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Ways to export audacity to mp3

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Dec 21, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

All of us have had to convert certain audio files, such as music, recordings, and the soundtrack of a film, to a different format at some point in our lives. It doesn't matter what the situation is when it comes to dependable conversion. There are so many gadgets in the current world, such as mobile phones and iPods, and the DVD player, that we need to clarify the goal output format. Audacity mp3 is an excellent audio file format since it can be played on any device. Here, we'll show you two different ways to convert an audacity audio recording file to an MP3 format.

How to Use Wondershare UniConverter For Audacity to mp3 converter

A video converter that can do it all: burn DVDs, save online films from video sharing sites, edit videos to your taste, and more. The easiest way to convert an audacity audio recording file to an MP3(audacity mp3) is by using Wondershare UniConverter. It can convert video to more than a thousand different formats. In addition, Wondershare UniConverter offers 30X quicker performance than any other program when converting aup3 to mp3(audacity mp3).

Step-by-step instructions on how to export aup3 to mp3 may be found here.

1.Launch audacity to mp3 converter (Uniconverter) on the computer


It's as simple as downloading Wondershare UniConverter and following on-screen directions to finish the installation and then launching it.

2.Load Audacity file into Uniconverter


Navigate to the Converter section at the top of the screen and click the Add files button to browse your target Audacity files on your computer. Finally, click the Open button to ensure that the Audacity files have been successfully added to the application.

3.Choose output as MP3


Now, choose Output Format from the drop-down menu to see all possible formats. Select the audacity audio recording tab & Audacity mp3 as the output format from the drop-down menu. You may now convert aup3 to mp3 or Audacity mp3 format.

4.Convert Audacity Files to MP3 in just one click


Press the Start All button to begin converting aup3 to mp3. Once the conversion is complete, you may go to the Finished page to access the MP3 files that have been converted.

Using the LAME Library to Convert Audacity Files to MP3 format

What is the best course of action? Aside from those mentioned above simple Wondershare technique, we recommend converting aup3 to mp3 using the LAME library, which can be found in the LAME library. In case you don't know, audacity seems to be a free multiplatform computer tool that can be used to record and edit audio and convert files to MP3 format. If it is compatible with the LAME library, which is an MP3 encoder, it will enable you to export Audacity files as MP3. The conversion method generally consists of downloading the LAME library & converting the Audacity file to MP3 2 characteristics using the LAME library.


• Audacity does not have the ability to immediately encode or save Audacity files; you must first download and install the LAME library.

1.Download LAME Library

  • To download the appropriate version of LAME, go to the LAME library website & choose your computer system from the drop-down menu, then click Open.
  • Now choose the location where you want the file stored & click on Save to begin the download. You may also rename the file, but keep in mind that this sort of file is a compressed folder, so it's best to preserve it in its original format.
  • When the downloading process is complete, just unzip the files as you would normally.

Tips: Alternatively, if you're using Windows Vista, we suggest that you open the file in the explorer window, select it, and then click on Extract All Files from the command bar to see the contents of the extracted folder.


2.Converting Audacity files to MP3 format.

Step 1: Due to the fact that this is your first time using audacity, you will be prompted to identify the location where you have stored the LAME library file.

Select file> Export as MP3 from the menu bar and select where you want to save the file in audacity.

Step 2: Then, choose where you want to store your file & rename it any way you like; now, leave Save as type: MP3 files as the only option available.


Step 3: After clicking on Save, you will be presented with a dialogue asking for your permission; choose Yes to start with the process of saving Audacity files as MP3.


Step 4: You must open the MP3 file in audacity and modify it by adding some particular information such as the artist (optional) and selecting OK to confirm saving as MP3 in Audacity. After that, the project will be exported, transformed, and the audacity files will be saved as MP3 files.


That's all there is to it! You should now be able to export aup3 to mp3 format. But because of patent and licensing difficulties, LAME codes aren't usually included with audacity when exporting files to Audacity mp3. LAME codes are alson't always included when exporting files to MP3. For the sake of conclusion, after we have done editing a project in audacity, we will need to convert it to MP3 format for future convenience. However, you may download it individually for free by following the above methods. Furthermore, Wondershare UniConverter is a fantastic solution with comprehensive capabilities that can assist you in finishing your audacity audio recording projects and saving them as Audacity mp3 files in audacity, among other things.


It's only natural to want to use audacity to mp3 converter audacity audio recording files since it is one of the greatest tools for editing audacity audio recording files. We also talk about the voice effects of Filmora and how the users can use filmora to change and modify the voice. Video/audio & recorded voiceover may be re-voiced using Filmora. The Pitch option is available for both video/audio files & voiceovers on the Timeline. Change the voice of a video or a recorded voiceover by using it. Here we discuss the Most important Guide to Change the Voices in Videos using Filmora. Add a voiceover or a video to your viral of. The Changing Pitch Option lets you alter your voice. Adjusting Video Speed Lets You Change Your Voice (Optional). Export the video/audio that has been altered.

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