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The Best 10 Text Generators Alternatives of ChatGPT You Can Explore

Undoubtedly, employing ChatGPT as an AI text generator has grown in popularity. These AI tools are open and available for free. Learn more about ChatGPT by reading on.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Apr 20, 23, updated Jul 12, 24

Using ChatGPT to generate text, you may develop any script by entering the desired term in the search window and then checking for potential responses. You cannot argue with the ChatGPT script's originality since it is so flawless. A ton of content is being produced by the powerful ChatGPT AI, however, every website has problems that prevent the AI from working properly. Users' demands are not being met by ChatGPT's word limitations and breadth. They are looking for a ChatGPT alternative that uses cutting-edge AI technology a result.

best 10 text generators alternatives of chatgpt

Additionally, competing AI platforms serve you more in-depth and unique content than ChatGPT does. You must know the top 10 Chat AI story-generating programs if you want to write your script with just one click.

In this article
  1. What Is a ChatGPT Text Generator?
    1. Copy AI
    2. Character.AI
    3. Jasper.AI
    4. DeepAI
    5. Magic Write
    6. Rytr
    7. ContentBOT
    8. Scalenut
    9. Neuroflash
    10. ParagraphAI
  2. Bonus: The Potential of the Text Generation AI Tool in Video Creation - [Video Tutorial]

What Is a ChatGPT Text Generator?

Texts on any subject can be generated with ChatGPT. Many times, individuals charge GPT to write screenplays for motion pictures and YouTube subtitles. You only need to enter the description of your presentation for it to automatically produce an answer that you should use.

ChatGPT powers the built-in program, which produces AI text. Long storylines for movies and screenwriting might result from it. In addition to responding, you may also provide input that may be helpful to others.

AI technology improved its ability to retrieve results. However, using ChatGPT makes it extremely simple to create a script or tagline for the videos. Now you may create screenplays for your videos without having to pay writers. ChatGPT takes care of everything.

ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
Wondershare Filmora 12

Top 10 Alternatives to the ChatGPT Text Generator That You Can Try

You may find it helpful to utilize the AI technology writing software tool to help you write more quickly and come up with creative story ideas. And is still in their development, chat AI text generation systems have the potential to fundamentally alter the way we produce books. Let us look at some of the best author-writing AI tools!

1. Copy AI

It is a relatively simple replacement for the script writer in ChatGPT AI. You may use copy AI to write long texts for academic and professional purposes; learn more about its amazing capabilities here.

With just a few clicks, create high-converting text for all of your campaigns. Utilize more than 90 tools and templates to streamline the creation of content. Utilize AI to quickly write your content and copy.


  • Produce blogs ten times faster than other AI; .
  • write the best, most excellent posts for social media;.
  • assist with content editing for copywriting; .
  • generate marketing and entertaining emails.
  • Assisted by Microsoft AI;
  • Intelligent and simple user interface;
  • Understands freestyle typing.
  • Not compatible with smartphones;
  • The free edition does not provide all the help.

Compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac


  • Free version
  • Pro version at $ 35 per month

2. Character.AI

For AI-based text generators, this program offers a web-based platform and API. If you're a developer or a journalist looking for inspiration, there is something here for you. The technology helps the company better analyze consumer demand and improve customer communication.


  • A multilingual background;
  • the capacity to alter text back and forth;
  • the flexibility to customize the editor;
  • You are free to continue writing with confidence and style.
  • The greatest AI for content production;
  • a user-friendly interface with the availability of customizable choices;
  • Users have the option to save files with different file extensions.
  • Not usually an intuitive user interface;
  • inaccessible from portable devices.

Compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac

Pricing:Free to use.

3. Jasper.AI

The user interface of the most well-known and efficient AI scriptwriter tool is exquisite. It enhances how well you utilize AI at work. Check out the intelligence characteristics of Jasper AI. To instruct Jasper in writing blog posts, social media updates, website text, and other types of content, we sought the advice of the top SEO and direct reaction marketing specialists in the globe.

