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How to Record A Call with Google Voice [on Phone & Desktop]

Are you looking for an application that enables you to record calls for future reference? If yes, then you should record your calls with Google Voice.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Many people think that the call-recording feature is only helpful to deal with stalkers and obsessive exes. However, there are several other reasons as well.

Call recording features help you in numerous ways such as conducting remote interviews, keeping track of verbal agreements, and recording important meetings for later reference. A myriad of applications are available on iPhone and android.

Since most voice recording applications are expensive, Google voice turns out to be one of the best apps to record calls.

Google voice recorder logo

What Is Google Voice?

The Google voice recording app is available on Android and iOS app stores and enables users to record calls, send text messages, customize voicemails, and save call recording transcripts. Previously, this app required a Google Voice invite code for registration. But, now as a Gmail user, you can download and record your calls with Google Voice for free.

How to Use Google Voice

When you will register with Google voice recorder, you will receive a mobile number that connects your work phone, desk phone, mobile phone, and even VoIP lines. Using this app, you can allocate different callers on different phones. Furthermore, the application enables you to record calls and save call transcripts.

How Does Google Voice Work?

When you create a new account on Google voice, you receive a phone number for voicemails, texts, and calls. The number enables you to make international and domestic calls from your mobile devices and web browser. Google audio recorder allows users to choose their existing number. Now let’s explore some features of Google Voice:

  • Call routing

  • Call blocking

  • Listen to voicemail before responding to a call

  • Voicemail transcripts

  • Google voice call recording

  • Conference calling

  • Choose a different ringtone for different users

  • Free PC to phone calls within North America

  • Free PC to PC video and voice calls

  • Receive notifications

How to Record Calls with Google Voice?

Google voice is a built-in recording tool for iOS and android devices. This tool enables you to capture and record calls so that you don’t miss any important conversations. For instance, if you are taking an on-call session with your professor, you can record your calls with Google Voice and save them for later reference.

Also, you can use Google voice recording as a default application for incoming calls. However, before that, you should enable the application from Settings. Follow these steps to record your calls with Google Voice:

  • Open the application and visit the homepage

  • From the upper left corner choose settings

  • Click on the ‘Calls’ option from the menu

  • Find enable the incoming call options

  • Once activated you can record your calls with Google Voice by pressing number 4 on the keypad.

How to Record a Google Voice Call on Android

Here are some steps to Google voice record call on Android:

1. Install Google Voice

Google voice is better than various paid voice recording applications that you can download from Google Play. Initially, most call recording application work fine, but after a while, the apps stop working. In this case, you can download a new app or purchase the subscription.

Therefore, make sure you record your calls with Google Voice and save t money. One drawback of Google Voice is that you can record incoming calls only. Google voice recorder doesn’t support outgoing calls.

choose a Gmail account

2. Create a Google Voice Number

Now open the app and press the ‘Get Started’ tab on the landing page. This will open the ‘Manage accounts page. On this page, you have to choose your Google account to link with your new Google Voice number. After you choose an account, the app leads you to the Terms and Conditions page, where you can read the policy and Accept to proceed.

standard mode

Alt Text: welcome to Google voice

A new page will open where you should choose a Google Voice number. Tap on ‘Search’ and find your city to pick a number. Also, you can choose suggested cities to get started. A list of numbers will appear on the following page. You can select any number you want to link with your Google account. Now a confirmation page will appear. On this page select the options and click ‘Next’.

choose a Google voice number

Once you choose a new number, you have to verify your account with the existing number. Enter your mobile number and click on ‘Send Code’ to receive a verification code. The app’s algorithm will generate a six-digit code and send it to your existing number. Use this code to verify your identity. If the code is correct, your new Google voice recording number will activate. Now click on ‘Finish’ and you can record your calls with Google Voice.

choose a Google voice number

3. Set Up Incoming Call Recordings

Still, there is a step left to record your calls. You need to go to mobile settings and enable call recording. To enable call recordings, you need to click on the menu icon and navigate to the ‘settings’ from the sidebar menu. Now select the ‘Incoming calls options’ and turn on the recordings.

4. Record Incoming Calls

After completing the setup, you can record incoming calls on your phone using Google Voice. However, every time you receive a call, you must open the dial pad and press 4 to start recording. As soon as you start recording, the caller will receive a verbal alert that notifies that the call is on recording mode. You can stop recording by pressing 4 one more time. This will also inform the user that you stopped the recording.

how to contact and record with Google voice

5. Access Recordings

You can easily check voice recordings for each call. All you need to do is open the last call details and press ‘Voicemail’. This will expand the list of recordings. Now tap on the play button and listen to the audio.

6. Save Transcripts

When you record your calls with Google Voice, the recordings will save in the app storage. However, you can save and share those recordings in your mobile phone storage by selecting the ellipsis (•••) button. You will find the button on the recording page as some options will appear on the screen. You have to choose ‘Copy transcript’ and paste it in the message or notepad. Keep in mind that you can only save transcripts of recorded calls.

Closing Word

Now that you know simple and easy steps to record your calls with Google Voice, you can grab your device and get started. The Google voice recorder is a significantly helpful app with built-in features. You can also create a video out of the recordings using a simple video editor, Wondershare Filmora.

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Filmora editing video empowers your story and allows you to splice multiple audio and videos. Learn how to edit audio using Filmora and transform your call recordings into something creative. Here are some benefits of using Wondershare Filmora:

  • Audio equalize

  • Audio enhancement

  • Advanced text editing

  • Video and audio controls

  • Audio separation

  • Audio-mixer

  • Speed control

  • Add background music

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