with a maximum of 2 balancing shades.

Avoid too much vibrancy and abstain from applying over the top effects and quick transitions, lest your presentation may look a bit too crowed. If your slides have lot of written content, prefer using a white color background text in a professional font style.

If you have decided on picking a pre made template, you can browse through a diversity of suggestions across the web, while keeping the aforesaid constraints in mind. Consider taking a look at the figure given below to have a more comprehensive understating of the prerequisites of selecting a professional sideshow background template:

Professional Slideshow Background Template Example

03Happy Birthday Slide Backgrounds

Birthday parties are the most appealing synonyms of fun and entertainment. If you are into the profession of organizing events that renders smiling and happy faces, slideshow presentations could be of great help to you in discussing about services, types of social gentries and event targets with your clients.

When looking through different options to select the perfect birthday template, either for a professional event, or just to go down the memory lane of your most cherished moments, take caution to search for a vibrant alternative with colorful images, different background designs and party oriented cool themes, wide aspect ratio with high screen resolution for a mass display and conveniently editable graphics.

If you are creating a happy birthday slide background of your own, there are variety of realms to explore your graphic design creativity, owing to the fact that the subject of creation is highly expressive and multi-dimensional. While you are free to extend your creativity to the next level, do pay attention to the above constraints for a more elusive and outstanding creation output, while maintaining the fun and entertainment quotient intact.

Happy Birthday Slide Background Template Example

04Wedding Slide Backgrounds

Considering the fact that wedding events are pronounced means of fun, leisure, enjoyment and beautiful memories, anything that aims to be a part of the celebrations, should be equally ecstatic and engaging. Infusing festive occasions with technology, slideshow based wedding invitations and moment captures are the top rated modern trends of celebrating this significant life event.

If you are keen on designing the perfect slideshow presentation for wedding invitations, photo albums and thank you cards, prefer to choose a wedding slide background template with aesthetic layout and flowing element inclusions, like that of floral borders and scented candles. Look though the elements of a subtle thematic setup with soothing color combinations, preferably in complementary pastel shades, like pink and white.

Talking of template customizability, the latter should have placeholders to include names of the bride and groom, the wedding date and venue, and of course the wedding photographs. The beautiful slide background template should have enough design space to include the most elusive play of text colors and fonts to suit specific preferences of creating special memories of a cherished event.

Wedding Slide Background Template Example

05Slideshow Backgrounds and Templates in Filmora

When looking for the most convenient lead to an extensive variety of beautiful slideshow templates and background, the template library of Wondershare Filmora Video Editor slideshow creator program can be your most affordable destination. The aforesaid software library is known to possess the best and most perfect template choices to suit the creation constraints of almost every slideshow presentation style and objective you can possibly think of.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later

The elusive templates are further supplemented with a plethora of design flexibilities and customization features that are all set to deliver you the most appreciable creation output. Stressing a bit on the template customization choices of the software, you can work with the tool to uplift your slideshow backgrounds with artistic image effects and overlays, annotate them with beautiful text formations in a variety of colors, fonts and sizes and lots more.

Moving a bit deeper into the creative aspect, you can upgrade the visual style of your presentations with the most perfect and seamless image and video transitions and text animations. The bottom line is, working with the aforesaid slideshow creator program, you are entitled to get jaw dropping applaud from your audience, while making a confident and a content delivery through your slideshow presentation.

Vector Graphics Slideshow Background Template in Filmora

Ending Thoughts

Using an expressive and complementing background in your slideshow presentation uplifts its visual credibility in captivating your audience.

Browsing through the web, you get to access a vast range of amazing slideshow backgrounds and templates to make your presentation, a visual masterpiece.

When looking for the most distributed storehouse of slideshow backgrounds and templates, the Wondershare Filmora library is your ultimate solution.

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