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Best Linux Audio Editor in 2023 [Free & Paid]

Have you been looking for audio editing software Linux? Looks like we have some help for you. Start reading the article and get all the answers.

Are you a professional audio editor? Or do you just like to create incredible music for fun? In any case, there is something that you must have. Well, no surprise, it's an Audio Editor. The market is packed with some brilliant audio editors supporting different systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

Can you name a great Linux audio editor if you are a Linux user? In case you don’t have the answer to this question, we can share something with you. The article understudy will shed light on 6 top audio editing software Linux, so let’s make a start. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

Part 1. 6 Best Linux Audio Editor [Free & Paid]

The market is full of good audio editors; the only difference is that some are free, whereas some are paid. If you are interested in learning about the best and most popular Linux MP3 editors, then let’s get started in no particular order.

1. Ardour 

Are you ready to learn about a Linux music editor that has multichannel tracks? We are talking about Ardour editor, the software that supports importing and exporting different file formats. This music editor offers features like automation, flexible recording, etc. Do you know you can also extract sound from videos by using Ardour on Linux? Isn’t this great?

ardour linux audio editor

Key Features

  • What is the coolest thing about Ardour? The software is extensible because of the plug-ins like LV2, LADSPA, LinuxVST, etc., and In-line plug-in controls.

  • The editor not only supports audio but also supports MIDI editing as well as recording. It offers non-linear editing along with non-destructive recording.

  • With Ardour, complex signal flows are made simple and elegant because of the interface. Moreover, you can easily connect output and input devices to hardware.

2. Audacity 

What’s next? Its Audacity Linux MP3 editor! This editor is a free, cross-platform, and open-source that works perfectly with Linux. The song editor supports a large number of keyboard shortcuts, and in addition to that, the keyboard can fully manipulate tracks and selections. Basic Features like Cut, Delete, Copy and Paste are offered by Audacity audio editor. There is nothing better than Audacity.

audacity mp3 editor

Key Features

  • Audacity offers Spectrogram View Mode and Spectrogram Window for visualizing and selecting frequencies and also for detailed frequency analysis.

  • Do you know the best part about Audacity? It promises to deliver high-quality sounds like 16-bit, 24-bit, and also 32-bit.

  • What else can Audacity offer? This Linux music editor supports a long list of plugins that include; LV2, LADSPA, Audio Unit Effects, VST, and Nyquist.

3. Rosegarden

Rosegarden is the next Linux sound editor in the line to be discussed. Have you ever heard about it before? If not, then let's tell you. The editor comes with cool features like track mixing, notation editing, recording, and some basic digital audio features are also supported. The best part about Rosegarden is that everyone can easily learn to use this editor. Impressed by this, right?

rosegarden linux mp3 editor

Key Features

  • This song editor is open source and free to use. Moreover, it has neither basic editing tools nor a fully-featured DAW; it stands somewhere in between.

  • Rosegarden is an internationally used editor; hence, it extends support to many languages, including French, Swedish, German, Czech, Russian, and others.

  • This editor provides various intuitive ways to edit and record. Along with this, features like mixing, using effects and samples, etc., are also offered.

4. Reaper

Can you name a Linux audio editor that supports modification and customization? Its Reaper editor. This audio editor allows MIDI recording, mixing, processing, editing, mastering, and whatnot. Above all, the editor is multitrack. Reaper has a simple and understandable interface that everyone can work with. This powerful audio editor is created by Cockos, and it is cross-platform. Want to know more about it? Go through the following features marked below:

reaper linux audio editor

Key Features

  • Can you identify the level of ease offered by Reaper? Well, this editor is as easy as dragging and dropping. For importing, rendering, and also arranging, just drag and drop things.

  • This audio editor is fully customizable. It lets you switch between the different layouts as per your task requirement.

  • With Reaper, you get hundreds of studio-quality effects. Along with this, various plugin effects are also supported like VST, LV2, AU, DX, etc.


Let's tell you about an audio editor made by musicians and made for musicians. For creating incredible music, LMMS is a great Linux song editor. Do you know why? This is because the list of features offered by the editor is unmatched. This cross-platform, open-source editor is widely used because of its modern, captivating, and intuitive interface. It surely is the best.

lmms linux interface

Key Features

  • Do you want to know something nice about LMMS? This editor offers a collection of instruments, effect plugins and also supports VST and SoundFont.

  • LMMS has a simple interface, yet heavy features are provided. For instance, sequencing, mixing, composing, and also automating songs with LMMS.

  • This editor easily imports MIDI files and also Hydrogen project files. Things like tune patterns, chords, melodies, notes, etc., can be edited with Piano Roll Editor.

6. Ocenaudio 

The discussion will come to an end after talking about the Ocenaudio Linux MP3 editor. Do you know that this is the best MP3 editor for Linux? The reason for this is that Ocenaudio is the fastest editor as well as recorder for Linux. Aren’t you surprised?

This audio editor provides trouble-free editing of the tracks. Ocenaudio editor is based on the Ocen Framework. Do you know the best part about using this Linux music editor? You can use this editor without any limits and can edit as many files as you want. Sounds perfect!

ocenaudio for linux users

Key Features

  • The fascinating thing about this editor is that it leaves the screen for editing. Whereas other tasks like adding effects, exporting tracks, etc., are done in the background.

  • Do you know anything interesting about this editor? Well, it’s cross-platform, and interestingly, it handles and efficiently edits large files.

  • Ocenaudio is the best editor for both beginners and professionals. It supports advanced features like spectrogram, VST, multi-select mode, and much more.

Bottom Line

For all Linux users and music lovers, this article has everything you need to know. We talked about the 6 best and most widely used Linux music editors along with their fascinating features. If any video editor is reading the article, we do have something for you too. Have you ever heard about Wondershare Filmora? It’s the best video editor you will ever come across for Windows and Mac.

The video editor offers Basic Features like Cut, Trim, Split, Merge, and others. What about Advanced Features? Well, Wondershare Filmora is packed with incredibly powerful tools and functions. For instance, try its AI Portrait feature, Auto Highlight, Auto Reframe, Normalization, Stabilize Video, and much more. Along with this, you can also get hands-on editing elements.

Do you know what elements we are talking about? With Filmora, you get cool video effects, amazing sound effects, different title templates, and transitions. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is an all-in-one editing software.

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