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Best 8 Educational Video Websites for Teachers

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 06, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

The examples below are the only few that are possible to find on the internet and offer a thousand free educational videos usable in the classroom or online classroom. It's up to you if you can use or follow all the websites I provide. Of course, the internet offers unlimited help for teachers to tap into, but it has dangers around quality, inappropriate content, advertisement, and copyrights. Double-check everything before you use in your classes and show it to your students.

In this article
  1. Khan Academy
  2. SchoolTube
  3. TeacherTube
  4. TED-Ed
  5. Crash Course
  6. National Geographic Kids
  7. NeoK12
  8. Discovery Education

Khan Academy (

Provides a free personalized learning resource for all ages. Khan Academy also offers different exercises and instructional videos that empower the students to study at their own pace inside the classroom or outside. For the students who want to learn something, these are the following subjects they tackle: Science, Mathematics, History, Economics, Reading & Language, Life Skills, and more.

khan academy

They are working hard to ensure that Khan Academy gives teachers of all stripes the tools they need to understand better the students' activities and how to assist them effectively. The Khan Academy teacher dashboard offers an overview of the overall performance of the class as well as comprehensive student profiles. Khan Academy is free, and anyone can learn anything. They are nonprofit because, according to Khan Academy, they believe in free, world-class education anywhere.

Is Khan Academy suitable for learning?

An excellent and convenient resource for academic study is Khan Academy. Anyone who desires to study may benefit from Khan, even though it is specially designed for kids in grade school through the college level stage. The website has several fantastic features, like the ability to enable subtitles for each video and the availability of the whole Khan Academy course in at least 18 other languages.

However, it would be convenient if the text-only material could use the built-in text-to-speech feature. Students may now access all courses using the Khan Academy app, which also enables downloading for offline learning. It's doubtful that many students will open Khan Academy and be eager to start using it because its organization and interface are both rather formal, and its activities are simple.

SchoolTube (

- is a secure platform for sharing videos without distraction-causing side video suggestions and advertising. Teachers and students can upload a YouTube video to their SchoolTube playlist. Still, all ancillary material, including advertising that would typically be included on the YouTube website, has been stripped off.

school tube

Many choices are available on the SchoolTube website, including the ability to submit movies, screenshot a device's display, record video inside the application, add attachments to films, and add a video quiz. Further exploration of the application reveals more possibilities for the editor. SchoolTube is suitable for teachers and students since it lets them contribute or make their movies with brand-new features that encourage more interactive learning in a secure digital setting.

Is SchoolTube suitable for learning?

This product is an excellent place to submit student-made movies or to obtain videos related to your classroom topics. The subject or topic they are discussing can be used to filter channels for students and teachers. I think it is a fantastic alternative to using YouTube, a more restricted site in the classroom. When you require students to watch films related to the ideas you are discussing, SchoolTube is a terrific resource to use. It is a safer or more closely supervised website than YouTube.

TeacherTube (

- is an online community for sharing instructional videos. They seek to offer a safe venue or site for teachers, schools, and students to access educationally focused videos. Currently, they provide an incredible 60 topics or subjects for all ages from Science, Math, History, Social Studies, Language & Arts, and more. They also have educational songs for kids and programming languages for the higher level. TeacherTube also provides anytime, anywhere professional development for teachers. And the site where teachers can post educational videos on their own designed for students to view to learn a concept or skill.

teacher tube

Is TeacherTube suitable for learning?

Despite being helpful in situations with no access to YouTube, this has a restricted search function. For each topic searched, there are just a few relevant search results. Results might range widely in terms of quality. If required, this would be a helpful resource, but it might be even better if it were more thorough.

TED-Ed (

- the videos and courses on TED-Ed may be used to supplement practically any topic by adding video learning, knowledge tests, and conversation prompts. Students are likely to get immediately engaged with the content because it is outstanding and comes from some of the top brains in the world. Videos are excellent for group viewing or use in flipped classrooms.

ed ted

You can use TED-Ed's videos and lessons to supplement almost any subject with video learning, basic knowledge checks, and discussion questions. Browse by topic or subtopic or search by keyword. You can filter by target age, content type, subtitles, etc. The content is remarkable and comes from some of the world's best minds, and the students will likely engage with it immediately. Videos can be great to watch as a class or to include as part of a flipped classroom.

