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8 Best Happy New Year GIF Video Websites in 2024!

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 01, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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These days, most people take the assistance of GIFs to wish each other on special occasions. Therefore, with 2024 coming in the next few days, you can also do the same using some amazing Happy New Year GIF video content. From forwarding others these GIFs on WhatsApp to posting them as your Instagram Stories, you can do it all. Here, I’m going to handpick some of the best places where you can find new year GIF video content for free.

happy new year gid video

Part 1:Top 8 Happy New Year GIF Video Websites

While there are plenty of options out there to look for Happy New Year 2024 video GIF content, I would recommend exploring the following websites:

Pick 1: Tenor: Best Funny New Year GIFs

If you are looking for some funny new year GIF videos, then Tenor would be an ideal place to start. The website hosts thousands of GIFs that are listed under different categories. You can just enter specific keywords on the search bar to find numerous funny GIFs related to new year wishes.

tenor new year gifs

Pick 2: Giphy: An Extensive Range of New Year GIFs

Giphy is one of the oldest websites that is entirely dedicated to GIFs and mini videos. Therefore, if you are looking for any Happy New Year GIF video, then simply explore the hosted content on Giphy. From animations to movie GIFs, you are sure to find it all in one place on Giphy.

giphy new year gifs

Pick 3: Best Animations: A Wide Range of Animated GIFs

These days, animated GIFs are being extensively used in both personal and professional content. Therefore, you can also find some animated Happy New Year 2024 GIF video content here. Most of the GIFs here are based on fireworks and glitters that you can use to wish others on this special occasion.

best animations new year gifs

Pick 4: Pinterest: Hundreds of New Year GIFs

Used by over 400 million people, Pinterest certainly needs no introduction. The online platform has tons of GIFs and photos in numerous categories that you can readily use. Just look for any new year GIF video from its search, save it, and use it however you like. Although, I would recommend reading the copyright rules for the image before using it commercially.

pinterest new year gifs

Pick 5: Funimada: New Year GIFs and Videos

Funimada has also come up with some interesting Happy New Year GIF video content that you would love to explore. While its range is not as extensive as other websites, there are dedicated GIFs in different categories that you can readily use. You can share their unique URLs or directly download the GIF of your choice on your system from here.

funimada happy new year gifs

Pick 6: Editablegifs: Handpicked GIFs

This is another handpicked collection of new year GIF videos that you can explore or download for free. Like Tenor or Giphy, the GIFs that are posted here are dedicated to new year wishes. What's more, you can customize the text and the Year on each gif as you want.

editablegifs happy new year gifs

Pick 7: GfyCat: Funny GIF Videos of All Kinds

GfyCat is known to host some of the most popular images and GIFs in different categories in one place. Therefore, you can easily find all sorts of Happy New Year 2024 GIF video content at GfyCat. The best part is that all the GIFs that are hosted here are freely available and can be directly downloaded on your system or mobile from its website.

gfycat new year gifs

Pick 8: GIF Images: Handpicked GIFs for New Year Wishes

To find some professional or personal Happy New Year GIF videos, you can also head to GIF Images. As the name suggests, you can find all kinds of images, GIFs, and video content here. The collection is not so overwhelming as these GIFs are solely dedicated to festive occasions like New Year, Christmas, Easter, and so on.

gif images new year gifs

Part 2:Here's How to Make An Interesting New Year GIF Video Immediately!

As you can see, there can be so many resources and websites from where you can download Happy New Year GIF videos. Apart from that, you can also come up with some of your own new year wishes. To do that, you first need to collect all the assets (like videos, photos, or GIFs) and use a reliable editing tool. If you think the process sounds complicated, then you can just go through these steps to create some amazing new year GIF videos.

Step1 Collect All Sorts of Assets

Before you use any video editing tool, make sure that you have all the vital assets already downloaded on your system. For instance, you can look for numerous images, soundtracks, GIFs, or video clips from various websites and apps. Here are some recommended options that you can consider for making your Happy New Year 2024 video or GIF.


happy new year cute tonton friends gif

happy new year fireworks new year gif

new year happy new year firecracker celebrate gif

happy new year eve happy new year gif

primark party celebration

happy new year years

new year happy frohes neues

happy new year snoopy charlie brown

animation snow new year

happy new year eve

Step2 Start Working on your Video/GIF on Filmora

While there are plenty of media editing tools out there, I would recommend using Wondershare Filmora to create all kinds of new year GIF videos. The application is super easy to use and would let you import all kinds of videos, images, GIFs, and other media files. Besides that, it also features an extensive range of readily available assets that you can use to come up with numerous GIFs and videos.

You can start by launching Wondershare Filmora on your system and just go to its Menu > File > Import to load the downloaded assets. You can also drag your media files and drop them to the interface of Filmora. Later, you can drop the media files (like videos, images, or soundtracks) on the timeline at the bottom.

import media file to filmora

Once all the media assets are added, you can use the inbuilt features of Filmora to trim, split, or perform all kinds of other edits on the loaded file.

split audio files

In the same way, you can also select the video and go to its properties to rotate, flip, or scale your videos/GIFs however you like.

rotate clips

If you want, you can just click on the crop icon just above the timeline to get a dedicated window. Here, you can crop your video manually or select a preferred aspect ratio for the Happy New Year GIF video.

crop zoom interface

The best part about Filmora is that it offers tons of other assets like filters, transitions, animations, caption effects, and more. You can get a preview of these effects from the sidebar and readily import them to your video project.

sort group effects

Similarly, there are all kinds of AI and AR integrated features in Filmora that you can use to improve the aesthetic appeal of your videos. For instance, you can explore the wide range of AR stickers and just include them in your videos automatically.

add ar sticker to video

There are all kinds of inbuilt assets (like sound effects) that you can explore in Filmora. Here, you can drag and drop any sound effect and can even use the inbuilt features of Filmora to add voiceovers to your videos.

select theme music

Besides that, you can also take the assistance of other features of Filmora like motion tracking, keyframing, color grading, speed control, and so on to make your Happy New Year GIF video look more interesting.

Step3 Export the Video in a Preferred Format and Share it

That’s it! After applying all these amazing effects and features in your video, you can get its preview on the native interface of Filmora. If you are satisfied with it, then you can just click on the “Export” button from the top. This will open a new window, letting you select a preferred format to save your video (like GIF or MP4).

save in the right format

You can also pick a preferred location where you want to save your Happy New Year GIF video and also select its resolution/dimensions.


● That’s a wrap, everyone! After going through 8 different websites, you would be able to find some of the best Happy New Year GIF videos for sure. From Tenor to Giphy, I have listed all kinds of websites from where you can download new year GIF videos as per your requirements. Though, if you want to come up with some interesting new year video greetings of your own, then consider trying Wondershare Filmora. It features a wide range of assets and other resources that would let you come up with all kinds of video greetings for the coming year in no time.

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