Top 10 After Effects Tips & Tricks

By Jan 10,2017 13:48 pm

After Effects is a video effect software or a compositor. Is not highly recommended for video editing but is mainly used for adding effects to post processed videos, keying and tracking.

Pro After Effects Tips

There are certain tips that can come in handy while using the software and are recommended by professional users. Top 5 tips are briefly mentioned below:

  1. Locate and use the “key frame ready effects” option to save the time from making manual transitions.
  2. Add a camera for better views and improved editing and animating in a 3D space.
  3. Use layer styles to add a series of effects directly to the layers.
  4. Use matte filter and experiment with it to improve the quality of results.
  5. Use textures and gradients to add a professional look to your overall work.

Time Saving Tips in Adobe After Effects

AE can be quite a complex and time consuming software so there are certain tips recommended by professionals to save time on this program such as:

  1. Change you disk cache location. This will improve your performance by far.
  2. Change the mask behavior making each mask of a different specified color.
  3. Be sure to use AE auto save to back up your work in case the program crashes.
  4. When working with many layers use the “shy guy” option to manage work and prevent the timeline from cluttering.
  5. You can also use certain proxies to help improve the performance of the software. For example “Render Que”.

So, to conclude, Adobe After Effects is a handy software for adding effects to videos that have been edited but it limits its users to just that. It is not a versatile editing software and is yet quite complex and does not provide a user friendly interface. Also it has very limited editing options.

For the above mentioned reasons it would be best to seek an alternative video editing and effect adding software that will suffice and is easier to use. Wondershare Filmora is a highly recommended alternative software that suits the purpose and provides high quality results, versatile options and a user friendly interface along with being easy and efficient to use.

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