6 Tips to Make Fancy Summer Vacation Videos

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Summer is a season full of colour and memories. During your summer vacation you will most likely go traveling with your families or friends, and spend the happy time on beach, in jungle or in a ancient city. Or you just want to have a party at the backyard with neighbours. Here are some summer vacation video ideas for recording your best times.

Filming tips for summer vacation videos

Let the scenery get the limelight

You can always tell people about the beautiful scenery but a picture paints a thousand words. Although you will want to be featured in the video, look around and have at least some of the video about your surroundings. You don’t have to talk through the video, just give it some silence and you will look back at your summer vacation ideas and remember.

Introduce your new friends

One of your summer vacation ideas whether planned or last minute will be to mingle with locals and other holidaymakers. You can introduce them but rather than turning it into a boring documentary get shots of them being them, not forced acts or scripts.

Keep it short

One of the summer vacation ideas that end up being quite tedious afterwards is to take long shots of scenes. If you keep it short you will be able to fit everything in that you enjoyed and you won’t have the arduous task of having to edit. Trying to edit extremely long clips can be difficult.

Don’t forget the little things

If one of your summer vacation ideas is to film street performers or other events then remember you don’t have to film the entirety. Show just moments and your imagine will be able to fill in the blanks. Try to highlight the best parts and keep it short.

Film your happiest times

Although it’s tempting to be behind the camera all of the time, it won’t make for a great vacation. One of the best summer vacation ideas is to let others take the helm for a bit and shoot you doing the things you love. Just watching yourself having fun will bring back the best memories and be enjoyable for those you show the video too.

Editing tips for summer vacation videos

When you are back home armed with film after film from your vacation you will then have the task of editing the film. You will likely have more than you need and want to get rid of some of the cheesy moments that you really prefer stay on vacation. One great way to do this is by using Wondershare Filmora video editor.

If you are new to editing videos then Wondershare Filmora has everything you need to make good summer vacation ideas look great over and over again. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Filmora to make your edits.

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  • It’s so easy to edit that even beginners can use it.
  • It supports all video format editing whether it has been recorded on your smartphone, camcorder or GoPro.
  • It has numerous effects and filters to enable you to make good shots great!
  • You don’t need experience if you want to combine multiple sections of your vacation.
  • Sound effects and even music can be added for extra effect.
  • Choose the type of video format you want to save your edited video to.
  • Upload to social networks to share with friends or burn straight to DVD to show those close to you.

How to Edit Your Travel Video with Wondershare Filmora

Step 1: Transfer the files from your device by attaching it to your computer and using the drag and drop function

video ideas

Step 2: Edit by cropping, splitting, rotating or cutting certain parts and add any effects and filters you want.

vacation video ideas

Step 3: Choose the format you wish to save your edited video to and either upload, burn or both!

summer vacation video tips

Your best summer vacation ideas will be there to look at whenever you are feeling nostalgic, but why spend time forwarding through to the best bits when Wondershare Filmora can help you to easily edit your film. You don’t need previous experience just follow the three simple steps as outlined above and you will soon have a video that you can enjoy with friends and family that won’t leave everyone snoring.

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