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iMovie Tutorial: How to Add Sound Effects in iMovie?

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May 16, 2023• Proven solutions

Among the many famous third-party applications, iMovie is one of the most popular ones in the market today. It offers several features that help in giving you the optimum experience of making a high-end product.

iMovie has some built-in features that could be used in the making of your project, such as soundtracks, sound effects, sound optimization, etc. These features make it different from other third-party applications.

This article will guide you on how to add an iMovie sound effect using an iOS or Mac device.

Part 1: How to Apply Sound Effects in iMovie?

There is one significant difference in adding an iMovie sound effect; the layout of the application among different devices like iOS and Mac. Even though the steps to add sound effects can be time-consuming, they are worth your time.

Upon opening the application, you might be wondering how to add sound effects to your project. Then don't worry! You have strolled to the right place to find out how to apply sound effects in iMovie. Following are some steps to use iMovie sound effects on iOS and Mac.

Section 1: Steps to apply sound effects in iMovie on iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Here are the steps to add sound effects to your project using an iOS device.

Step 1: Browse Sound Effects

To add sound effects, you have to place the white overhead to the specific scene in the timeline of your project where you want the sound effect to be heard. You can add it by tapping on the plus sign with the Add Media option. Choose Sound Effects from the given options and then browse through the variety to choose one of your choices.


Step 2: Add Sound Effects

You can even tap the iMovie sound effect to preview it before adding it to your project. After choosing one of the iMovie sound effects, tap on the Add Audio option next to the iMovie sound effect to add it to your project. And voila! You have successfully added a sound effect to your project.


Step 3: Adjustment of Volume

You can adjust the volume of both your project and the video you have added. For that, you have to tap on the timeline on your video, and a slider will appear. It will have the option to increase or decrease the volume of your project. However, a mute sign will appear if you drag the slider to the end of the left side.


Section 2: Steps to apply sound effects in iMovie on Mac

Even though iMovie works well on every Apple device, it works the best on Mac because of the variety of different options it offers to its user. It has twice as many options as it has in iOS. Following are the steps to add iMovie sound effects to your project on Mac.

Step 1: Add Sound Effects

The first step is to open your video in the timeline and then click on the option for Audio at the top of the screen. Choose the option for Sound Effects present on the left sidebar. After that, you will see a variety of sound effects. Hover the pointer over a jingle or sound clip in the list, then click the play button next to the sound clip to preview it. Choose one and drag it to the timeline.


Step 2: Adjustment of Volume

iMovie has a great feature of recommending where the volume needs adjustment. So, suppose you see the waveform in the color of red or yellow, which is different from the usual green undertone. In that case, it is better to fix the adjustment level of the volume wherever the color red or yellow is present.


Part 2: How to Remove Sound Effects in iMovie?

There might be different reasons you would want to remove the iMovie sound effects added to your project. Removing or adding an iMovie sound effect is probably one of the easiest things to do in a project. However, some people might think of it as a complex task, but don't worry!

Section 1: How to remove sound effects in iMovie on iOS

It is just as easy to remove a sound effect as it is to add them. Following are the steps to remove an iMovie sound effect from your project on iOS.

Step 1: Select the Audio

Open your project and select the sound effect in the timeline that you wish to remove.


Step 2: Remove the Sound Effect

When you tap on the audio in the timeline, a menu bar will pop up at the bottom, click on the scissor icon and then tap on the Delete option to remove it.


Section 2: How to remove sound effects in iMovie on Mac

Here are a few quick steps to remove iMovie sound effects using Mac.

Step 1: Select the Audio to Remove

The first step is to choose the audio from which you want to remove the iMovie sound effect. For that, click on the audio in your project. It will also highlight all the sound effects added in that specific audio and give you a clear view of where the sound effects are added. Click on the sound effect that you wish to remove. Now you've selected that specific sound effect.


Step 2: Remove the Sound Effect

Now the final part is to go to the Audio Effects option and then choose the option for None to remove whatever sound effect has been added to the soundtrack of your project. And there you go! You have now removed the sound effect from your project.


Part 3: Better Choice: Add Sound Effects with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an excellent and very famous editing application that is very similar to iMovie in several aspects. However, it might have a greater variety of sounds, effects, tracks, etc. It is popularly known for its catchy special effects. It also has a vast user base due to its user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, it has an extensive library that is continuously growing because of its developers adding new features now and then. The music library is entirely royalty-free, which is all the better for the user, intriguing them to use this application more often. It is the perfect plan you can get cheap as compared to other applications.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

Though it is similar to iMovie in many aspects, it still has a different layout. So that means it has various steps to add sound effects as well. Following are the steps jotted down for your ease to add sound effects to your project.

Step 1: Import Your Project

The initial step is to click on the Import option upon opening the application. Then choose the project that you want to work on. Or, you can drag your project file and drop it in the application to add it to your timeline to further edit your project.


Step 2: Add Sound Effect

After dropping the project in the timeline, click on the Audio option from the above pane to add a sound effect. Upon clicking on the option, you will see various sound effects to choose from to add to your project. Choose the most suited one for your project and click on the Play option to preview the sound. After choosing the one that you want, drag it to your timeline below your project.

Drop it under your video, and it will be added as new audio. Further adjustments should be made to adjust the sound effect according to your video. If you want to change the volume of the sound effect, then double-click on it to further modify your sound effect.


Step 3: Export the Final Product

After you are done with all the adjustments, click on the Export option on the top to save the final product.



That was all about adding and removing sound effects from your project in iMovie. And among the different alternatives, Wondershare Filmora is the best option. It is best to opt for Filmora if you want the same experience as you would get on iMovie.

Following all these simple steps would save your time and effort to do the simple task of adding or removing anything related to sound in your project. It would also ensure that the work is done correctly, and the final product is of high quality. Hence, making your project of premium quality.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

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