Text and titles

Wondershare Filmora lets you easily and quickly create beautiful-looking text & titles,with animated text effects such as headings and dialog balloons. You can also add captions as well as Intro and credit. In this guide you will learn how to:

1. Add Text Effect

You can add a title for your video using the various text effects Filmora offers. To do so, drag and drop an effect from the text effect library and double tap on it to edit the text.

2. Remove Text Effect

To remove a text effect, simple select it and hit Delete on your keyboard, or you can click the DELETE button in the menu section or right click and choose DELETE.

3. Favorite Text Effect

To favorite a text, right click on the text and select ADD TO FAVORITES.

4. Add Multiple Text Tracks

Click on the Track Manager in the lower left corner of your timeline and then choose the number of text tracks you want in the window that pops up. You can add up to 5 text tracks.

multi text layers

5. Apply opener and end credit

Please go to Text/Credit, choose a text effect from Opener. After that, drag the video right next to the opener. It will create an intro with pure text and color background.


Go to END CREDITS, and choose a credit to add to the end of the video.

6. Add plain text

To add a plain text title starting before the video, please follow these instructions:

1.Go to Media library and find the folder named Sample color.

2.Drag the black color or other color at the beginning of the timeline.

3.Go to Text/Credit section, select a text template and apply it.

4.Drag the edge of the sample color/ text forward or backward to change the duration.


7. Add a customized font

To add a customized font, please download and install the font file in your operation system first. And then follow below instruction to find the added font.


You can enter the words you want into the input box

Note: Currently Filmora supports to add the font format includes .OTF/ .TTF /.TTC only.

8. Save custom text as preset

There are two ways to save the custom text as preset. Please follow below instructions.

1.After you apply the text to the timeline, double click it.

2.You can make the Basic settings in the pop-up window, including changing fonts, size, color, animation...etc.

3.Select Save as Preset, give it a name, press OK button. Or you can select Advanced button to continue advanced text editing, press Save as preset button at the bottom of the timeline, give it a name, press OK to save it.

save-as-preset-basic save-as-preset-advanced

4.The preset will be saved in CUSTOM folder under TEXT/CREDIT,you can apply it to all the projects for direct use whenever you need.


9. Other advanced settings

To learn more about the advanced settings, please click here to check the video tutorial in details.