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How to Make Boring Videos Look Cool By B Rolls

After reading this article, you can add a B-roll feature from Filmora and captivate more audience. Explanation video B-roll and Story-telling B-roll a
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 10, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Everyone is bored after watching a simple recorded video in which a character explains or tells a story. No one will watch it for more than 4 minutes!

After looking through this article, you will make your video more fascinating and get more views instantly. It's all just due to B-roll, which will act as a ninja feature in your video. In this regard, Wondershare Filmora will handle everything.

Scroll more to discover two different types of B-roll videos and get an idea of how to make fascinating B-roll videos.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What Is a B-roll?
  2. Part 2. Two Types of B-rolls: Explanation Video B-rolls
  3. Part 3. How to Edit Explanation B-roll Footage on Filmora?
  4. Part 4. Two Types of B-rolls: Storytelling Video B-rolls

Part 1. What Is a B-roll?

B-roll is alternative or supplementary video footage that editors can use to intercut in between their main video. In that way, B-roll can add more information to a scene.

An additional footage

It is added as a supplementary video to interact with viewers more closely. This feature helps to give more details of a scene.

Visual representation

When the main explanatory video is too boring, you can add a b-roll to represent the movie's story visually. It can also add to spice up and beat the energy of the narrative.

Without sound

The B-roll shots are mostly without audio or with little background sound. In most cases, the sound of the primary video is continued while the B-roll footage is just shown.

Act as a filler

The criteria for the B-roll is to provide the situation of the storyline. Additionally, it could be utilized as filler in between scenes in a movie or television program. B-roll may be found almost anywhere!

In this article, you will learn about two main kinds of B-rolls and the steps to edit them on Wondershare Filmora. Stick with us to the end!

Free Download
Free Download

Part 2. Two Types of B-rolls: Explanation Video B-rolls

When recording any explanatory video, the audience may leave it in the middle of a video if a character explains without any visual representation. When explaining something new, showing the object in B-roll can be more effective than just verbally explaining what the audience is seeing.

Let's take the video we made about microphones as an example. Instead of just verbally introduce the various mics, we inserted B-roll footage to display what they look like and how they can be used. The combination of the visual footage and the background voiceover presents the mic in a more vivid way. Also, it keeps the audience's attention.

explanation b roll of microphone

Goal of the explanation B-roll video

The main goal of this type of B-roll is to show your audience what you are talking about instead of just telling them in a dull way.

Part 3. How to Edit Explanation B-roll Footage on Filmora?

After getting the footage and recording shots for B-roll videos, you need to edit it on the Wondershare Filmora. For this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step1Download the Wondershare Filmora

There is no need to do any complex process for editing on any platform. Because we have one platform on which every tool is available.

  • First of all, you have to download the Wondershare Filmora.
  • Then get access to the entire features.

The premium version has new features and effects plugins that make editing more filmy and fun!

Step2Stock media in Filmora

After downloading, it's time to edit the B-roll video. If you can't film your own B-roll, you can use stock footage but make sure you have the license to use them.

Filmora has a unique "stock media" option that enables us to use all these elements and more to boost our videos! To add stock media, follow the below steps:

  • Open the app or window of Filmora, which you have installed.
  • Head towards the tab on the top right side.
  • Then click on the Stock Media option and open it.
  • A long list of stock videos and images will pop up.
stock media of filmora
  • Select whatever you want, and download it.
  • Then drag and drop it in the timeline and insert it between your video.
Note: Only premium customers will get access to the stock media of the Wondershare Filmora.
Step3Add B-roll in between the main video

The most difficult and frequent asking situation is how you know when to cut to B-roll. To get to know when to insert B-roll, follow the following steps:

  • Watch your edits back and check out where you need.
  • Sense about the dull and complex points and cut the main video from there.
  • The points can be easily fixed with visual aids.
complex and dull points in the primary video

Part 4. Two Types of B-rolls: Storytelling Video B-rolls

During the creation of short films or any storytelling videos, if a person sits and speaks without showing any character or anything else, it will turn boring. Due to this, you have more chances to lose your audience and viewers.

In visual storytelling, if you will insert more clips with close shots, it will make the environment cool. The crazy thing is that you can make mimic shots easily at home by utilizing household objects. Let's check out one of the examples.

Example 1. Film B-roll footage with food

So let's add some b-roll to give it more context even if you have a master shot of yourself looking off frame alone.

Step1Write a script

Before making any video, the first step is to write a script for the whole video. If you will have more than two characters, then make dialogues for everyone and practice it again and again to give a fascinating look.

Then speak to your audience, make sure that what you are speaking is vivid and make everything simple and crystal clear.

Step2Shot a primary video

First of all, make a primary video according to your script by implementing a camera at one side, or you can also change the angle of the camera lens during shooting to have a look from all sides.

primary footage of a video

As you can see that it's kind of boring for the audience, but we will make it more unique by implementing closer shots. For this, follow the last step:

Step3Make B-roll shots

Make closer shots of things which the character have to select and pick up. Check out two B-roll shots for the main video:

  • First, make a closer shot of the object (Snacks) that the character is noticing prior.
b roll footage number 1
  • Second, create more intimate footage of the second object (Banana) which the character will select and grab.
b roll footage number 2
Step4Edit both B-roll footages in Main Video:

Now, in the last, insert the B-roll footage in between the primary video from the Filmora and get your results. Enjoy it with your viewers!

final video after adding b roll footage

Now experiment at home with more daily life activities and create all on Filmora. Check out one more example to create B-roll footage!

Example 2. Make B-roll shots with a cardboard

Try using readily accessible cardboard to create light effects in different shapes and give the film a fantastical place. These methods frequently produce artistic videos that transmit unique moods to viewers.

Only experienced photographers and videographers understand how to use these fundamental tricks to gain viewers into the photos.

The intriguing thing is that if the light is more shaped, it will more accurately reflect the image's background, setting, and context. Try it out!

Step1Cut the cardboard

You may shape the cardboard any way you desire. We'll experiment with this by cutting cardboard into the shape of window shades.

make shapes of the cardboard
Step2Make B-roll footage

Create B-roll footage by moving the cardboard around the light source after giving it shape. The person appears to be seated close to the window and conveys aesthetic vibrancy.

final result of b roll footage

Now, use this B-roll footage in your video and give it a more professional look. The more creative you are, the more audience will attract to you.


Making B-roll shots is creative and fun! You can make all the footage at home by following easy steps. Try out different ones to make your video viral and boost the target audience!

You can easily use Wondershare Filmora during editing and their stock media to save your time in video making. Share your hacks with your audience to get more experience!

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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