Filmora - AI Video Editor
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Navigating Filmora

Open Filmora on your computer. The Startup window will appear and you will see three sections: the Project section, the Tools section, and the News section.

Filmora Startup Window

Filmora X Startup Screen Interface

Note: This screenshot of the Startup window is from Filmora Version 10.4. If you don't see this Startup window, please upgrade to the latest version, and then go to File -> Preferences -> General tab, to enable this startup window when Wondershare Filmora launches, you’ll see it the next time you open Filmora.

Filmora X Preference Settings

1. Project Section

The Project section consists of three parts that allow you to create a new project or open a previous one quickly:

  • New Project

Select the desired aspect ratio from the dropdown menu and then click on New Project to enter the editing interface and start working on your new project.

Filmora X Project Section

  • Open Project

Click Open Project to choose from the projects (.wfp files) saved on your computer.

  • Project Library

In the Project Library section, you will see your most recent projects in chronological order from the most recent to the last. Double click on a project to open it. You can also delete projects by clicking the Trash icon on the right side of the window.

You can click the Grid icon to change from List view to Grid and find your project quickly. Also, you can type a project name in the search bar to find it faster.

Filmora X change project display

2. Tools Section

Filmora has added shortcuts to some popular tools in the Startup window, allowing you to use them faster.

Auto Highlight: Analyze and extract highlights from a clip automatically.

PC Screen: Record PC screen, microphone or system audio.

Instant Cutter: trim and merge large video files quickly without quality loss.

3. News Section

The News section will show you some of the latest Filmora features, creative video tutorials, video editing tips and tricks, as well as our latest video campaigns and contests.

Editing Interface

No matter which project option you choose, you will enter the editing mode:

Filmora9 Main Interface

  • 1. Media Library: After you import your source files, they will show in the Media Library. There are also some sample videos and colors available.
  • 2. Preview Window: The Preview Window shows how you play the video in the Timeline. The position of the playhead is shown in the time code in the lower right corner. You can enter a new time code to jump to a specific point in the video. Below the time code, you'll find the snapshot button, which can save a full-resolution still frame and automatically add it to the Media Library as an image.
  • 3. Toolbar: The Toolbar provides easy access to some editing tools. You can quickly cut, crop your video or change its speed by these quick options on the Toolbar.
  • 4. Timeline: The Timeline is where you assemble the media files and effects for your video project.
  • When your mouse is under the horizontal scrolling mode, you can scroll the mouse horizontally, and then the timeline will move to the left or right accordingly.
  • If you are using a laptop, you can move the timeline to the left or right by right-clicking and dragging left or right on the touchpad.

Action Cam Editing

Filmora also has a number of features tailored to GoPro and action cam footage, and an Instant Cutter to trim the clip without losing any quality. Please visit this Action Camera Video Editing guide to learn more.

Dark & Light Mode

To toggle between Light and Dark mode, go to File -> Preferences -> General and choose Light Mode or Dark Mode under Appearance.

Filmora change mode

This is what the light mode looks like.

Filmora light mode

Note: If you choose System Default, the skin color will be consistent with your operating system after restarting the program.