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Latest Leading Online AI Voice Generators of 2024

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Aug 25, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

AI voice generators online can generate voices highly close to a human voice. These tools use deep learning techniques and advanced algorithms to generate AI voices. The algorithms of a voice generator online store and analyzes large amounts of data to learn and mimic human voices to create one. Many online tools are available to generate voices in diverse styles.

These voice generators online platforms can generate AI voices to narrate a story, create music, and convert text into speech. These tools are smart enough to adapt to different tones to make the conversation closely resemble human voices. This article will explore the 6 best online voice generators that are the best solution for their services.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Featuring the Top AI Voice Generator for Online Users
  2. Part 2: Desktop Alternative of AI Voice Generation with Wondershare Filmora
  3. Part 3: Steps to Perform Text-to-Speech with Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion
AI Voice Generation
The best editor helps you convert text files into audio files.
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Part 1: Featuring the Top AI Voice Generator for Online Users

AI voices have already gained much popularity in recent years. Here, we are going to discuss the top 6 best voice generators online. Read their features and find out which tool is best according to your requirements.

1. PlayHT

PlayHT is an online tool that generates ultra-realistic voices by reading the text. It offers the customization of voices according to the gender, age, and other aspects of an individual. This voice generator online possesses an extensive library of 829 human-like voices in 142 languages and accents to choose from. It also allows you to add pauses, dates, numbers, and pronunciation instructions as per requirements.

playht online voice generator

Important Features of PlayHT

  • The tool ensures the safety and security of your data. It offers you to save the draft and use it later for your projects. You can also share your data with your trusted team members for a smooth workflow.
  • Using this tool, you can clone your voice into a hyper-realistic AI voice. You need to pass through a strict verification process to achieve this goal.
  • PlayHT is also ADA-compliant, as it enables you to embed text readers inside the text files. This will increase the access and engagement of your blogs, articles, or other content.

2. Narakeet

Eliminate the time taking process of recording audio and editing them. You can convert the text into audio or video files in desired accent and language in seconds with Narakeet. Moreover, you can narrate your PDF, PowerPoint presentations, and informational articles to the audience. This voice generator online will narrate texts in 600 voices and 90 languages.

narakeet online voice generator

Important Features of Narakeet

  • If you want to create a voiceover of a text file, this tool allows the customization of voices and languages. It also gives you the estimated time of your audio files by analyzing the text. You can adjust the reading speed and pauses between sentences for better understanding.
  • Narakeet can turn your PowerPoint slides into HD video lectures for YouTube in no time. You can create an animation out of your text files and add customized music and voiceover in your videos. It also enables you to adjust the pronunciation of scientific terms.
  • Upload your images and audio files into the Narakeet and turn them into videos. This tool allows you to choose the output format and size of the video. It highlights the important text and adjusts the pauses and speed of the narration for a better understanding of videos.

3. Resemble AI

Resemble AI is a text-to-speech voice generator that allows its users to edit audio files seamlessly. The user can easily add, remove or replace any speech in the audio files without letting anyone know. This tool can also add human-like emotions to the voices. It also allows real-time voice cloning into multiple languages to reach millions of audiences.

resemble ai online voice generator

Important Features of Resemble AI

  • Speech-to-speech voice conversion changes the audio files into other languages. It copies the human expressions, tones, pauses, and many other minor details in the original audio. This tool also provides API integrations in real-time.
  • The localizing feature of the Resemble AI is used to dub the native language into 62 languages. It requires a single audio file just once and converts it into any language as many times as required.
  • Add the emotions to the audio files similar to the human emotions. This tool analyzes the text or the voice of the input and automatically adjusts the tone of the output audio.

4. Voicebooking

The AI generator of Voicebooking requires a text file and does the rest of the task for its users. This tool can quickly read text files of up to 2500 words and convert them into audio files. Realistic voices generated by this tool are exactly according to the requirements. This tool also offers presets of human voiceovers to choose from.

voicebooking online voice generator

Important Features of Voicebooking

  • You can choose any male or female voiceover of your choice. Just type in the message, and by selecting your desired language, you can create a voiceover with this tool.
  • Insert the AI-generated voiceovers in the memes, TikTok videos, or Instagram reels. This tool enables you to work smartly to enhance your productivity.
  • Voicebooking membership will enable you to focus on minor details. You can add pauses and emphasize certain statements depending on the nature of the content.


