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HSL and Color Grading: A Creative and Innovative Step Towards Color Management

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Sep 13, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Colors play a pivotal role in your videos. They can change the mood, guide viewers' focus, and even affect the storytelling. Therefore, it's crucial to get the color grades just right in your videos. This brings us to the concept of color grading and color correction. These help in your videos to set the desired mood or atmosphere.

Video color grading techniques help ensure that your videos deliver the right message. One of the key aspects of color grading and correction is tinting your videos. Tinting allows you to give a particular color tone to your videos. For this purpose, HSL settings come into play to add tints to your videos. By adjusting these parameters, you can achieve the desired look of your video.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What is HSL in Color Grading?
  2. Part 2: How Important is HSL in Color Grading of Videos?
  3. Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: The Go-To Choice For Color Grading of Videos
  4. Part 4: How To Develop a Tint With HSL Feature in Filmora?
  5. Conclusion
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Part 1: What is HSL in Color Grading?

HSL stands for Hue, Saturation, and Luminance, three elements defining any color. As colors are important in videos, understanding HSL can make a big difference. These three parameters help you to color grade your videos.

hsl color grading

1. Breaking Down the Elements of HSL

Hue is what we often refer to as 'color.' It's the spectrum that allows us to distinguish between red, blue, green, and all the colors in between. Saturation refers to the intensity of the hue. A fully saturated color is vivid, while a less saturated color appears more faded. Finally, “Luminance” is the brightness or darkness of the color. Adjusting it can help you control the lightness or darkness of a particular color in your video.

2. The Role of HSL in Color Grading

HSL plays a vital role in color grading. By adjusting the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance, you can precisely control the appearance of colors in your video. You can change the mood, emphasize specific elements, or correct color imbalances. Understanding HSL allows you to make your videos visually appealing and tell your story more effectively.

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Part 2: How Important is HSL in Color Grading of Videos?

Color grading is more than just slapping on a filter. It's a detailed process that involves careful manipulation of colors in a video. HSL color grading forms the backbone of the color correction process. But what makes HSL so important in color grading?

  • Enhanced Color Accuracy: HSL is critical in achieving color accuracy. By tweaking the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance, you can make colors in your videos appear as natural and true-to-life as possible.
  • Mood Setting: With HSL, you can effectively set the mood for your video. Want a gloomy feel? Reduce saturation. Going for a cheerful tone? Amp up your colors with increased saturation.
  • Better Visual Appeal: This setting can help enhance the overall visual appeal of your videos. Proper color grading can turn a dull and lifeless scene into a visually stunning one.
  • Consistency Across Frames: Using HSL in color grading ensures consistency across different video frames. This is especially useful when shots are taken under varying lighting conditions.
  • Focus Guidance: Its controls can guide viewer focus. Adjusting the colors of specific parts of your video lets you direct viewer attention to where you want it.
  • Storytelling Enhancement: Color grading with HSL can significantly enhance storytelling. You can evoke specific emotions or denote particular themes with the right colors.
  • Professional Results: Understanding and using HSL for color grading helps you achieve professional-grade results. With well-balanced and corrected colors, your videos can reach industry standards.
  • Versatility in Editing: HSL offers video editing versatility. Whether you want to correct a color cast, enhance a sunset shot, or create a vintage look, HSL has you covered.

Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: The Go-To Choose for Color Grading of Videos

Wondershare Filmora is an exceptional video editing tool designed to make editing easy. With its extensive feature set, Filmora makes the video editing process enjoyable. Regardless of your editing experience, Filmora guides you through each step. This makes the creation of high-quality content accessible and straightforward.

One of the standout features of Filmora is its advanced video color grading options. These options empower you to fine-tune your videos' aesthetics. You can color-adjust your video with the Curves, HSL, and Color Wheels tools. Each tool serves a specific purpose, and together, they provide a comprehensive suite for Filmora color grading.

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Free Download

Key Features of Wondershare Filmora

Filmora has more to offer, along with multiple color grading and correction options. It has built-in AI features and some others that bring certain changes. You can learn about some of these features of Filmora below:

  • Instant Mode: If you have recently started exploring video editing, the process can take a while. Therefore, Filmora has an instant mode that can edit your videos all by itself. It can eliminate parts with color or lighting flaws.
instant mode filmora
  • Add Text to Video: It allows for advanced text editing and effects overlays. This feature lets you add and customize text and effects, providing a new dimension to your video.
text editing filmora
  • Text to Speech (TTS): These features allow you to communicate clearly with your audience. You can create voiceovers for your videos by transforming written instructions into 10 different AI voices.
text to speech filmora
  • Audio Visualizer: Filmora has a built-in audio mixer and visualizer. It lets you adjust and enhance the sound of your video with ease. Moreover, it makes it possible to achieve visuals that match your videos.
audio visualizer filmora

Part 4: How To Develop a Tint With HSL Feature in Filmora?

If you want to learn Filmora color grading, you're at the perfect place. This portion will teach you to add tints using Filmora for color grading:

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Free Download

Step 1Launch Filmora and Position Imported Files to Timeline

Begin by launching the Wondershare Filmora tool on your computer. Once it is open, navigate to the “Project Media” window and import your media files. It is time to organize your video by dragging and dropping your videos onto the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

drop imported clip into timeline

Step 2Access the Color Correction Panel

Continue to click on your video in the timeline. This action will open a new window on the right side of your screen. From this window, navigate to the "Color" option and head to the "HSL" tab.

choose hsl from the color tab

Step 3Adjust Hue, Saturation, and Luminance

In the "HSL" tab, you'll have the freedom to add a tint of a specific color to your video. Choose your desired color from the options available, and start adjusting the "Hue" of that color. You can also change that color's "Saturation" and "Luminance," enabling you to achieve the perfect tint.

change specific elements under hsl

Step 4Repeat the Process and Save Your Settings

If you want to alter multiple colors' parameters, repeat the process. Once you're happy with the tint and color correction settings, remember to save them as a custom preset. To do this, select "Save as custom." This step allows you to easily apply the same color correction to other clips or future projects. In this way, you can ensure consistent color grading across your work.

save your custom preset


In summary, colors are more than just visual elements in your videos. They play a key role in defining the mood and guiding the story to your audience. Techniques like video color grading, color correction, and tinting improve your videos. Wondershare Filmora has powerful features like color grading options and HSL settings. Filmora makes it easy to bring out the best in your videos.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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