Create original ChatGPT text, plagiarism-free, keyword-rich blog posts for education. To boost sales and enhance ROAS, it is simple to develop and test additional copy variants. Tell Jasper what you need, and then monitor the AI quickly to create paragraphs.


  • Has a wide range of linguistic skills, including English, French, Spanish, German, etc;
  • It is a tool for creating content that is SEO-friendly;
  • Create AI programs for nothing;
  • Create social media templates, attention-grabbing headlines, and succinct captions.
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Understanding of content requirements;
  • Ability to create material in a way that appeals to viewers.
  • Only five days are available for the free plan.
  • The Jasper AI platform has no plug-ins.

Compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac


  • Free version
  • Starter pack at $29 per month
  • Boss Mode for $59 per month

4. DeepAI

A large-scale uncontrolled learning algorithm that is capable of producing paragraphs of the text supports the text creation API. This transformer-based learning algorithm, which is built on OpenAI's GPT-2 model, accepts a sentence or part of a sentence as input and forecasts the rest of the text using that information.



  • For better quality, create optimized content;
  • Get many innovative and interesting blog post ideas;
  • Strong hooks that will persuade people to keep reading;
  • Use blog posts from your site that are relevant to your argument.
  • A story generator;
  • a quick article writer;
  • accessible for creating content depending on SEO
  • People avoid using it because of its challenging user interface;
  • It is tough to do it on portable devices.

Compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac

Pricing:Free to use

5. Magic Write

Searching for some inspirational quotes to spark your creativity? To help you create a first draft rapidly, Canva Docs offers Magic Write, the first-ever AI text generator. Using a question as a preliminary step will immediately produce copy, blog highlights, lists, bio descriptions, subject ideas, recommendations, and more.

magic write


  • It is the ideal tool for dealing with writers;
  • It can generate snippets and templates;
  • Users can interact with other applications;
  • It has grammar-checking software built in, and it has many other features.
  • Shortcut keys;
  • Various programs' accessibility;
  • The prevalence of template generation.
  • Sometimes supply unrelated text;
  • Not ideal for SEO content.

Compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac

Pricing:Free to Use

6. Rytr

Your best choice for creating a blog or other content in a variety of businesses may be Rytr. Additionally, Rytr's premium package is quite powerful and allows customers access to endless versions.


Rytr is indeed an AI writing helper that enables you to produce high-quality material quickly and cheaply. Journalists can use this quick, simple, and high-converting auto-generated material for blogs, emails, and adverts in a number of tones and languages.


  • Long posts and articles may be written with this tool;
  • Long scripts and stories;
  • It also features a unique and user-friendly structure;
  • It produces the most articles.
  • Produce unique content;
  • With a built-in grammar checker;
  • You can produce content that is free of errors.
  • Sometimes produces irrelevant stuff;
  • Not accessible via mobile devices.

Compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac


  • Free plan
  • Saver plan for $9 per month
  • Unlimited plan for $29 per month

7. ContentBOT

With a vast range of tools at your disposal, it will turbo-charge your imagination and content. Full AI blog entries, intros, single sentence expansion, tone changes, paraphrasing tools, and much more are included in the blog content. Create advertising content, brand names, catchphrases, product descriptions, and more. The technology helps the company better analyze consumer demand and improve customer communication.



  • Marketers of content with our collection of tools, you may significantly increase your content output;
  • Internet marketers for your experiments on your ads and landing pages, write lots of copy;
  • Copywriters Make your marketing content and product descriptions more convincing;
  • SEO professionals You may generate more compelling blog subject ideas and meta information with our toolkit.
  • Automated Creativity;
  • making incredible stuff;
  • Landing Page Production.
  • According to the multiple connections;
  • Accessing it is difficult, making it not the best for coding.

Compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac

Pricing:Starts at $29.0 per month

8. Scalenut

The most important tool for creating tales and screenplays is this Chat AI article generator substitute. A lot of content may be produced fast with the aid of Scalenut's advanced artificial intelligence technology. Let us look at the features and usage of Scalenut.



