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What Are the Best Site to Promote YouTube Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

YouTube is the second largest search engine next to google. People upload more than 100 hours of video per minute to YouTube. It's one of the best ways to communication to wide audience, whether you're promoting programs or providing information to Student.

Nowadays vlogging is the most popular thing people do. It can be entertainment, products reviews, lifestyle vlogs, pranks etc.

Many of you asking what are the best site to promote YouTube videos? That's what we're going to talk about here. It is very important to promote our YouTube channel so that we can get a large audience and many will know about the video we are making.

Promotion is making sure that your content has a chance to earn new subscriber. Your content still might spread on its own, but talking care to promote your content with these websites to promote YouTube videos will certianly be worth it.

In this article
  1. 1. Best Site to Promote YouTube Videos
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Twitter
    4. Tumblr
  2. 2. Share with Your Family and Friends
  3. 3. Edit to Promote Quality Videos

1. Best Site to Promote YouTube Videos

❶ Facebook

Facebook is a website that allow people to share pictures, music, videos and article, as well as their thoughts and opinion. It's a great platform for sharing information about your videos because anyone can see your public post which includes your name, profile pictures and other activity.

Of all the social networks, Facebook exposes your business to the broadcast audience and offers the most comprehensives set of business tools because promoting your video online is also a business.

As the largest and first social media to achieve mainstream success, Facebook offers the most integrated tools compared to other platforms, including follow button, share button account logins, photo and video sharing. These tools can lead your audience back to your videos and other online content you want to highlight.


There you can create your Facebook page where you can post or share your videos from YouTube or you can regularly post you online content or business.

facebook page

❷ Instagram

Instagram is a great place for promoting your YouTube channels or videos. With millions of users and a variety of ways to share content and connect with your audience, it should be own of the most important marketing channels.

Using Instagram for promoting videos can drive brand awareness, boost audience, and build and track audience engagement. It's an excellent way to find audiences or subscriber where they're already spending time. It can also provide valuable audience insight to use with all your marketing plan and strategies.

You can post a teaser of your vlog, product promotion and a story for you next video.


❸ Twitter

Another online flat form is Twitter with more than 300 million active users, Twitter is an excellent online platform where you can post and share your YouTube video links. Twitter has always been a highly sociable channel, people go to see and participate in the conversation about what's going on in the world.


There you can post links of your video so your follower or audience will directly go to your YouTube channel. Make a good or catchy description so that your follower will know what video all about.

You can also put link of your YouTube channel on the Bio.


❹ Tumblr

They say Tumblr is like Instagram but one of the main difference was the freedom of content. Instagram has always been very strict regarding shocking content. In Tumbler people allowed to post whatever inspires them without feeling limited. Offers tagging system that you can use alongside posting your videos to make sure it gets to the right people.


In this regarding you can post or share you video link so you can promote your created videos

2. Share with Your Family and Friends

You can always share your videos with your own family and friends via social media or messenger, direct message your video link to your friend and ask them to subscribe or share to their timeline. Family and Friend are great free way to promote your YouTube videos.

3. Edit to Promote Quality Videos

When you promoting a video on the online platform, make sure that you edit the videos well and properly, so that you can attract more audience or susbcriber for you channel.

Video Editing is usually considered to be one of the part post production process in your vlogging career. It is important that you find video editing software that is easy to use, variety of options and time consuming.

So here is my video editing software recommendation that even beginners can afford to follow.

Wondershare Filmora

I have personally used this software application for my vlog editing and found it very easy to use, one of the user friendly editor, there is a huge variety of options that you can apply to make your videos nice and attractive. Filmora is one of my favorite video editor software because of impressive tools to use to level up your video's, so if you're looking for a powerhouse editor you'd be consider this software.

Free Download
Free Download

Filmora is good video editor specially to beginners, the editing tools and built in effects and templates of Filmora are totally free to use.

Filmora offers a 30-day free trial to download, there will be a watermark in the exported video but if you want to remove watermarks you need to subscribe for a very low price.


It is important that you know which online platform you can promote YouTube videos or even your YouTube channels, online business and online content. That these online platforms will definitely help you attract more audience or subscribers and to inform that you have a YouTube channel.

As a result, you should regularly promote your YouTube videos to your social media to encourage your followers to become subscriber, make a point to let your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr know about it.

Don't forget to interact with your audience, don't be shy to ask your audience or community to subscribe and interact through shout outs, comments, subscriptions and by asking question or soliciting ideas.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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