LOVO AI voice generator online is facilitating more than 0.7 million users to achieve their goals. This tool works smartly and saves 90% of the time of its users. It provides 400GB of online storage to save audio in more than 500 accents and 100 languages. Using LOVO, you can create captivating content at a very affordable pricing plan.

lovo ai online voice generation

Important Features of LOVO AI

  • LOVO uses cutting-edge technology and allows you to create the timeline of the media files. Create an image of anything you have in mind by typing the text in this tool. It also generates video scripts with the help of its in-built writing tool.
  • It offers a vast library of non-verbal sounds to enter into communication. You can enter the background music and many other sounds in the videos by using Lovo.
  • This tool enables users to customize their emotions according to the specific character. It can also add pauses, pronunciations, and emphasis according to the requirements.

6. Typecast

Typecast is a powerful voice generator online tool that can convert the text into the voice of your favorite character. While converting the text to speech, this powerful tool adds emotions by automatically analyzing the text. This tool offers 400 plus voiceover options to choose from. Along with the voiceover, it can also insert your favorite avatars in the videos.

typecast online voice generator

Important Features of Typecast

  • Hiring the actors and managing the team for the videos with typecast is no longer required. Typecast does the job of all the professionals efficiently in less time and cost.
  • Videos created by typecast are of high quality and do not require any post-production editing. We know that post-editing is a stress full process, and this tool eliminates this process for the users.
  • This tool provides its services online and does not require any space inside your device. You can open the browser and start making videos of your choice right after logging in.

Part 2: Desktop Alternative of AI Voice Generation with Wondershare Filmora

We have learned about the various AI-powered voice generators online that convert text into speech. Here we are providing you with the best alternative to these tools. Wondershare Filmora is a video editing tool, and one of its best features is to convert text files into audio files. Text to Speech feature allows its users to dub the SRT files into audio files.

Filmora allows users to convert long scripts into audio files in 25 languages. It enables the users to convert them into 10 different voices simultaneously. Apart from these features, Filmora offers many other features that empower its users to edit and create their content.

wondershare filmora interface
Free Download
Free Download

Part 3: Steps to Perform Text-to-Speech with Wondershare Filmora

We have briefly discussed Wondershare Filmora as a voice generator online and its Text To Speech (TTS) feature. Now we will perform our steps to convert the text into an audio file using the Text to Speech feature of Wondershare Filmora.

Step 1

Download the Filmora on your PC and open it. Now, start the new project by hitting the “+” icon from the main interface of Filmora. This action will take you to the editing interface, where you can start editing.

create new project on filmora
Step 2

To begin, go to the “Titles” menu from the main toolbar of Filmora. Here you can see multiple preset options for adding titles. If you want to add your customized title, you must bring the “Default Title” to the timeline.

add title on track
Step 3

Now, double-click the title on the timeline to enter your text from the preview panel. Once you have entered the text, you can easily convert it into an audio file. You can also add this title after importing any video on the timeline below the title track. Adjust the length of the title according to the video by simply dragging it toward the right.

edit title parameters
Step 4

Afterwards, move toward the main toolbar of Filmora. Select the “Text to Speech” option from the “Tools” dropdown menu from the toolbar. This action will take you to a new window. From this newly opened window, you can choose the parameters for your audio files.

access text to speech tool
Step 5

Choose the language you want to convert your text into audio from the 10 options. You will also be able to choose any “Voice” from 10 different options, male or female. Then by scrolling down, adjust the “Speed” and “Pitch” of the voice as desired. Now hit “OK” to save these settings.

select tts parameters
Step 6

You will see the “In Transcription” bar loading on the next window. Wait for a few seconds until the transcription is completed. Once it is completed, you'll get the audio on the audio track of the timeline.

view status of tts
Step 7

Your “Text to Speech” option is completed. You can playback to listen to newly generated audio. To save this video, look for the “Export” button on the top right corner of the Filmora. Click this button, and your file will be saved in your system.

export final video
Free Download
Free Download


To summarize, you have learned about the best AI voice generator online in this article. In the world of fast-growing technology, everything has an automated solution. Using these smart tools, you can avoid the hassle of recording the voiceovers in less time and money.

Apart from these online tools, you can enjoy the TTS feature in Wondershare Filmora. It also offers many other advanced features which will help you to modify your videos to give life to your creativity.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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