Is Ted-Ed suitable for learning?

TED-Ed is a fantastic tool for students and instructors searching for inspiration, knowledge, and perhaps even some fun, thanks to the high-quality videos and the vast library of lesson ideas. The cartoons and films are just as well-made and engaging as some of the most remarkable television programming. The website presents a complicated subject intelligently, while a few students may feel bored or annoyed with videos on more advanced topics.

Crash Course ( )

Can provide a free high-quality educational video on various subjects. Crash Course also alters the traditional textbook model by presenting information in a fast-paced format to enhance students' learning experience. With the help of the Crash Course team, they created different kinds of videos on 21 subjects for high school and college learners.

crash course

Primary and Intermediate or grade school students can also use this site. According to Crash Course, they also have hundreds of millions of views on their YouTube channel. While the show is a beneficial tool for teachers and students, it also has an extensive viewership of casual learners seeking online educational content independently.

Is Crash Course suitable for learning?

The sarcastic tone and rapid speed of Crash Course will undoubtedly keep students intrigued, but the material is often dubious, and the videos offer primarily passive learning. Each Crash Course video's host is enthusiastic about the subject. The majority of the Crash Course videos are pretty accurate. However, in an attempt to simplify topics, several Crash Course Kids videos fall short.

National Geographic Kids (

It offers educational videos, games, and other activities, especially on animals and the natural world. The students will enjoy playing games with simple instructions and a range of difficulties and frequently practice memory, logic, and other skills. They can contribute to the site by leaving some comments, taking quizzes, viewing user photos, and sharing their own.

national geographic kids

Is National Geographic Kids suitable for learning?

The National Geographic Kids website is easy to navigate and contains exciting materials for students, while some content isn't properly structured and may be challenging to find. Clicking on a menu choice at the top of the screen leads you to a related page, but lingering over that same option brings up extra alternatives that you wouldn't see if you clicked. Keyword searches and links supplied by the teacher will be helpful here. For example, the site has tools such as a Homework Help section that teaches kids how to be an expert fact-checker, write an animal report, and more. Still, it's not precisely apparent how to get there unless you search for it.

NeoK12 (

Uses educational videos and animations for the students. It is a great way to learn, allowing the students to build a visual model in their minds by watching their videos. The graphical representation of the ideas aids their comprehension, piques their interest, and promotes self-directed learning in each learner. Educational videos in NeoK12 and games are possibly one of the most effective learning tools. Even the higher levels of students will find the platform enriching and entertaining. NeoK12's website also features tools not only for learners but also for teachers.

neo k12

Is NeoK12 suitable for learning?

This platform is a rather extensive library of interesting educational tools, and the films and brain games are both free and well worth a look. Kids may augment the movie with other resources, such as interactive diagrams, flowcharts, fun, and puzzles, for a relatively inexpensive monthly charge. The films are simple teaching tools that usually contain supplementary resources that help youngsters to put what they've learned into practice. There are various "Universe" films, for example, under the Earth and Space area. Children who watch these films may also access relevant games, diagrams, activities, and photographs to prepare presentations.

Discovery Education (

Has made a name for itself as the top supplier of digital content, curriculum resources, and professional development for grades K–12. Discovery Education is used by almost 5.6 million students in Canada, all 50 states, and other countries. Why not give it a shot in the Philippines or somewhere else in Asia?

discovery education

Teachers can use the free resources on Discovery Education to enhance their existing curriculum from the Grade School Level up to High School Level. An example of a tool with this platform is the Puzzlemaker, whose vocabulary makes crosswords and other types of puzzles. They can also be assigned specific videos or interactive activities to introduce new ideas at home.

Is Discovery Education suitable for learning?

Discovery Education is an excellent free resource. The commercial edition has considerably more resources, and after using it, I sincerely wished they would make it accessible for free or at a lower cost. The items aimed at students are straightforward and uninspiring; the website is intended for teachers. I would love to see them unlock more of the stuff that is locked behind the barrier, maybe in a cyclical manner where some films or resources are made available for free for a month at a time.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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