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YouTube Shorts Revenue Sharing Explained: How Much Will I Make?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 01, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

YouTube Shorts have become a craze in the recent past as creators try to get the best out of them. These are short, vertical videos that are 60 seconds long. Originally a way of YouTube attempting to compete with TikTok, Shorts have become a household name. However, are YouTube shorts monetized? Can you get paid for YouTube shorts? The increasing interest in monetizing Shorts has inspired many creators working on their video creation. This article answers the question of can YouTube Shorts be monetized and explains how the revenue-sharing model works.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Unveiling the Mystery of YouTube Shorts Revenue Sharing
  2. Part 2. YouTube Shorts Monetization: Eligibility Criteria and Earnings Potential
  3. Part 3. How to Start Earning from YouTube Shorts
  4. Part 4. Edit Your YouTube Videos to Shorts with Wondershare Filmora
  5. Conclusion
YouTube Shorts Editor
A cross-platform helps creators edit the vertical videos quickly and easily!
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Part 1. Unveiling the Mystery of YouTube Shorts Revenue Sharing

YouTube launched the Shorts platform in 2021, which gained popularity within a short period. By the end of the first year, some videos had racked up more than half a billion views and counties. This begged the question: can you get paid from YouTube shorts?

youtube shorts

Yes, YouTube updated its Partner Program, allowing the revenue-sharing model to benefit Shorts creators. The platform pools all the money it gets from advertisers every month from the Shorts feeds. It then shares that money with creators based on the number of views. Since the launch of this program in February 2023, the previous YouTube Shorts Fund became defunct.

The ad revenue-sharing model on YouTube Shorts may seem complex, but let’s break it down

  • Every month YouTube pools all the revenue it generates from ads that appear in the Shorts feed.
  • YouTube calculates that is going to the Creators Pool. A chuck of this money goes towards paying for songs used in YouTube Shorts. For instance, only a third of the ad revenue generated from a Shorts goes to the Creator Pool if it used two songs while the rest goes to paying for the music.
  • YouTube divides the Creator pool depending on the number of views they contributed. If a creator generated 5% of the Shorts views during a period, they are assigned 5% of the Creator Pool.
  • From that amount, YouTube keeps 55% of its share while you get paid the remaining 45%. If a creator’s 5% amounted to $800, then they will receive $360.

So, is YouTube shorts monetized? Yes, the ads-sharing model defines the amount of money a creator can earn from Shorts every month. Depending on the number of views generated, high-performing Shorts can bring in a huge amount of money.

Part 2. YouTube Shorts Monetization: Eligibility Criteria and Earnings Potential

YouTube Shorts provides creators with an exceptional way of making extra income. Let’s have a look at what it takes and what the numbers say:

Eligibility Criteria

If you are wondering, can I monetize YouTube shorts? To start earning ad revenue from Shorts, you need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) This is the gateway to YouTube monetization opportunities. With the latest YouTube shorts monetization 2023 policy, the platform lowered the eligibility criteria.

youtube shorts monetization

To be eligible to the YPP, you will need:

  • At least 500 Subscribers
  • At least 3,000 valid public hours in the last 12 months, or
  • At least 3M valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days

This means that your YouTube channel must have gained some traction before monetizing your shorts. The following YouTube short monetization 2023 requirements are also needed:

  • Live in a region where the YPP is available
  • Comply with YouTube’s channel monetization policies
  • Have no Community Guidelines strikes on your channel
  • Have an active AdSense account
  • Have 2-step verification turned on for your Google account

How Much Can You Earn With Shorts

YouTube Shorts have the potential to make a huge amount of money for creators. In fact, YouTube monetize Shorts in a quite generous way. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of the numbers:

  • James Seo (573,000 subscribers) - Earned $445.09 from 10.3 million Shorts views
  • Riley Lemon (84,000 subscribers) - Earned $76.23 from 1.9 million Shorts views
  • Matthew King (212,000 subscribers) – Earned $163.73 from 4.2 million Shorts views
  • Hassan Khadair (2.1 million subscribers) – Earned $872.14 from 22 million Shorts views

Part 3. How to Start Earning from YouTube Shorts

Eligible creators start earning from YouTube Shorts when they opt-in to the program. You need to make sure you are eligible and agree to start receiving revenue from your creations.