  • It features a variety of collaborative capabilities;
  • The capacity to compose extended stories and scripts;
  • The ability to produce SEO-researched material;
  • AI with efficient and reliable content generation.
  • The free edition does not need a credit card;
  • The UI is user-friendly;
  • Additionally, the keyword finding is excellent.
  • There is no access to frequent updates;
  • It is not mobile device friendly.

Compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac


  • Individual pack at $ 12
  • Growth pack at $ 39
  • Pro pack at $ 62

9. Neuroflash

Stun your audience with short, clear, and fashionable language. We included LanguageTool in the app without charging you! All languages may use LanguageTool's grammar, style, and spelling checking. Let us say you want to use blogs and websites that are SEO-optimized to boost your sales. It is the best artificial intelligence tool for creating marketing and promotional content. Learn what the Neuroflash user sees when using it.



  • The ability of AI writers to generate adaptable templates;
  • Writing for a variety of materials;
  • Knowledge of SEO optimization to produce scholarly articles with citations;
  • Detect the AI systems that can accurately content generation.
  • Quickly produce high-quality content;
  • Analyze SEO;
  • Receive positive feedback from customers.
  • Not useful for providing concise content;
  • Challenging to access owing to standard interfaces.

Compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac

Pricing:From $59 to $499

10. ParagraphAI

Work more effectively by using precise spelling, syntax, and terminology. With your verbal cues, our advanced AI writing program and keyboard create and corrects beautiful prose. Beat writer's block, overcome learning and language barriers and bid farewell to boring employment. Your new general-purpose AI writer creates articles, emails, reports, resumes, and other documents that are 99.99 percent original.


Instantly reply with assurance to emails, texts, comments, and chats. Your AI writing helper works for free to help you write better and more quickly in the Windows and Mac text fields.


  • The capacity to create promotional material;
  • Facilitation of team communication;
  • Support for several languages;
  • High-ranking content by the intelligent program for SEO marketing.
  • Excellent customer support;
  • an SEO-friendly user interface;
  • top company marketing software.
  • Some writers avoid writing lengthy blogs and stories;
  • Inexperienced users could find the stiff interface difficult.

Compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac

Pricing:Starts at $14.99

Bonus: The Potential of the Text Generation AI Tool in Video Creation

If you have any interests in video making, this section will be helpful to you. Let’s see how an excellent video editor which connects to ChatGPT, can empower your video creation.

Filmora is a software for editing videos that were developed by Your video production experience becomes more polished with it. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), Filmora AI's video editing software enables us to produce and edit high-quality videos.

Video Tutorial - Using ChatGPT to Make AI Videos in Minutes

Free Download
Free Download

You may include an AI-generated script using ChatGPT text generator when creating videos in Filmora. In Filmora AI Copywriting, you may create scripts without using any other AI web pages. Without even having to describe the situation in the chat box, Filmora AI will provide you with an accurate summary of the movie.

filmora ai copywriting function


Given that ChatGPT generate text from a myriad of sources, these AI writers might come up with some interesting content. If you do not want it, you can always ask the AI to make changes until a better version is produced. The people who feel they have squandered their creative powers are the ones who benefit the most from AI text generators. If you feel like you continually coming back to the same ideas, they might help you break old patterns.


  • 1) Which GPT has the highest strength?
    GPT-4 is significantly more powerful than GPT-3, with 170 trillion correct inputs to 175 billion parameters. GPT-4 is now more precise and fluid in its text processing and production.
  • 2) What is the ChatGPT success rate?
    ChatGPT is a useful tool for professional engineering since it can create faultless code snippets and has an efficiency of 85+%, which is an excellent number.
  • 3) How much is ChatGPT 4 better?
    GPT-4 is ten times more sophisticated than GPT-3.5. With this improvement, the model is better able to comprehend the context and recognize subtleties, producing results that are more accurate and coherent.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Jul 12, 24
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