How to Rotate a Video in After Effects

By Jan 12,2017 11:22 am

After Effects is not efficient software for video editing techniques as it is mainly a compositor.

If a video has to be rotated using After Effects the job can be done but it because a lot more complex than necessary. The steps are briefly described below:

  1. Start the program and open a “new project”
  2. Import the required video files.
  3. Drag and drop the video to the timeline panel.
  4. Click and hold the video and press “R”. This will add a rotation.
  5. Click the stop watch that will appear next to the rotation and set the time duration of the rotation relevant to the video as well as the orientation of the rotation as required.
  6. Set the degree of rotation and press “Enter”.
  7. Adjust to original size and save changes.

Now the issue of shearing is often faced while rotating videos in After Effects, this can be resolved by keeping the following few requirements in mind:

• Make sure that the composition window is open and active.

• Check the pixel aspect ratio.

• Keep the scale values locked and set to 100%.

Now the simple task can be done much more efficiently and quicker using Wondershare Filmora. It also allows the user a lot more options. The steps are briefly mentioned as follows:

• Start the program and simply “import” the files to be edited or easily drag and drop them.

• If necessary you can easily separate the fragment to be rotated or treat the entire file if required.

• Next, double click the video on the timeline to open an editing panel. The rotating options are located on the top from where you can easily select and apply the required rotation to the selected video.You will be shown a preview of what your rotation will look like in the preview video.

• When you are satisfied with the orientation you can simply click “return” and the video will be rotated as required without any quality loss.

• You can now “save” the changes made and continue editing.

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Alternatives for After Effects:

The top 5 alternative softwares which make video editing a lot more convenient and efficient as compared to After Effects, providing more options to the users as well, are listed below:

  1. DebugMode Wax
  2. This open source program is an efficient video effect software alternative to After Effects which provides many exciting features such as compositing, 3D text effects, adding motion effects etc.

  3. Blender
  4. This is an open source program that runs freely on all operating systems including MaC, Windows and Linux. It provides users the opportunity to perform 3D modeling as well as video effects effectively.

  5. The Foundry Nuke
  6. This is the most widely used composite software for professional video effects, it has been mainly used by DreamWorks Productions for their animations and famous award winning films and hence the software has gained much popularity due to this recognition and the high quality results that it provides on such a professional level.

  7. AutoDesk Maya
  8. Maya is a helpful software that allows the users to create 3D models, animations and helps compositors get the job done quickly. It has a very interactive user interface as well.

  9. eyeon Fusion 6.4
  10. As the catchy name of the software suggests it provides thrilling options and features to its users along with plenty of aesthetics in the user interface. It is even referred to the “highest speed compositor of the present market”. It provides certain features such as, 3D modeling, adding effects, stereo sounds etc.

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