Free After Effects Templates

By Jan 12,2017 10:49 am

There are many free templates that are available for the software and its users that allow you to add different writing styles and effects to your videos.

Here are 4 tips to better templates:

5 templates from the many that are freely available are listed as under:

  1. Retro Title
  2. This template includes hipster logos and titles. It allows the user to express their videos in pop culture format if required and play around with the different styles.

  3. Blood Splat Title
  4. This template allows you to add and edit text that looks like a splat of blood. (created by “Editing Corp”)

  5. Flip Logo Reveal
  6. This template allows you to animate text and create an effect of flipping the text to reveal a certain piece of information such as the logo of a company or brand.

  7. Bourne Identity Style
  8. This template was inspired to allow you to edit text in a video in the style of “Bourne Identity Films”.

  9. Motion Titles
  10. This template also allows you to animate text and create titles in the style of popular “flat” 2D design.

After Effects Plug-Ins:

After effects also provides its users with the option to use free plug-ins. AE plug-ins are basically add-ons or extensions that provide added features to the software and allow the user to explore more options using the same software. AE plug-ins improve the performance of the software while providing additional features and uses for editing and compositing more efficiently.

The top 5 of which are listed below:

  1. Swish pans
  2. This plug in provides the user a popular choice of transitions which are used in television programs.

  3. Pan & Zoom
  4. This plug in is brought to you by FXFactory and it allows the user to apply the “Kenburns” effect more efficiently and lets you add motion to images and videos.

  5. CoverFlux 2
  6. Using this cool plug in you can create a slideshow in the style of “CoverFlow”.

  7. Copy Image
  8. This plug in allows the user to copy any required composition in the form of an image and use that in another application if required. It is quite useful.

  9. VeeYou
  10. This is an AE plug in that in any given project that you are working in; it reacts to the audio in it.

There is such a wide range of free AE templates, so for your further knowledge 10 more such templates are listed below:

  1. Anodine:
  2. It allows the user to add animated typeface.

  3. Mega title Pack:
  4. This is 100 AE templates in one combined pack and provides many text editing options.

  5. Franchise:
  6. This template allows you to create many motion graphics in you video project.

  7. Alphaballs:
  8. It provides a san-serif typeface and 4D Cinema File.

  9. Type-O-Matic:
  10. This is an interesting template that allows AE users to create their very own animated typefaces.

  11. Typography World:
  12. This template features a variety of about 15 different typography scenes to add to video projects.

  13. Kinetic Typography:
  14. It features fast pace typography scenes as well as drop zones for images.

  15. Green Typography Outro:
  16. It features a customizable call to action as well as many other options to add icons.

  17. Short Kinetic Typography:
  18. This template features a popular motion typography and color scheme.

  19. RED Outro:
  20. It is a useful template used to add a brand’s own name and information as ending text. It can also be changed to any other color as required.

However, with all the above mentioned techniques and features provided by the various plug ins and templates, Adobe After Effects still remains a less versatile software with very limited options for video editing that more often than not do not suffice, so for main video editing purposes “Wondershare Filmora” is a highly recommended alternative that allows the user to play around with so many more editing and video manipulating options and is easier and more efficient to use especially for beginners giving high quality output all at the same time.

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