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8 Best Lyric Video Templates for After Effects

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Do you have any favorite songs? There are high chances that any user has made a lyrical video for it.

You must have noticed creative and crisp typography moving around the screen with the beats.

Such music publishers are quick to make videos with lyric video software and at a minimal cost than an average price of music video production. Lyric videos are viral on YouTube.

Are you aware of it and wonder how to make it? Here are 8 best lyric video templates to ease your worries.

Free Download 8 Best Lyric Video Templates

Below is a great lyric video example for you to enjoy.

1. Lyric Video Maker Template

Are you looking for a tool that lets you create lyric videos without struggling with After Effects in no time? Lyric Video Maker Template allows you to develop high-quality lyric video within 5 minutes.

To make a lyric video, download the Lyric Video Maker Template. Upload your track and add the After-Effect background.

Add background animation, and you may also play with the composition. Then, drag and drop the completely animated arrangements and customize the template with your lyrics.

Finally, render and publish your lyric videos on social platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, etc.

Lyric Video Maker Template

2. Hipster Labels

With Hipster Labels lyric video template, you can preview and enjoy unlimited downloads. Just sign in to the Envato and get going. You may also subscribe to unlock Hipter Labels after effect lyric video template.

Subscription also gives you access to 1,800,000 web, design & stock assets. To check out the full library, you need to create a free Envato account.

Once you log in to Envato, you can find several lyric video templates like Hipster Labels.

You may search from various categories and applications to select the right after effects lyric video template.

Hipster Labels

3. Neon Lyrics Template

For creating a mesmerizing lyrical video, choose the Neon Lyric Template. With the Built-in Color & FX Controls and Modular Structure, you can easily edit your project with zero hassles.

When you use hand-drawn animations, the lyric template becomes the perfect tool for creating music videos. You get color and effect control for each slide.

There are around 30 unique slides in HD resolution to fit in your favorite song. No plugins are required, and the Neon lyrics template works with all kinds of fonts.

Neon Lyrics Template

4. Flooded Painting Pro

Flooded Painting Pro lyric video template is a dynamic and modern after effect lyric video template.

You get animated tiles, customizable background, editable texts, place holder lyrics, and a great video tutorial. Even if you are a beginner with Adobe After Effects, the tutorial can help you to create a professional level lyric video in no time at all.

You need to buy the Flooded Painting Pro template at 49,00$.

Flooded Painting Pro

5. Lyric Slideshow

The Lyric Slideshow video template is one of the best when you think of creating a story with music. You can download previews without even logging into the site.

But, to customize the lyric slideshow video, you must buy the template. It is priced at $39. For love confessions or family introductions, the Lyric slideshow template is the best one to use.

The template can be easily customized due to its modular structure.

You need to add the video or image you wish to use, edit the texts, and finally include the audio to get the best results.

Note one thing that the image and music used while you check the preview is not available in the template.  

Lyric Slideshow

6. Lyrics Template Hand Drawn Style

Are you looking to add some personalized touch to your video? Hand-drawn style Lyrics template is the one you are looking for.

The Lyric template hand-drawn style is a powerful tool to impress your users. It is easy to use, as the text compositions are already animated.

So, you can choose any font for your tiles and also change its color according to your choice.

There’s a time set for each module that can be adjusted. According to the speed of your composition, your tile timer can be changed.

Adding additional effects or removing the ones present is also allowed when you opt for the hand-drawn style template. Download the After Effects lyric video template hand-drawn style to get started.

Lyrics Template Hand Drawn Style

7. 3D Lyrics

The 3D lyrics video template is one of its kind as it contains two projects under one model.

The first version is straightforward where you get to learn the steps like

  • how to edit texts
  • how to add images/music/logo
  • how to use controls
  • how to render video in any resolution and fps

and quickly get started even by any amateur after effect user.

But, the second version is a little complicated. It is a detailed version of the first one where you learn how a project is organized and how you should customize it.

It also has tips on how to create previews during customization in the least possible time.

You need to arrange the scenes you wish to use in final composition, import the audio, and edit the first, second, and third scene’s text. 

It allows you to change the background color, adjust controls like extrusion quality, etc. and ten other adjustment layers. Finally, render the video at a particular frame rate and resolution.

3D Lyrics

8. GTFO Lyric Video

GTFO lyric video template allows you to change your LOGO easily and animate or replace dummy text/lyrics with your content. You may also change color and background and create a magical piece of excellence.

This After Effects lyric video template is priced at $49.

It is a lyric catalyst that also offers in-depth video tutorials to help you create professionally challenging and unforgettable lyric videos.

GTFO Lyric Video


With some of the above most effective lyric video templates, you can create a difference in the boring text lyrics on screen.

Add animations, music, and other attractive effects to the lyrics of your song and elegantly reveal the words. Are you still waiting? Just pick any of the above templates to make your lyric video the best in the lot.

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Benjamin Arango
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