Are You Eligible for YouTube Shorts Earnings?

Shorts creators growing their channel and are yet to meet the minimum requirements can track their eligibility status by selecting “Notify me when I’m eligible” in YouTube Studio’s Earn section.

youtube shorts monetization eligibility

When you become eligible, follow these steps to apply for the YPP program:

  • Sign in to YouTube on a computer or the YouTube Studio app on a mobile
  • Click on your profile picture, and choose YouTube Studio
  • Click Earn on the left menu, then select Apply
  • Click Start to review your eligibility and accept the base terms
  • Click Start to set up an AdSense account. You may also choose to link an existing active one.
  • Your application will be in Progress in the Get Reviewed step.

Once you have completed these steps, your YouTube Channel will be reviewed. You can expect to hear a decision within a month of enrolling you in the program.

How to opt in for YouTube Shorts Monetization

After being approved and enrolled in the YPP program, you need to opt in to monetize your channel. Remember that you will not be automatically signed up for the ad revenue-sharing model. Here are a few more steps you need to take:

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio
  • Select Earn in the left menu
  • Click Get Started for every module to review and accept their terms
  • Accept the Base Terms and the Shorts Monetization Module to monetize Shorts

Once your Shorts are monetized, track the progress and amount of money earned through YouTube Analytics.

Other Ways to Monetize YouTube Shorts

The YPP program is the only ad-based monetization option for YouTube Shorts. However, there are other ways of earning:

  • Selling Subscription Memberships: Turn your YouTube to membership and charge monthly payments in exchange for perks like badges and exclusive content.
  • Monetize Livestreams: Features such as super stickers and super chat allow creators to make money when fans pay to send highlighted messages.
  • Selling Merchandise and Products: Make additional income by selling branded merchandise like apparel or product lines in your content niche.
  • Secure Paid Brand Partnerships: Interacting directly with brands and negotiating sponsorship deals.
  • Join an Affiliate Program: An affiliate program will pay you revenue associated with clicks to links hosted on your channel.

Part 4. Edit Your YouTube Videos to Shorts with Wondershare Filmora

To earn more from your YouTube Shorts, you need quality content that keeps your viewers entertained. With Shorts having a limit of 60 seconds, you want to make sure that you cover the most essential footage. Wondershare Filmora is a versatile video editing software that helps creators edit their vertical videos quickly and easily. The mobile app is specifically great for editing shorts on the go:

Free Download
Free Download

Editing your videos with Filmora is quite straightforward. One of the features that work well for YouTube shorts is the Auto Reframe.

Auto Reframe

The Auto Reframe feature allows creators to resize videos automatically with no editing skills needed. This is a great tool for converting your horizontal YouTube videos to Shorts format. It also boosts your potential audience while saving you precious time and effort you would have used editing. To use this feature, choose any of the following options:

1. Open Filmora and Select Auto Reframe

After opening Filmora, head over to the main interface. You will find the Auto Reframe option on the right side. Click on it to open the reframing feature.

auto reframe 1

2. Launch Directly from the Video

Click File, followed by Import Media. Select the file that you gave imported in the timeline and right-click on it. Then select Auto Reframe.

auto reframe 2

3. Use the Tools Option

You may also use the Auto Reframe feature by clicking on the Tools feature on the top menu bar. Then click on Auto Reframe.

auto reframe 3

Other Filmora Features for Editing Shorts

  • Split Screen Video EditorA choice of pre-made templates to create split-screen videos instantly.
  • Add Text to VideoDirectly add texts to your videos, including subtitles and captions.
  • Text To SpeechInstantly convert your text files to voice and introduce more elements that will enrich your Shorts video.


YouTube Short’s revenue-sharing programs offer a great opportunity for creators specializing in short-form content to earn money on the platform. Once eligible for the YPP program, you can start earning a nice cash bonus monthly. However, you will need to create quality content that keeps your audience entertained and engaged. We recommend using Wondershare Filmora to edit your Shorts and make them more relatable to the audience,

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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