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How to Create Video Ads for Free in YouTube Video Builder

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Many people find it challenging to create compelling video advertisements for their brand promotions. While some of the creative tools might be expensive, the easy ones have a steep learning curve, and engaging a professional designer wouldn’t be something you might be ready for. YouTube Video Builder is a great solution for any such situation.

With that being said, the following sections talk about what YouTube Video Builder is, how is it useful, what advantages does it offer, and how can you create professional video adverts using the tool.

Part 1: What Is YouTube Video Builder?

YouTube recently came up with an online tool, YouTube Video Builder, that, as the name suggests, enables you as an organization to prepare videos for free. These videos could be anywhere from 6 to 15 seconds long and are most appropriate for advertisements. Once created, the films can be used in the campaigns to promote your brand and/or products online.

However, you must keep the following few things handy before starting with YouTube Video Builder to prepare a video advertisement:

  • Logo

You must have a good-quality photo of your brand logo that you want to add to the video as a watermark. This gives your organization online recognition.

  • HD Images

At the time of this writing, YouTube Video Builder only allows you to add still images. The tool compiles these photos using a theme that you select, and enables you to add background music to make the advert more engaging. Therefore, it is imperative to have high-definition images of your product(s) that you want to create a promotional video for.

  • Google Chrome Browser

You must have the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser installed on your computer.

  • YouTube Channel

Because YouTube Video Builder will publish your video advertisements on YouTube itself, you must have your own YouTube Channel created, configured, and properly functioning so the posting process remains smooth and seamless.

  • Availability of the Tool and Features

YouTube Video Builder is still in the Beta phase, and therefore you may not have access to all the features that the tool has to offer. However, this majorly depends on the region of your residence. As of now, the utility is not even available in some countries of the world.

Part 2: How Does YouTube Video Builder Work?

As explained earlier, YouTube Video Builder is an online tool that works on the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. The web interface of the utility has separate blocks (or placeholders if you want to call them) for different types of images. For instance, there is a placeholder for your logo, and a couple of other blank slots where you can import the photos from your computer.

There are some text input fields that you can populate with the relevant information such as the name of the video, the product’s name that you wish to promote, and many other things. There is a storyboard at the bottom of the interface that helps give your video a theme and the alignment of the ingredients that you have imported from your computer.

Finally, you can add background music to the video from the royalty-free tracks that can be accessed from the built-in library, and you are all set to go.

Part 3: How Can I Get YouTube Video Builder?

Because YouTube Video Builder is in its Beta phase, at the time of this writing you are required to send an access request to Google using your account that you want to use to create the videos from. You can send your requests to:

Once your request is approved, you can then use the same Google account to sign in to the YouTube Video Builder portal, and start preparing your video advertisements. Here, it is important to understand that the Google account that you use to send an access request and prepare the videos must be the same ID that has your active and functional YouTube Channel.

Part 4: How to Make Video Ads for Free with YouTube Video Builder?

Once you have access to the Beta version of YouTube Video Builder, you can start creating the video ads for free. You can learn the process of how this can be done by following the simple instructions given below:

Step 1: Prepare a Console

After signing in to your YouTube Video Builder account, on the main interface, click Select Layout from the navigation bar at the right if not already selected, pick a layout that best suits your needs, and click Use Layout.

 YouTube Video Builder

Next, from the Color & Logo section, choose the base (background) and text colors using their corresponding tools from under the Brand colors section.

Create video with YouTube Video Builder

After this, insert an image of your brand logo in the block under the Logos category.

Create video with YouTube Video Builder

Step 2: Add the Ingredients

When you are on the Images & Text section of the navigation bar, pick the high-definition photos from the Storyboard at the bottom, and add them to the Image 1, Image 2, and Image 3 boxes accordingly.

Create video with YouTube Video Builder

Now, scroll down to the Text section, and add the relevant content in the available text input fields. Make sure to add a compelling Call to action text to give the viewers a free passage to connect with you.

Create video with YouTube Video Builder with CTA

Step 3: Make Cosmetic Manipulations

From the Pick a Font section of the navigation bar, click the Google Fonts catalog link to search for a unique font, and once found, type its name in the available field to use that font.

Create video with YouTube Video Builder - change font

Alternatively, you can leave the default one selected. When on the Select Music section, choose your preferred background music from the drop-down list that is present under the section.

Create video with YouTube Video Builder with music

Finally, click Create video, and wait while YouTube Video Builder takes you to the Preview, Save, Share section, and generates your video.

 YouTube Video Builder Video create video

Step 4: Save the Video and Begin Promotion

After the video is generated, play to preview the film. If everything looks good, click Save video.

 YouTube Video Builder Video Preview and Save

On the next page, click Copy to copy the video link, and share it with your friends, colleagues, and family members for their feedback.

 YouTube Video Builder Video Copy Link

Next, scroll down to get to the Create Campaign section of the navigation bar, and from the left screen, click Create campaign to begin a campaign to promote your brand and/or product(s).

 YouTube Video Builder Video Create Campaign

Part 5: Tips for Making Good Video Ads with YouTube Video Builder

The whole point here is to prepare your video adverts with the least investment and almost no effort. The following few tips would help you achieve this with ease:

  • Make sure to gather all the ingredients such as the photos of the products, brand logo, etc. before starting with the video creation process
  • Set a layout, font, theme color, and background music that compliments the product(s) you wish to promote
  • Remain consistent with the theme color, fonts, etc. throughout the video
  • Make sure to include a catchy ‘Call for action’ text in your video ad
  • Make as many modifications as you want before publishing the ad on your YouTube Channel. Avoid doing any amendments after the ad has been posted
  • Share the link of your video with as many people as you possibly can to make your product(s) and brand visible and popular
  • Make sure to use the ad in your campaigns to make people aware of your brand/product(s)


The bitter truth is, producing videos, especially for brand promotions requires expert creators, expensive tools, and a good amount of work experience. Although all these can be managed if you have some spare funds, YouTube Video Builder helps you create advertising videos of up to 15 seconds with ease and for free. All you need is access to YouTube Video Builder, your own YouTube Channel, your brand logo, and high-definition photos of your product(s).

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