How to speed up/slow down footage in After Effects

By Jan 12,2017 11:43 am

The speed of a video clip is the playback speed at which it is played as compared to the speed at which it was recorded. It refers to the frame rate of the footage and is normally played at 100% by default, which is the normal rate at which it was recorded but the speed of any certain video can be altered by a video editing software.

The total duration of a video clip is the absolute length of time that is taken by the clip to be played from its “In point” to its “Out point”. The duration can be changed using video editing softwares, which allows the footage to speed up or slow down without changing the speed.

Adobe After Effects is not preferably a video editing software and is not recommended for such tasks but it does allow the users to alter the speed of video footages. The method is briefly described in the following steps:

  1. Start the program and open a new project.
  2. Import the required video files on to the project panel.
  3. Go to the “Main Menu” and click “layer” to open the layer menu.
  4. Click time stretch. A dialog box will appear on your screen.
  5. Set the desired factor and update the required speed settings from the options in the dialog box.
  6. You can also alter the speed percentage.
  7. Click “RAM Preview” to have a look at the changes before saving them.
  8. Fine tune speed higher or lower carefully. This may not be achieved on first attempt.
  9. When required adjustments are made “Save” changes.

Now, the procedure is quite lengthy and complex and requires many unnecessary steps creating quite a hassle for the user. Wondershare Filmora provides the user the ability to achieve better results with much more ease and efficiency.

Using this user friendly software one can simply alter the speed and duration of the specified video clip to create a fast motion or slow motion footage with high quality results by following these simple and easy steps:

• Start the program and add the video file that has to be speed edited.

• After importing the required file simply drag and drop it onto the timeline.

• Double click the added video to open the “Editing Tool”.

• Locate the “Speed” option and adjust the required speed as you wish.

• The speed numbers on the screen will guide you to how fast or slow the motion effects will be.

• Click “Create” to export the edited file and simply “save” the changes that you have made.

Other than altering the speed of the video to create a fast or slow motion video you can also speed up or speed down the audio track using Filmora by the similar simple method.

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